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More November '09 Lucha!

CMLL 11/13/09 @ Arena Mexico:

Estrella Mágica, Lady Apache, Lluvia vs. Amapola, Mima Shimoda, Yezca: Estrella Magica is slowly making these matches with all the novatos (novatas?) more bareable because she tries some fun stuff (like a rana off the apron where she smacked her head into the side of the ring) and she is so skinny that the rudas just abuse her big time with their offense. Perfectly acceptable match.

Ángel de Oro vs. Arkangel de la Muerte: Pretty bad. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Arkangel is not for Lightning Matches. His style is far too slow and deliberate. Angel De Oro got in some (but not all) of his offense and won by countering Arkangel's finishing backbreaker into the grounded rocking chair submission.

Ephesto, Mephisto, Virus vs. La Máscara, La Sombra, Máximo: Pretty good match when Maximo wasn't involved. The idea here was to get the rudos over Sombra in two falls so they could get the tag title shot in a few weeks but it was strange b/c Sombra only got pinned by Mephisto in one of those falls. If I didn't know about the upcoming match it would have appeared like the goal here was to get Virus over as he scored clean pins on both Maximo and La Mascara who are pretty high on the CMLL food chain.

Shigeo Okumura, Tetsuya Naito, Yujiro vs. Averno, Terrible, Texano Jr.: Much better than the garbage from the previous week. They were working hard and they should have b/c time was running out to get this feud over. Tons of dives including a rare tope suicida by Yujiro! Averno took out Okumura with a running somersault plancha in the third fall. No Limit cheated to low blow Texano and thus won the match.

Héctor Garza, Místico, Strong Man vs. Atlantis, Negro Casas, Último Guerrero: By the numbers. I liked the spot where Strongman threw Mistico waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too high for a rana on Ultimo Guerrero so even though it was a botched spot it really just worked more to establish how strong Strongman is. Tecnicos won clean because that's what they do in matches like these.

CMLL 11/20/09 @ Arena Mexico:

Ángel Azteca Jr., Ángel de Oro, Ángel de Plata vs. Puma King, Skándalo, Tiger Kid: Amazing stuff. It's not that much praise since the TDN run was so short but this was easily the best match on TDN. I would have put it on my MOTYC list but there was a chunk of the third fall missing (I'm guessing an Angel Azteca Jr. exchange + big dives) due to editing being done thanks to time constraints. Both teams were just tremendous. Even the opening matwork/exchanges were creative. Loved how they didn't just tag out and continued from one exchange into another guy taking over and so forth. Felino's kids easily have the best tag team moves in the business right now and their superkicks are AWESOME! Tecnicos picked up the win. Excellent must-see match!

Máscara Dorada vs. Euforia: The perfect showcase for Dorada! Working against one of the best catchers in the company he got to bust out a ton of his big moves and hit them all perfectly. The finishing spot is one of my favorite spots of all time. This is another must-see match. I want to somehow create a time machine and send this match back to myself in 1997 so I can watch it and be happy in knowing someone like Mascara Dorada will come along one day.

Ephesto, Mephisto, Virus vs. Blue Panther, La Sombra, Volador Jr.: Not as good as the setup match a week before. With these six you would think it would be fantastic but there were lots of standing-still moments and I hated the surprise pinfall finish in the second fall. Efesto had his mask torn up which seemed to hamper some of the stuff he was trying to do.

Naito, Shigeo Okumura, Yujiro vs. Terrible, Texano Jr., Vangelis: Not as good as the previous week but a solid enough match. It's still absolutely amazing to see VANGELIS taking part in the major CMLL angle of the month and blending right in. Is there anyone else in CMLL's uppercard who could be fired on Monday and by Tuesday be working indy shows in only the third from the top slot? No Limit won cleanly.

Místico, Shocker, Strong Man vs. Averno, Felino, Negro Casas: Another by the numbers match but it was much more fun than the previous week. Fredo's DVD actually cuts out the end of the first fall and early portion of the second fall but the 3ra Caida highlights showed we didn't miss much. Felino and Negro were bumping like madmen for Strongman including this amazing spot where Strongman kicked Negro right onto the top rope. *L* Mistico won clean with an amazing Mistica on Averno.

CMLL 11/24/09 @ Arena Mexico (C3):

Disturbio & Semental vs. Molotov & Súper Camaleón: SEMENTAL! FUTURE OF CMLL! Much like earlier with Dorada, this is the match I would send back to myself in 1997 so I'd know someone like Semental would come along one day and eventually take over for Rey Bucanero as the best #2 guy in the company. He carried both tecnicos at various points here and also destroyed them with his unbelievable offense. When I make the music video of this show, it'll be 70% Semental. I'll try not to include Disturbio who has clearly never seen a gym in his life nor cut his hair since he was 15. But his dad is an important man so...

Mima Shimoda, Princesa Sujei, Zeuxis vs. Estrella Mágica, Lady Apache, Lluvia: No thank you. I tried but had to hit the FF button as soon as Lluvia started blowing moves with Shimoda.

Ángel Azteca Jr., Ángel de Oro, Ángel de Plata vs. Euforia, Pólvora, Virus: Excellent match. This was the official debut of the Cancerberos so naturally they lost (Euforia low blowed Angel De Oro) but at least they looked good in a losing effort.

Blue Panther, Brazo de Plata, Máximo vs. Felino, Ray Mendoza Jr., Shigeo Okumura: Awful.

Máscara Dorada vs. Negro Casas: Very slow paced as they were clearly saving up the big stuff for the upcoming title match which I can understand completely. Dorada did get in a neat springboard armdrag from the ramp and a tope suicida afterwards. He pinned Negro clean with the Casita in the expected finish.

CMLL 11/27/09 @ Arena Mexico:

Dr. X, Hooligan, Loco Max vs. Flash, Pegasso, Rey Cometa: Awww... this was the match that ruined Cometa's nerve to ever try the dive of the decade again.:( He went for it in the second fall but slipped and got his leg caught in the ropes. He seemed okay but was more embarassed than anything else. Still they improvised and went with him being injured so Hooligan yanked Flash's mask and pinned him in a quick third fall. Weird that even though the Cancerberos had already made their debut, Flash was still Flash both in name and costume even though he transformed into Fuego at the same press conference. Maybe an issue with the commision?

Dark Angel vs. Amapola: Excellent match. These two love working together and didn't disappoint. A bunch of really great nearfalls. Sarah eventually won with a tiger driver.

Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto vs. La Sombra, Toscano, Volador Jr.: More weak build for the upcoming tag title match. This only went two falls and included both tecnicos having their masks and outfits ripped up. Rudos won clean and got their title match.

Naito, Shigeo Okumura, Yujiro vs. Terrible, Texano Jr., Vangelis: Weaker match than last week. Mexicans tried to tombstone Okumura but were stopped and then instead just crotched Yujiro on the ringpost which earned them a DQ. Isn't that a regular spot for the Poder Mexica?

Atlantis, Mr. Niebla, Último Guerrero vs. Héctor Garza, Shocker, Strong Man: By the numbers. Crowd was really happy to see Niebla and he was the most over tecnico when he went up against Strongman and almost took him down. Garza did a moonsault off the apron and was caught by Atlantis/Ultimo. Shocker then tried a tope suicida but hit Garza who got angry and kicked Shocker. Boy that never went anywhere. Rudos then triple teamed Strongman and pinned him clean. Well... Atlantis had the ropes but it's not like Strongman would have been able to reach them anyways. Garza/Shocker argued afterwards.

AAA 11/18/09 in San Luis Potosi:

Aerostar, Laredo Kid, Súper Fly vs. Pasion Kristal, Polvo de Estrellas, Yuriko: OMG! FUERZA AEREA ON TV! Wanna hear something even wackier than that??? Only 4 out of 6 matches from this show aired! They were actually picked to air over the other two matches!!! Of course the other two matches must have stunk b/c this wasn't anything special. Aero Star got in his obligatory two insane dives where he looked to destroy his tailbone each time and made me shake my head in disgust that he tries so hard and it means nothing in the end. Most of the match was edited down with only the big spots left. Laredo Kid used a sloppy Spanish Fly on Yuriko to get the win.

Alex Koslov & Ozz vs. El Elegido & Rocky Romero: Fun match. Koslov/Romero love working together and I promise that won't lead to any joke about the homoerotic youtube videos they do together. Romero was funny when he put on Koslov's hat and made fun of his dance. Poor Ozz had to try his best with Elegido but they were really only involved 20-25% of the match anyways. Romero pinned Koslov clean.

Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Silver King vs. Chessman, Teddy Hart, Zorro: Brawl brawl brawl. What else can you say? It did have two spectacular moments though - the first being Teddy Hart doing an incredible moonsault senton off the top rope in the middle of the ring and the second being the finish where Chessman was launched over the top rope and naturally overshot the table at ringside which must have broken his tailbone. Just vicious. He got stretchered and attacked while he was on the stretcher.

El Mesías, La Parka Jr., Marco Corleone vs. Cibernético, Joe Lider, Nicho el Millionario: These same six guys had an excellent match the month before in Xalapa but this was not that match. Mesias/Ciber had a decent finishing exchange but otherwise nothing memorable outside of Corleone climbing the lighting stand and having to wait a long time for Joe Lider to walk over and take the flying clothesline.

AAA 11/20/09 in Orizaba:

Mascarita Divina, Mini Charly Manson, Octagoncito vs. Mini Abismo Negro, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis: Fun match but not on the level of their previous TV appearence. In one of the most annoying edits of all time they showed a replay of a spot while Divina was doing his springboard Dragon Rana to the floor. REALLY?!?!?!?!!? Ugh. Mini Charly got pinned clean to set up the big mini's title match at Guerra De Titanes.

Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Mari Apache vs. Jennifer Blake, Rain, Sexy Star: Can't remember anything about this outside of Koslov getting involved in the finish.

El Elegido & Rocky Romero vs. Alex Koslov & Ozz: Another fun match from these four. Elegido and Ozz got to do more than the SLP match. At one point Elegido launched Romero over the top onto both rudos. Elegido took out Ozz with a tope suicida and then Koslov low blowed Romero and thought he won but Piero gave the match to the tecnicos.

Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, Silver King vs. Chessman, Teddy Hart, Zorro: Much like the SLP taping this was just a brawl. Chessman was perfectly fine after that scary bump only two days later. I am not surprised. I'm pretty sure he thinks if he misses a single show he'll be demoted to Aero Star one TV taping per two months level. It was funny seeing Wagner afraid to take Teddy's offense and hiding his face when Zorro went for his slingshot dropkick in the corner. Wagner is the prototypical "I'll get in all my spots on you but make your stuff look awful in return" wrestler. For the first time in ages Silver King did his assisted moonsault dive and it was Electro assisting him. Last time they teamed up for that spot? The infamous Electro Shock/Bronco dual debut at Arena Mexico! Obscure trivia: La Parka was their partner!

El Mesías, Latin Lover, Marco Corleone vs. Joe Lider, Konnan, Nicho el Millionario: Watching Konnan is so sad. He just stood in the corner and waiting for the Hermandad to bring the tecnicos over so he could hit them. Either than or he'd lock a submission on and lay on the ground which to him probably means he's "stretching" his opponent and he'd explain it to Dave as saying he was working the mat. Yep. That's what it was. He couldn't even take Corleone's big punch properly. So naturally this match was awful. Lider took a pretty wicked bump to the floor off a rather simple over-the-top spot with Latin Lover and then he ate Corleone's clothesline off the lighting rig. Two weeks in a row? Latin pinned Nicho to win the match.

IWRG 11/19/09:

Gemelo Fantastico I & Gemelo Fantastico II vs. Keshin Black & Menfis: Menfis is the prototypical IWRG booked gimmick. Shows up out of nowhere... gets placed in low tag matches like this and random trios matches up top to be a filler rudo... and then disappears as if he was never around. At least take his mask if you're gonna have him show up! Odds are we'll never find out who he was. It was nice to see the Gemelos back in action and they looked like a really solid team here. They carried the rudos big time and then murdered them when it was time to put them away. Really liked the catapult into two feet to the face spot.

Bushi & Freelance vs. Avisman & Hijo del Signo: Really enjoyed this. Just a simple tag with four guys who are feuding. Freelance looked tremendous but saying that would be like saying the sky is blue. Bushi is a rare case of a Japanese guy who is in Mexico to actually work hard and try and improve so I can always appreciate that. Avisman gave Freelance a tombstone to end the match.

Black Terry, Cerebro Negro, Dr. Cerebro vs. Oficial 911, Oficial AK47, Oficial Fierro: I enjoy brawling as much as the next guy... okay maybe not so much compared to the next guy but I can deal with matches that are just brawls if they lead somewhere and the crowd is red hot for the brawling. This match just didn't do it for me. Too much aimless brawling with lots of predictable moments. Never slowed down like I thought it might since I love watching these guys in one-on-one battles rather than three-on-one. Terry's team tore apart AK-47's shoulder to the point he had to leave any get it taped up. In the process his two partners made a comeback and did dual tope suicidas (with Fierro crashing and burning like a motherfucker) which of course left 911 all alone with Black Terry. HMMMM... Black Terry vs 911? Black Terry will win. Black Terry with one hand tied behind his back vs 911? Black Terry will win. Black Terry vs 911 with only one good arm? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? 911 got destroyed. This would have been a great way to split the Oficiales up with 911 being mad at them for abandoning him at the end but nobody wants to see the Oficiales ever split up.

Angelico, Hijo del Lizmark, Ultramán Jr. vs. Gringo Loco, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Tóxico: Strangely passable match. I've certainly seen much worse and expected way less. Gringo Loco was really good eating Angelico's offense and keeping the rudo team interesting. Lizmark Jr. even brought his working boots and didn't just stand on the apron all match long like he does in the few PdM matches I've seen. He took a low blow from MA2K Jr. to lose the match for his team.

Solid enough show.

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