Monday, August 02, 2010

Universal Title Tournament - Block B

While I messed up on the bracketing for Block A, I did well in picking 3 of the 4 semi-finalists as well as picking the final and who would win. Yay me!:D Block B however is much tougher...

Jushin Lyger
Volador Jr.
Hector Garza
Mr. Aguila
La Mascara
Negro Casas

Much like last week you can easily eliminate two names right away: Metro and Valiente. They are the Stuka Jr. and Efesto of this group.

This is a tough block to choose b/c there are so many guys on the same level and all of them would be good matchups for La Sombra. Not to mention the wildcard of the tournament is here - Lyger. He hasn't done anything of note during his current CMLL run and should be heading back to Japan soon after the tournament. Did he really come to Mexico to just work undercard trios matches mainly against Maximo? I doubt it.

Round 1:

Negro Casas vs Metro: This seems like an obvious matchup. Casas is not losing in the first round and he's the perfect guy to drag something good out of rising star Metro who really doesn't match up well with any other rudo in this group. Expect Metro to get in some offense but bite the dust. Winner: Negro Casas

La Mascara vs Hector Garza: A lot of people seem to think La Mascara will go far. I've even seen predictions where he beats Lyger to either win the block or make the finals. I don't see it that way. I think this will be a nice tease to a forgotten feud but Garza will come out on top, possibly by cheating. Winner: Hector Garza

Valiente vs Jushin Lyger: Valiente is a guy on New Japan's radar so I think Lyger would be a good match for him. He can test Valiente out and him catching the Valiente Especial will make for a good clip for New Japan TV. In the end you gotta know Lyger is going over. If by some chance he gets upset in the first round it would have to be by La Mascara which would prove those wacky theorists correct. Winner: Jushin Lyger

Volador Jr. vs Mr. Aguila: Another seemingly obvious first round match. These guys match up well and have an issue going into the tournament. Except a double handspring moonsault spot! *L* I like Volador's odds here. Winner: Volador Jr.


Negro Casas vs Hector Garza: Always fun to see these guys against each other. Garza had a big win recently (tag titles) and even though a match vs Sombra would be great - my pick to advance here is based on who I think is winning this group. Winner: Negro Casas

Jushin Lyger vs Volador Jr.: Don't get me wrong - I *want* to see Volador Jr. win this thing, face Sombra and finally turn rudo... I just don't see it happening with CMLL's booking style and the fact that he'd have to beat Lyger at some point which just isn't happening. I doubt he'll be happy jobbing here though so we'll see how CMLL rewards him in the following weeks. Winner: Jushin Lyger


Negro Casas vs Jushin Lyger: Sorry folks, you're dreaming if you think Negro would be in the same tournament as Lyger and NOT force the booking staff to match them up. If my predictions are way off then at least be assured this match is taking place one way or the other. The way I see it... it'll be the final. Crowd will be 100% behind Negro but he'll go down to Lyger in a sorta long match (like 10 minutes) which will turn the crowd on Lyger heading into the finals. Winner: Jushin Lyger

Which sets up La Sombra vs Jushin Lyger in the finals and I think that's where Lyger gets his win back from the BOSJ tournament. Not to mention probably sets up a title match at the Anniversary Show or before depending on what the promotion does with Volador.

Agree? Disagree?

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