Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some Good Matches

Mistico vs Rey Bucanero - 1/11/10 @ Arena Puebla: These two bring out the best in each other and it helps that this was a really fresh match since they haven't had a singles match in a looooooooooooooooooong time. It was setup with a good trios match the week before where Bucanero was fantastic as he constantly cheapshotted Mistico and then ran instead of getting what was coming to him until Mistico found his moment during a Porky/Toro Bill staredown he ran right across the ring to dropkick Bucanero off the apron! In that same match Bucanero injured Mistico's arm and they brought that storyline into this match with Bucanero working the arm including an armbar on the floor. They used some neat finishes to each fall such as the Bucanero/Guerrero 7/14/06 finish and the Efesto surprise roll-up. Crowd was loving everything. I won't spoil who won but YAY!:D Well worth checking out.

Mascarita Dorada/Electrico/Pequeno Olimpico vs Pequeno Damian 666/Pequeno Violencia/Pierrothito - 10/11/09 @ Arena Mexico
Mascarita Dorada/Pequeno Olimpico/Bam Bam vs Pequeno Damian 666/Pequeno Nitro/Pequeno Universo 2000 - 10/18/09 @ Arena Mexico

Back-to-back matches from Sunday Arena Mexico shows that were both just tremendous. The former better than the latter and an easy **** match for me. They were building a Mascarita Dorada/Pequeno Damian singles match out of this but for whatever reason it got dropped. The first match has one of the sickest bumps I've ever seen from Pequeno Violencia who gets hiptossed over the ringpost to the floor and surely breaks his tailbone. There is also a mind-blowing ringpost rana to the floor by Dorada where he could have smashed his skull in once again but somehow survived. The finish involves the refs which sets up the match the following week with a less talented crew of ruditos but the veteran tecnicos kept them on track throughout the match. Great stuff.

Mascara Dorada/Stuka Jr./Metro vs Dragon Rojo Jr./Misterioso II/Sangre Azteca - (Mexican National Trios Titles) 1/6/10 @ Arena Coliseo: Right away I gotta start by saying I wasn't a huge fan of this like other people who have it in their top matches of the year but it was a very good match. I was a bit surprised by how neither team seemed to go all out though. It was the total opposite of their two most recent matches as those were just balls out spectacular spots and rushing through everything. This match was very... I don't wanna say slow... it was just worked at regular speed which gave the viewer enough time to have everything sink in and let the live crowd rest in between fun nearfalls. It was also "smarter" than their other matches if that makes sense to anyone. Every move meant something and they did stuff in the first fall that played into what they did in the third fall. There was some fun finish countering and they even had a pretty big ref botch in the third fall but covered up nice enough that it really didn't matter. The surprise finish was nicely done as I'm sure 95% of the live crowd along with 100% of the internet crowd knew Poder Mexica were going to win this.

Freelance & Bushi vs Avisman & Gringo Loco - 12/17/09 @ Arena Naucalpan: Tons of fun! The recently unmasked and soon to be out of Mexico Bushi was just having a blast and hitting everything he knew. He even tried this wacky dive doing the Mascara Dorada step-on-the-ropes trick but almost fell to his death! Thankfully those are two pro rudos! Freelance also looked great except for one embarassing spot with Avisman where they got crossed up during an exchange. Perfect match to end a great year for IWRG.

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