Monday, August 09, 2010

Verano De Escandalo

I don't want to analyze this card too much because I really don't give a shit about anything going on. But I want to make 3 guarantees to try and show how much I know about AAA (and WCW circa it's dying days)...

1. Vampiro is walking out with the title.

- Guaranteed. I actually think the result of Rush/Loco Max is less predictable than Vampiro walking out with the belt. My reasoning: AAA wants the belt off Wagner. This is their chance to do it. Wagner doesn't have to get pinned for it to happen. Not that Wagner would agree to get pinned by Vampiro anyways. He'd be happy to lay down for Silver King. But I don't think AAA wants Silver King as their champion. Vampiro will play it cool backstage and say he doesn't need the title since he's already considered a star but in the pre-match booking meeting he'll come up with some idea where he can get the belt and lose it to someone down the road to make them a star (which won't end up happening).

This is how WCW worked. Thus this is how AAA works these days. Trust me. Vampiro is leaving with the belt.

2. Nobody is getting pinned in the main event. It'll either end in a DQ or if they have to do a pinfall it will be Parka Jr. pinning Damian 666 after some sort of low blow spot.

- Yes, even Damian 666 won't do a clean job. This match will be a total mess and the WON will be full of Konnan's post-show stories about who wouldn't do what, who forgot what finish and how none of it was his fault as booker. These five idiots will never agree to lose to each other much less make the other look good. Whoever booked this match is a fucking idiot.

3. Alan Stone and Elegido will start a feud that will lead nowhere.

- Konnan was pretty smart when booking this feud. He hates Elegido. He's not huge on Alan Stone. So how do you take care of them both? You book them in a feud with each other that can be buried in openers and segundas. So they can't complain you aren't doing anything with them and yet you really don't have to do anything with them much like Aero Star vs random chick's boyfriend that has been going on for almost 2 years now.

And if you think THIS is negative just wait till we're getting live results and hopefully doing a chat.

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