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New Project: The Rise And (eventual) Fall of La Fuerza Aerea & La Militia!

The basis of this project stems from the newest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter where the following blurb was printed in the AAA news section:

The plan, and we’ll see how this turns out, is to start elevating the Air Force, Tigre Cota, Decnis and Billy Boy.

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that was straight from Konnan's mouth since he loves to come off as the guy who is all about pushing youngsters until it comes time to actually push them of course. This isn't just a current AAA thing, this also dates back to everything Konnan has done post-leaving AAA in 1996. He promised the world to a ton of guys in exchange for them leaving AAA and joining Promo Azteca only to not deliver on any of the promises he made.

But we're going to just try and focus on the above statement and track the progress of elevating these wrestlers. Who knows... maybe I'll look like an idiot and come Triplemania 2011 the main event will feature La Parka/Aero Star/Mesias vs LA Park/Billy Boy/Decnis in a cage match. It could happen!

Let me preface this project by pointing out two things:

1. Instead of re-packaging any of these guys - they're going to hope the crowd starts to recognize them as stars even though for the last 2 years (more in the case of Decnis/Billy Boy) they've been nothing but opening match acts aside from Aero Star/Billy Boy being the background of the Fabi Apache vs Sexy Star feud.

2. This exact thing was attempted with Super Fly in 2008. Konnan said they stopped pushing Super Fly because he had no charisma and couldn't talk. It had nothing to do with the fact that:

a) He never got any offense except "fluke" moves in his feud with Electro Shock.
b) The only time he cleanly pinned Electro Shock was a fluke roll-up where he promptly got beat down by Zorro and Kenzo Suzuki.
c) When he wasn't facing Electro Shock he was working opening matches to make sure the crowd knew that is where he belonged.

Watch Rey De Reyes '09. One of the qualifying matches comes down to Super Fly vs Electro Shock and the crowd is *RED HOT* for Super Fly b/c they know this is the moment where he is finally going to beat Electro Shock and win the feud. In typical AAA fashion - he doesn't. The crowd audibly moans when Electro gets the win. What follows is months of Super Fly's work going downhill and a teased rudo turn that is still going on to this very day.


So here we go.... post #1 in a series of posts that will chronicle...



8/19 @ Arena Naucalpan:

- 2/3 of La Fuerza Aerea (Aero Star & Laredo Kid) work the opener and beat Los Oficiales. Unknown as of yet if match will actually make television.

- Makeshift team of Argenis, Relampago and Crazy Boy defeat Billy Boy, Decnis and El Brazo in their first official match as part of 'La Militia'. Match is basically just a setup for El Brazo to get attacked.

- Mesias, La Parka and Jack Evans defeat El Zorro, LA Park, Decnis and Billy Boy in a handicap match. Billy Boy gets pinned by Mesias.

What we learn from this show:

1. This new 'Militia' group can't even beat a makeshift team of wrestlers who are barely on TV in the first place.
2. Decnis + Billy Boy together = a suitable replacement for Konnan.
3. Decnis & Billy Boy can't even use the numbers advantage to help their team win.

(-1 for having Aero Star/Laredo Kid in the opening non-TV match, -1 for jobbing La Militia to a makeshift team & -1 for having them take the pinfall in the main event even though they had a #'s advantage.


- No change in house show lineups. Fuerza Aerea still jobbing to the Psycho Circus in every city while La Militia are not a team in any future lineups.


9/5 in Pachuca: Fuerza Aerea (Aero Star, Laredo Kid, Super Fly) vs Chris Stone, Decnis & Tigre Cota

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