Monday, September 13, 2010

This & That

- Mascara Dorada vs Negro Casas from 9/7 was excellent. Not at the level of Sombra vs Volador from Puebla but not many matches will be. Casas played the perfect jackass rudo who didn't think Dorada stood a chance against him and kept playing to the crowd/camera even in situations where he almost got pinned or was in a little bit of trouble. Dorada looked fantastic as usual and it's a joy to watch how far he has come since his first few months in the company. They even let him grab the mic afterwards and say a few words which is the ultimate sign of how far he has come.

- Speaking of Sombra/Volador, I still reccomend everyone watch it. Hasn't gotten the type of talk I think it deserves although I still get a few folks over at the ByL forum to give it a watch instead of discussing who the "fake" Mistico is so I consider that a win.

- Toscano as a tecnico is the worst wrestler on the CMLL roster. Toscano as a rudo would be a middle of the pack rudo on the CMLL roster. He doesn't have the offense to be a tecnico and really seems to dislike having to do flying spots. Even in the limited 3 minutes of footage from him teaming with Sagrado this past Friday it was clear he'd be better off a rudo catching guys like Mistico and Sombra and egging the crowd on that boo's him anyways. Hopefully he turns soon. He'd make a fine partner for Hector Garza although I have this strange fascination about a Toscano/Rouge rudo tag team. (I also think Rouge is destined to be a rudo but it's too soon to pull the trigger)

- Speaking of who should be a tecnico and who should be a rudo... I think it's pretty clear Volador going rudo is the decision that should have been made from day one. He's been nothing but fantastic since his turn both in the ring and on the mic. Not to mention his rudo outfits are ~KILLER! I understand Mistico is bored with being a tecnico and wants to be a rudo but he really can't pull it off. It's good that he has more of an edge to his charachter now and has incorporated some rudo spots but he wouldn't work as a full-time rudo. He's too small to be a base for guys like Sombra/Dorada/Fantasma and there are still large chunks of the crowd that will cheer him no matter what unlike with Volador.

- I don't like Inquisidor. He's easily one of the worst wrestlers on the CMLL roster. I know this pretty much only matters to me and 90% of the folks reading this have no idea who Inquisidor even is but trust me when I say he is awful. He's the worst type of awful too b/c not only is he a bad wrestler, he's also a dangerous wrestler to both himself and his opponent. I've seen him injure people multiple times on botched spots as well as hurt himself by not being able to take a bump properly. The only reason he has his current spot on the roster is b/c Paco is a mark for bodybuilders and Inquisidor is into that garbage. I feel bad for the folks that have to work with him constantly. Very Supremo-ish.

- I can't believe TVC chose to air the opening match from Puebla on 8/9 over the mini's Torneo Cibernetico! TVC usually makes better decisions than that.

- I'm going out on a limb and predicting Mistico/Dorada will win the tag straps over Aguila/Garza tonight in Puebla. I'm still surprised CMLL cared enough to get the belts off Sombra/Volador before Volador's rudo turn. The Bicentenario could have been used to crown new tag champs as well as set up the main event for 9/17!

- AAA has no excuse not to get a hair loss out of this feud. Tigre Cota, Billy Boy, Decnis and Chris Stone are all prime candidates to get a head shaving and have no excuse to say no unless AAA really lowballs them on an offer. Chris in particular can grow his hair back in two weeks at most. It’ll be a major failure if La Militia goes nowhere and gets broken up before anyone can take their hair.

- Happy to see IWRG back on TVC. Hopefully they don't start any nonsense this time and can actually accept the fact that TVC is doing them a favor by airing their shows so quickly. Of course with Moreno in charge I fully expect him to screw this TV deal up again in a matter of months.

- Watched a really fun tag match from early '95 between Juventud & Fuerza Guerrera vs Latin Lover & Heavy Metal. The story was a month before this match the same teams had met for the National Tag Titles and there was a controversial finish where Heavy Metal accidentally gave his own father a tope suicida and the rudos took advantage to win the belts. This was the rematch. However in the course of the month it took to have the rematch the seeds had been planted for a Heavy Metal rudo turn which is what made this match so much fun. Metal wanted no part of teaming with Latin and refused to tag in, faked an injury to avoid being tagged and was generally just a pest while standing on the apron. Typically the rudos in this situation would side with Metal and it'd be a 3-on-1 vs Latin but Metal hadn't turned rudo yet... he was just teasing it... mainly vs Latin Lover. So the Guerreras still hated him and instead they chose to go after him at various points and high-five Latin Lover when he would slap Metal! Yet at the same time they'd double team Latin Lover at any point b/c the titles were still on the line! It was really fascinating booking. At one point Latin Lover even grabbed an old lady from ringside and she tried to convince Heavy Metal to shake his partner's hand only for the Guerreras to attack. So in terms of actual wrestling the match would be -***** but in terms of storyline it was a clear ***** match. Rudos won in two falls (duh) and Metal's rudo turn was completed.

- Anyone who tells you the Junior Atomicos vs Karis La Momia/Los Payasos feud sucked is insane. That feud carried AAA through the spring/summer of '96 and that was when Konnan's crew was still around.

- SuperLuchas magazine has been great lately. I especially love the old Naucalpan results and the exclusive interviews they get that actually provide information rather than just repeat the same stuff you can read online from various websites that ask softball questions.

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