Thursday, September 02, 2010

'Twas The Night Before The Anniversary Show...

The day before the biggest show of the year usually has most CMLL fans in a frenzy. Who will lose? Who will win? Who will escape the cage first? Will there be a run-in? Will it be an AAA wrestler? Will the show sell out? So many questions. But did you ever stop and think what are the participants in the match up to? Well, thanks to my various sources in Mexico I've been able to keep track of all 14 participants in the hours leading up to the big cage match. Let's see what they've been up to...

Mr. Niebla: To avoid any chance of a no-show he is currently locked in the janitor's closet at Arena Mexico. Key to the closet is being safely guarded by Shocker.

Histeria: Has been receiving 'good luck' cards attached to flowers from Dorian Roldan all day. Also, avoiding Maniaco's calls as usual.

Efesto: Had a few questions about the contract he signed for the match and decided to try and get in touch with Paco Alonso. Specifically, he'd like to know why Section D just says: "Plan de Respaldo - Efesto."

Lyger: Whereabouts unknown. Was last seen dancing his way through various clubs located near Arena Mexico. Strangely Yoshihashi was always no less than 5 feet behind him and carrying Lyger's bags.

La Sombra: Woke up around 9am. Ate breakfast. Took a nap. Woke up to eat lunch. Went to work out. Came home to shower. Ate something small. Took a nap. Was woken up with a phone call from Hijo Del Soberano. Ate dinner. Watched some TV. Comfortably went to sleep at 10pm. ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID ENOUGH TO BELIEVE HE IS LOSING HIS MASK IN THIS MATCH????????????????????

Atlantis: Spent most of his day planning his ring entrance which will be the bulk of his participation in the match. Also, swam with dolphins.

Mistico: Woke up around 6am to make his 6:30am autograph signing. From there it was onto Pachuca for an early 8am kids show. Immediatly after hitting La Mistica on a local wrestler he was whisked away to Arena Neza for a special 10:30am kids show. Pinned Ramstein with a sunset flip in the main event although the finish was controversional since as the ref hit the three, Mistico was yanked out of the ring by CMLL security who rushed him over to Arena Naucalpan for a special workout session he was late for. Tried to grab some lunch afterwards but there was no time since he had to be at Arena Queretaro for a Relevos Suicidas tag match at 12:30pm. After working the 40+ minute match he asked for a nap. CMLL security guided him to the company van where he was allowed to lay down in the back. Sadly this was just a trick and they immediatly drove him to the local children's hospital which was hosting a special show where three special kids could choose which matches they wanted to see on the three match card. Unfortunately for Mistico, all three kids chose Mistico vs Toscano. After the grueling best-of-three (each match 2/3 falls), Mistico was ushered over to Arena Isabel De Cuernavaca for the weekly CMLL show where he main evented and was victorious once again. Finally called it a day and went home to get some much needed rest. Just as he started to drift off he was suddenly awoken... HIS HOUSE WAS MOVING! Once again that dastardly Paco Alonso had attached wheels to his home! Off to Guatemala for an encore of last Saturday's main event!

Olimpico: Went on a shopping spree with the money he was going to be receiving in < 24 hours.

Averno/Mephisto: Spent the day getting ready for their press conference. The two had largely been silent heading into the match and wanted the chance to express their feelings heading into Friday night. Unfortunately the press conference was marred by an extremely uncomfortable long awkward silence from both when the Ovaciones reporter asked: "Why are you guys in this match?"

Volador Jr.: It wasn't a good day for Volador. He spent most of the day going to various newspaper offices, radio shows and TV stations in order to hype the big match. After spending hours trying to convince everyone he was in fact a rudo now, he vowed to destroy and unmask Mistico on Friday. This declaration was strangely always followed by the person interviewing him quickly checking to see if it really was December 28th...

Alebrije: Stayed true to his word. Ate anything and everything. Because for some reason he thinks weight and size will be AN ADVANTAGE TO CLIMBING A CAGE!!!!!!!! ARE YOU FOR REAL ALEBRIJE?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?

Cuije: Didn't eat anything. Trying to make sure he'll be able to escape through the cage's fencing.

Ultimo Guerrero: Didn't really do much of anything. I guess life really does immitate art.

Psicosis: Spent the day calling around various wrestling promoters located in tiny suburbs of Mexico City where news doesn't travel fast. Managed to organize about 4 matches for next week. Oddly enough they are all singles matches against the top tecnico in each arena with the following stipulation: "Loser of the mask loses his mask or hair depending upon the result from Friday. But really the loser will lose his mask no matter what the result is on Friday." Strange.



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