Sunday, November 07, 2010

CMLL C3 TV 10/23/10 (taped 10/19/10)

Astro Boy/Trueno vs Disturbio/Tiger Kid

- It's an opener! Always nice when the C3 folks give this to us as a bonus.
- Disturbio is small and out of shape. Kinda like Skandalo. And Panico. Weird how that works - huh?
- Notice how people always accuse Astro Boy of working as Mistico but nobody ever accues Mistico of working as Astro Boy?
- And Astro Boy slips on a kip-up...
- Astro Boy's running springboard plancha off the ramp is actually pretty neat.
- Trueno badly blows his run-up-the-ropes diving tope and settles for a springboard plancha to win the fall. They actually covered nicely compared to most blown spots lately in CMLL.
- Second fall JIP during Astro Boy's generic exchange.
- Trueno manages to run up the ropes successfully this time!
- Tope suicida countered by a dropkick by Felino Jr.!
- Ugh... I hate Disturbio's finisher. One of those spots where you basically have to do the finisher on yourself. Astro Boy grabs Disturbio around the head and jumps up so Disturbio can give him a backbreaker. It's beyond silly.
- Tiger Kid's dropkicks out of nowhere are awesome.
- Astro Boy must have mistimed his comeback b/c now they're re-doing it with Trueno in the correct place.
- Astro Boy dropkicks Trueno by accident and the tecnicos are put away with a Canadian Destroyer (copyright Rey Bucanero?) and a neat over-the-shoulder backbreaker into a forward power bomb where Disturbio sticks his knee out at the last moment. We need a name for that. Fun match.

Sensei/Pegasso/Metalico vs Dr. X/Nosferatu/Hooligan

- So this may be the last we see of Pegasso for a while as his only match after this was the one where he dislocated his leg and will probably be out a while.
- WHOA! The Metalico/Hooligan matwork section is awesome! Very creative stuff!
- Dr. X was clearly not watching the previous match b/c Sensei did the same headdrag takedown spot that Astro Boy did to get into position for Disturbio's finisher.
- ASSISTED RUNNING SOMERSAULT PLANCHA FROM PEGASSO! Surprised he didn't bust his leg there.
- Sensei makes Nosferatu submit as Metalico does a nice roll-up on Hooligan.
- PEGASSO MOONSAULT OFF THE APRON INTO AN ARMDRAG! NICELY DONE! And perhaps he should have done that instead of off the second rope 10 days later and thus saved himself a very painful injury...
- Metalico frankensteiner off the top rope! Why is he so motivated these days?
- Tope suicida by Metalico!
- Tecnicos cannot capitalize on the momentum generated by Metalico and get put away easily.
- Nosferatu whips Metalico into the ropes but has no idea what to do as Metalico runs back towards him. Professional.
- What the fuck finish with a tope suicida out of nowhere by Sensei, Pegasso leaps into two feet from Dr. X and Hooligan wraps Metaico up in an out of this world submission! Replay please! That was awesome!

Delta/Metro/Stuka Jr. vs Virus/Cancerbero/Raziel

- Stuka Jr./Raziel start on the mat which is a preview of next Friday at Arena Mexico.
- If I was booking CMLL I'd have Delta working with Virus every night and forbidding him to do any highspots until he can work standard exchanges.
- And just as I type that Delta goes running past Virus who takes a bump from an invisible shoulderblock. Embarassing. There have been many embarassing spots like that lately in CMLL.
- Virus immediatly makes Delta submit and seems unhappy.
- As a general rule in CMLL - if you are a novato and you fuck up a spot against a veteran you either get tossed out of the ring and are not given a chance to shine or you get pinned/submitted immediatly. Thus why Delta was submitted right away. Of course this leads to the problem of the match being thrown off course so to make up for it the second fall lasted about 30 seconds with the rudos DQ'ed right away for choking Metro on the ropes. Nice improvisation. Bad for the fans who are getting robbed of what could have been a good match but this is the type of lesson Delta needs or he'll never get better.
- Stuka leads the third fall comeback and it ends quick with a Delta assisted frankensteiner (almost blown) and Metro's submission. Match was what it was.

Shocker/Sagrado/Valiente vs Negro Casas/Felino/Mr. Niebla

- Is this the first time Valiente has worked with Negro Casas? Strangely I can't think of any other time.
- Another horrible botched spot with Shocker/Mr. Niebla. This has seriously got to stop. CMLL used to be the professional group (at least inside the ring), now they come off as just as bad as AAA main events.
- Well that was lame... a quick second fall low blow and the tecs win in two straight. I would be asking for my money back at this point if I was in attendance.

Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero/Dragon Rojo Jr. vs Hector Garza/Mr. Aguila/Taichi

- Invaders quickly take the first fall.
- Hector Garza's stipping distracts him and he accidentally kicks Aguila in the face. Foreshadowing!
- GdA tie it up with Garza laying down for Rojo.
- Aguila may be slower but he can still flip! Guerrero is unimpressed and dropkicks him off the apron really hard!
- Dragon Rojo steals Garza's "STOP!" deal but gets kicked in the stomach for his troubles.
- Aguila tosses Rojo into a low blow from Garza for ANOTHER DQ! Why would they do that with a two-on-one advantage?

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