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CMLL 52MX 10/30/10

CMLL 52MX 10/30/10 (taped (10/24/10):

Leono/Molotov/Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Bronco/Camorra/Inquisidor

- The battle of wrestlers never going anywhere in this promotion! OK, I lied. Guerrero Maya Jr. will go somewhere... hopefully... but it'll be under a new name for sure. Leono and Molotov are undercard lifers although Leono was at least given a chance! Camorra and Inquisidor are also unlikely to go anywhere. Obviously I'm a Bronco fan. He's young and still has a lot to learn. Hopefully he'll go somewhere someday but probably not soon. His size will definitely help him when it comes time to decide who to push.
- Leono moving around nicely to start off.
- Will Inquisidor manage to finish the match without injuring anyone?
- I get the feeling the story about GMJr will be interesting when it eventually comes out. I'm sure he's a legit kid of Black Terry's but I wonder how exactly he fits into the family tree.
- Okay that's the first thing someone needs to tell Bronco: STOP SPRINGBOARDING INTO THE RING! You're a big guy - take advantage of it and step over the ropes!
- Excellent exchange with Molotov/Bronco leading to the asai moonsault from the tecnico!
- Good thing Camorra rolled out of the ring or that Leono finish woulda been epic.
- Creative little start to GMJr/Iniquisidor's sequence.
- GMJr is getting awesome. And Inquisidor was a great base there.
- Kicking your opponent to death is not a creative finish but certainly effective.
- The crowd LOVES when Bronco misses that diving splash! One day he's gonna hit it!
- Awesome flip plancha by GMJr!
- Lame tope suicida from Leono.
- Molotov gets the win with his neat finisher!
- Perfectly acceptable match. Bronco did really good here and the tecnicos played off him well by doing double team spots to take him down and Molotov even jumping to shoulderblock him down early in the match. The big guy looks good when he wrestles like a big guy but also when the smaller guys wrestle like they are facing a big guy.

Stuka Jr./Fuego vs Delta/Diamante - Arena Coliseo Tag Team Titles Bout

- T-shirts are back for the challengers. They look awful in them. I know I sound like Bryan now.
- Generic opening matwork by Stuka/Delta.
- Fuego with some nice flips but then gets dropkicked. The smarks explode...
- Nasty spill off the top by Diamante and then there's the backdrop onto his face! Stuka/Fuego take the first fall.
- Delta starts the fall looking really good.
- Great counter to the SFTD headscissors and a nice little sequence afterwards!
- OW. Fuego not expecting the asai moonsault.
- Another nice exchange by Fuego/Diamante and Fuego counters the rope bouncing rana with a power bomb!
- There's a submission that doesn't look painful at all. Diamante out! Surprise roll-up and Fuego is out! Surprise roll-up and Stuka is out! That wasn't very dramatic.
- Third fall JIP.
- Fuego with a springboard roll-up! *LMAO*
- Diamante/Delta dives are nicely done!
- Fuego busting out every roll-up he knows...
- And Diamante's mask almost falls off by accident which leads to the refs trying to help him put it back on and everyone falls down... that was embarassing... DTU level embarassing.
- Oooohhhhh... the old do a tope suicida on your own partner by accident spot!
- Announcers mention Fuego is looking to get back to where he was when he was known as Flash. So... why would he change gimmicks just to move down on the card? Bad time to bring this up.
- DIAMANTE DOWN! That was a neat spot!
- Announcers say Diamante is out but he hasn't even been out of the ring for 15 seconds after the missed dive...
- There's Stuka's secondary finisher! Delta is out!
- Noticeable edit b/c of the weird noise.
- And there's Stuka's main finisher - the Torpedo Splash! Champs retain!
- Definitely not as good as last week's match. The first two falls really weren't all that special here and the third fall had a lot of awkward moments. The build-up to the tournament final was much better than the final. Still betting on CMLL taking the belts off Stuka/Fuego within a month just to prove this tournament was useless other than to create a random tournament for the Sunday shows.

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