Monday, October 18, 2010

CMLL 52MX 10/16/10 (taped 10/10/10)

Block B of the tournament to crown #1 contenders for the Arena Coliseo Tag Team Titles...

Battle Royale

- Oh thank god... just highlights. Lucha battle royales are just horrible excuses for wrestlers to almost blow their knees out for no reason at all.

Fabian El Gitano/Leono vs Puma King/Tiger Kid

- FACT: This is a rematch from earlier in the year. Seriously. How many people besides cubsfan and myself remember that?
- Was just commenting to someone earlier how Leono had so much potential when he started out (2003 - 2005). Then when he got his push for whatever reason he turned into the most generic wrestler ever (2006 - 2008) and must have thought they'd never take his spot away. OOPS! But in the past year or two (2009 - 2010) he hasn't been offensive at all and I sometimes enjoy his matches.
- Awesome double team spot by Felino's kids followed up by great double dives! Puma King's was especially dangerous.
- And they kiss. Lovely.
- Uh-oh... mistimed superkicks are always the demise of tag teams.
- TECNICOS WIN! I'd be pissed if they went further but this was just to shake things up so I'm okay with the result. Bad job cutting away after the match instead of showing Felino's kids making up with each other.

Metalico/Starman vs Cancerbero/Raziel

- Starman may be the only person in this tournament to have competed for the Arena Coliseo Tag Titles before they officially came back in 2000.
- Nice armdrag by Metalico.
- ASAI MOONSAULT! He actually hit it nicely!
- Tope suicida by Starman right near the dude with the Wagner doll. Wrong show buddy.
- I bought that double roll-up nearfall...
- Tag team submission wins it for the rudos! Decent simple tag match.

Delta/Diamante vs Dr. X/Hooligan

- What's with the purple color scheme on both teams?
- These teams have good chemistry. Hoping for something creative here.
- I'm such a mark for the way Diamante exited the ring there. It's especially awesome when someone takes that bump while running full speed.
- Wow. That was an AAA quality edit unless Hooligan did indeed get from ringside onto the apron in a millisecond.
- Delta hit a move properly!
- Oh Hooligan... you were either gonna get DQ'ed or rolled up! Silly rudo!
- I get the feeling the editing was done to cover up some blown spots by the tecs. Just a feeling.

Astro Boy/Trueno vs Loco Max/Virus

- I hate this rudo pairing just b/c they're paired up. Nothing personal.
- Big fan of Trueno so hoping he looks good here. He's been around longer than most people realize so I'm afraid if they don't do anything with him soon he'll be in the Neutron position forever.
- Now there's a shocker. Astro Boy not on the same page as his opponent.
- Good point by the announcers. If the tecs win we'll get to see brother vs brother!
- Let's see if I can Astro Boy's exchange before he does it... run the ropes and do a 360 onto his own feet, then a headscissors, then grab Loco Max's hand and do a twisting armdrag off the top rope. And... GO!
- Got the first part right, he went for the headscissors but was blocked and then just yanked Loco down.
- Ah... here's the armdrag. I'm good! Not really. Astro Boy is just beyond repetitve and the sad thing is he usually botches the same spots every time.
- Awww... rudos win. Trueno didn't get to do anything.:(

Fabian El Gitano/Leono vs Cancerbero/Raziel

- I hate that the rudos just come off as a B-level Euforia/Nosferatu team.
- Leono tried his hardest to screw up that finish but rudos win! Not much to the match.

Delta/Diamante vs Loco Max/Virus

- Hey a match that isn't JIP!
- Oof... Delta takes a nasty spill to the floor. Not as nasty as the one I saw Crazy Black take earlier today on a Puebla show though. (it'll be on youtube tomorrow)
- How have we gone this long in a tag tournament without a double dive?
- Photographer was in the way of Delta's apron rana!
- Nice little finishing sequence there. Tecs move on.

Delta/Diamante vs Cancerbero/Raziel

- Backdrop w/ 360 bump! I approve!
- Finally! A double dive!
- And another! I guess it was worth it saving them up for the final.
- Delta Moonsault! More like Delta Moonsault Headbutt! Did you really think he could go three matches in one night without botching something?
- Diamante's finisher is not much better. Weak ending.

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