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CMLL C3 TV 10/9/10 (taped 10/5/10)

CMLL C3 TV - 10/9/10 (taped 10/5/10):

Shockercito/Pequeno Olimpico/Astral vs Pequeno Universo 2000/Pequeno Nitro/
Pequeno Warrior

- I smell something fishy... Pequeno Olimpico is wearing darker white than usual. That's not normal for him. Could this have something to do with him already working as a rudo in Puebla and 10 days earlier at Arena Mexico? STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT!
- Nice headstand over the top rope by Astral!
- Rudos take first fall via Peq Warrior Splash Mountain into corner on Shockercito and Peq Universo Michinoku Driver for Peq Olimpico.
- Pequeno Olimpico having fun hanging out at ringside while the match goes on. HMMMMMMM.
- Nice tope suicida by Shockercito!
- Astral has a neat roll-up finisher. Peq Olimpico has no problem making Peq Universo submit with a half crab.
- Hey the edecanes have new signs for which fall is going on!
- Peq Olimpico beats up Peq Nitro. Odd.
- Astral stealing Fantasy's moonsault off your opponent's back spot! Haven't seen that in a while!
- Nice plancha by Astral!
- Shockercito accidentally dropkicks Peq Olimpico who then trips him and Peq Warrior adds a german suplex for the win. Crowd seems quite unsurprised.

Stuka Jr./Fuego/Sagrado vs Demus 3:16/Skandalo/Polvora

- I think the goal of this match is to get the viewer to ask themselves what is the point of having stables... or the Arena Coliseo Tag Titles?
- Demus 3:16 throws Fuego around like he's nothing. That can't be good for his rep.
- Sagrado is in a white wifebeater and has no wrist tape. A clear sign he's ready to mail things in.
- Rudos easily take fall one. No wait... Sagrado rolls up Polvora after taking a top rope inverted power bomb of death. That was STUPID. You can't do surprise roll-ups off of huge top rope moves. I remember the first time I saw something stupid like this was the first ever Bucanero vs Guerrero match in '06. It was even worse then.
- As expected Sagrado is very unimpressive thus far.
- Sagrado/Polvora doing some mask ripping. WHAT??? Arena Neza main event build?
- This is where I realize Demus 3:16 is almost taller than Skandalo and Skandalo has boots on which may be making him taller. Yikes.
- Nice double dives from Arena Coliseo tag champs!
- Polvora with the low blow and mask yank combo! This match was a waste of my life.

Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero/Dragon Rojo Jr. vs Olimpico/Mr. Aguila/Hector Garza

- This match took place before the big twitter angle where Alexis announced DRJr was now part of the GDLA.
- I can find nothing interesting to say about the first fall.
- Hey cubsfan was right - Dragon Rojo Jr.'s finisher IS the cavernaria!
- Garza's rudo chickenshit tactics still amuse me.
- Third fall... just realized Mr. Aguila is in the match.
- Garza gets the win using the ropes in full view of the refs. I've long since stopped caring about these types of finishes since I assume the CMLL refs are okay letting themselves look like blind idiots.

Volador Jr. vs La Mascara - Mexican National Light Heavyweight Title

- Will this be as good as Sombra vs Volador? (no)
- Really nice reversals to start off.
- First fall finish out of nowhere with a nice roll-up from La Mascara. Way too short first fall.
- Volador still flippy as a rudo!
- Volador headstand off the apron to nowhere! La Mascara tope suicida! That was nice!
- Super frankensteiner by Volador to win the second fall! Again... way too short.
- La Mascara's roll-up gets two! Psychology!
- Both guys exhausted after their 5 minutes of wrestling~!
- La Mascara running somersault plancha! Still looks weird to see him doing something like that.
- Old man at ringside doing the John Cena you can't see me deal. Odd.
- Generic title match nearfalls just such rana countered with sunset flip and block magistral into own magistral for a two count.
- Love Volador's roll-up counter into a double-armbar submission. He needs to start using it as a finish instead of just a teased submission in big matches. It would get over.
- Nasty spill to the floor by Volador followed by a La Mascara ringpost plancha!
- Adios La Mascara! Hiptoss to the floor followed by moonsault plancha from Volador! See... the Sombra/Volador match was more interesting b/c it wasn't just a bunch of nothing + highspots like this has been so far. It was an actual match that built to the neat highspots.
- LMAO La Mascara pretends like he is gonna do an asai moonsault. In what world would that happen?
- Demus 3:16 picking a fight with Robin! That would be a better match than this has been.
- Cavernaria by Volador! Dragon Rojo should sue! Like Santo!
- Inverted Gory Special countered into La Campana! Volador escapes! That was nice.
- Another Campana but Volador grabs the ropes! Crowd sensing Volador is gonna win!
- Volador tries to use the ropes but Mascara kicks out! Ref apparently is okay with seeing Volador cheating!
- Spanish Fly! La Mascara kicks out at 2.999999999! Crowd really loud now! I gotta admit they've picked it up a bit late in the match.
- Volador signals it's over... BUT THE CAMPANA IS LOCKED ON MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! DING DING DING! LITERALLY! LA MASCARA WINS! The second half of the third fall was excellent. Not happy with this result but I'm not the booker so what do I know?

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