Sunday, October 24, 2010

CMLL 52MX 10/23/10 & LATV 10/23/10

52MX 10/23/10:

Delta/Diamante vs Angel De Oro/Angel De Plata

- Edit to start. Naturally.
- The t-shirts make Delta/Diamante look very backyardish.
- Crowd busy whistling and chanting something I can't make out.
- Imagine if these were the days where CMLL had the patience to let these guys only work Arena Coliseo shows and build themselves up before having a match like this that tore the house down at Arena Coliseo which could build up some word of mouth before they made it to Arena Mexico! But no. All four work opening matches regularly but are now suddenly expected to be taken seriously as semi-main eventers. Also we're supposed to care that they are going to get a title shot at belts that are barely recognized. FAIL.
- Delta blown spot #1. Not a good idea in a match when the crowd is already unhappy with your mere presence in the building.
- Excellent finish to first fall! I think this would have been better as a one fall match but let's see where they go from here. First fall was actually quite good.
- Great armdrag by Diamante! Angel De Plata is a born base! Hint hint!
- I love when Diamante does his rope tricks.
- Another AAA-esque edit here. I guess it's better than just chopping half the fall off.
- Crowd is unhappy. This another product of them being used to <3 minute falls with dives or finishes every minute.
- Nice finishers from Delta/Diamante. Absolutely ZERO REACTION to them winning a fall. And keep in mind these are the two guys CMLL will be pushing to the moon to end the year. I sense bad things.
- Third fall JIP. Shirts are off! Well at least Delta.
- Delta with a nice combo! Surprising to see him hit it without trouble.
- STFD headscissors to cheers! They might be winning the crowd over!
- Tope suicida by Angel De Plata into an edit! Why edit out Diamante's dive?
- Diamante/Angel De Oro not on the same page here.
- Another edit.
- Dual asai moonsaults! And before that Angel De Oro made up for his epic botch two weeks ago!
- Another edit.
- I sense the crowd is angered by how long this is going.
- Awesome Code Red variation by Delta!
- Another edit after the double elimination.
- I would pay money to see both guys get pinned and the ref order a fourth fall. The crowd would riot.
- That's his finisher! Delta escapes!
- Another edit. 52MX guy must be angry having to actually properly edit a match.
- Another asai moonsault? I saw that 5 minutes ago. Ah... Delta with the surprise roll-up! That seems to be the CMLL finish of the month. Excellent match. Shitty crowd. This would have came off way better at Arena Coliseo but you can't do a match to get a shot at the Arena Coliseo Tag Titles in Arena Coliseo! That would be DUMB! Good job to all four guys. I may have to start liking Delta again if he can stick to one blown spot per match.

La Mascara/La Sombra/Mascara Dorada vs Atlantis/Dragon Rojo Jr./Ultimo Guerrero - CMLL Trios Titles Bout

- I get the feeling this will be much shorter than the opener.
- Here we go... tope suicida and quick finish! This is more what the crowd is trained to enjoy.
- Dorada makes being backdropped onto the apron look cool.
- Loud cheers for Atlantis being up Sombra indicates what a rudo-heavy crowd this was. (another reason the opener was hated)
- Nice counter by Rojo again! AND HERE'S THE DROPKICK FROM MID-AIR!
- Tormenta Guerrero! Haven't seen that in a while! Tied up 1-1.
- Third fall JIP.
- Triple running somersault planchas! Sticking to the formula the crowd knows! Seems like every CMLL match has this spot these days.
- Dorada moonsaults into Atlantis' feet!
- Generic nearfalls. More stuff the crowd eats up.
- Dragon Rojo whipped into the ropes... and stops. Maybe he should have been put in that opening match.
- Oh ok... now Rojo knows what to do and takes the spinning backbreaker.
- Rojo too early on the dropkick counter this time. Bad bad bad showing...
- Usual finish with rudos finishers being countered. Not sure where the MOTYC talk comes from b/c this was your typical title match on a weekend show. And that's why the crowd loved it. I liked the opener more.

Moral of the show: Do not be surprised if the crowd shits on a match with guys who aren't ready for prime time trying to do a big time match. The current CMLL hardcore crowd (the ones who attend the non-Friday shows) along with the people who come for these discounted shows only want to see the stars doing matches that stick to the formula they know. Anything else is over their head.

LATV 10/23/10:

Angel Azteca Jr./Angel De Plata/Molotov vs Nitro/Escorpion/Durango Kid

- On paper this looks like a really intriguing match.
- Yay... entrances! Los Angeles have some classic Volador-esque music. Escorpion using Sum 41? That doesn't quite work. He's a Guapo!
- Fun fact: Durango Kid has so far been the only rudo who has gotten Sensei to look like a decent wrestler.
- Angel De Plata looks so unnatural flying around the ring. I wouldn't mind at all if he turned rudo on his brother and lost his mask at some point.
- NICE TOPE OVER THE TOP BY MOLOTOV! And just 2 minutes after the announcers talked about his knee problems!
- Decent finishing sequence.
- Escorpion is a fantastic bumper. Really hope he gets a push this time around but not holding out hope.
- Hey that was a decent exchange by Molotov! Durango Kid has a knack for making subpar undercarders look good!
- Not the most imaginative ending to the fall but all the rudos taking turns jumping on each tecnico is effective.
- Nice combo by the rudos but Molotov blows his part in taking Durango's flipping neckbreaker off the ropes.
- Molotov pins Nitro! That was surprising and completely worthless since Nitro works constant terceras and Molotov does not come close. Match was full of action so no complaints here.

Dark Angel/Luna Magica/Marcela vs Princesa Blanca/Tiffany/Estrellita

- Tiffany is fat. It had to be said. Or maybe it's just the outfit that does her no favors.
- A commercial between the intros and first fall? I'm putting $150 down on this only going two falls!
- Estrellita totally outworked Tiffany in that first fall. So I stand by statement: Tiffany is fat. Luna Magica too. But she may be pregnant.
- Can you tell this match is boring me?
- Geez Luna Magica can't even climb to the top rope without help and then just jumps off the second turnbuckle to the floor. Sad.
- Oh yeah, I saw this finish on Momentos. No wonder it looks farmiliar. Bad match. Can't believe I have to watch this same thing at least twice more in the coming weeks.

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