Tuesday, November 02, 2010

CMLL C3 TV 10/16/10 (taped 10/12/10)

Bam Bam/Electrico/Fantasy vs Pequeno Violencia/Pequeno Nitro/Pequeno Universo 2000

- Still pains me to see Bam Bam wasting away with this crew of mini's.
- Electrico and Peq Nitro are clearly training buddies.
- Crazy headscissors sends the rudo out of the ring and Electrico poses.
- Fantasy goes through half of his usual routine... I assume the other half will be later... and ends up on the floor to take a plancha from Peq Nitro.
- Rudos put other two tecnicos away including Bam Bam selling a slap like he got shot.
- Second fall starts with the rudos doing their double team frontcracker spot.
- Peq Violencia really enjoys slapping Bam Bam. This time he adds a somersault beforehand. That makes perfect sense!
- The comeback spot is beyond telegraphed as the rudos are clearly talking to Electrico about what he is planning on doing.
- Awesome running somersault plancha near the ringpost by Electrico!
- Remaining two tecnicos put the two rudos away. Fantasy may actually have a finisher! Someone alert cubs!
- We miss all of Fantasy's exchange. Be sure to catch it next time you see him.
- Bam Bam ends up on the apron and is unimpressed with the way Violencia stands in his corner so he superkicks him.
- Just realized Pequeno Violencia has "VIOLE" shaved into one side of his head and "NCIA" shaved onto the other side. AWESOME.
- Electrico looks incredible during an exchange with Peq Violencia and finishes with an asai moonsault dive!
- Fantasy does a lame asai moonsault of his own and the camera barely catches Bam Bam's tornillo.
- Peq Violencia misses a charge into the corner and Electrico runs and does a cool sunset flip for the win! Or as the announcers say... UNO, DOS, CADENA TRES! Acceptable match but I could do without Fantasy and Peq Universo in this division. Also, Bam Bam. But for a very different reason.

Angel Azteca Jr./Angel De Oro/Angel De Plata vs Demus 3:16/Loco Max/Virus

- Angel De Plata/Demus open with matwork.
- Are we taking bets yet on which group Demus alligns with?
- Funny trivia: At one point in their career all three rudos worked as/with mini's.
- Angel De Oro/Virus up next and I'm unimpressed.
- The underused Angel Azteca Jr. looks good against Loco Max and finishes with an out of control tope suicida!
- Demus gets slid to the floor head-first and is ready to catch an Angel De Plata asai moonsault but Virus kicks the ropes! Virus then finishes off Angel De Oro easily.
- Demus uses the Valagueza on Angel De Plata but doesn't cover. Maybe his regular finisher doesn't work against regular sized guys?
- Another overly choreographed comeback spot.
- Angel De Plata almost slips off his brother's back trying to dropkick Demus off the apron but manages to connect with one foot.
- Angel De Plata does a tope suicida through his brother's legs! Meanwhile his brother pins Virus with a frankensteiner.
- Nothing noteworthy from an Angel De Plata/Loco Max exchange. Shocking huh?
- Rather basic exchange from Azteca/Demus.
- Angel De Oro readies for his usual superkick into a slingshot asai moonsault combo but Virus moves and the tecnico lands on his feet! Nice!
- Virus ends up outside and eats a PERFECTLY EXECUTED SFTD FROM ANGEL DE ORO!
- Tecnicos pick up the win. Average match at best.

Stuka Jr./Fuego/Delta vs Misterioso II/Texano Jr./Terrible

- Over/under on # of blown spots by Delta?
- Stuka/Misterioso matwork to open up is okay but I've seen it a million times.
- Fuego/Texano also look good together.
- Delta speeds things up with Terrible and looks okay so far.
- Delta climbs the ropes and hits a nice change in direction rana!
- Stuka's torpedo splash comes from outta nowhere to pin Misterioso, Fuego rolls up Texano and Delta uses an inverted Indian Deathlock on Terrible.
- Rudos in control as second fall is joined.
- Misterioso's backbreaker actually looks cool and Texano/Terrible have a tag finisher!
- Didn't even notice La Nazi at ringside until she interfered.
- Comeback spot starts with Terrible accidentally slapping La Nazi.
- Fuego works with Texano and looks very good!
- Tecnicos go for triple dives but Delta's timing is off so he is a step behind everyone and settles for a simple springboard plancha.
- Tecnicos basically walk into the finishers of all the rudos. Disappointing.

Blue Panther/Mascara Dorada/Shocker vs Hector Garza/Mr. Aguila/Taichi

- Panther/Aguila working the mat is shockingly fun.
- Garza messes up a headdrag on Shocker.
- Tecs take fall one with Garza laying down for Shocker.
- Dorada lights up Taichi and tries the same with Garza but gets kicked which leads to the rudo beatdown and victory.
- Tecnicos try double submissions but Garza breaks it up as Dorada comes flying off the apron over the ropes but gets dropkicked in mid-air by Garza! Now THAT WAS COOL! And that ends the short and uneventful match.

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