Thursday, November 04, 2010

CMLL FSE 10/39/10 (taped 10/24/10)

Torneo Cibernetico

- ?JIP? w/ Fantasma and Bucanero in the ring.
- Announcers point out if two guys from the same team are left they will have to face each other. Honestly - when has that ever happened? I can only remember it happening once and that may have been by complete accident since everyone was dropping like flies due to injuries in that mess of a match. (May 1999) I'm eagerly awaiting the double pin in this one!
- Announcers also say CMLL invented the Torneo Cibernetico. Is that true? First one I remember hearing about was in late 1994. I think Felino won it. Then there was that one from Arena Coliseo in early 1995 that was shown in highlight form on TV about 20 times since it was used as filler when TV shows would run short. That was the one where Wagner beat Pierroth in the finals.
- More rope running issues with Sagrado who connects with a tope suicida on Taichi.
- Okumura out via Maximo! Angel Azteca Jr. outlasts Okumura?!?!??!!?!?
- Commercial break but no action is missed.
- Rafa El Maya keeps adjusting his earpiece and appears to be talking to someone. Strange.
- Felino with a somersault dive!
- Valiente looks good working his magic with Mephisto.
- Azteca puts Felino up top... this will end as well for him as anyone who tries to roll-up Efesto... and there's the power bomb to eliminate Azteca.
- Taichi blocks Maximo's kiss and kicks him to death to eliminate him! Taichi is motivated!
- Another commercial.
- Weird... they come back and show Mephisto/Bucanero double teaming Sagrado for a bit and then do a big jump cut forward to Valiente vs Felino. Why not just come back to that?
- Valiente makes Felino submit! Bucanero breaks it up but Rafa El Maya still says it's an elimination! OK...
- Felino puts a submission Valiente apparently unaware he's been eliminated.
- Ugly Canadian Destroyer by Bucanero gets rid of Sagrado.
- Taichi misses his big kick and gets rolled up by Fantasma.
- Valiente does his double jump rana as Bucanero uses his slingshot frontcracker which leaves them alone in the ring together... AND THERE'S THE DOUBLE PIN! I KNEW IT!!! Of course Valiente's shoulders were nowhere near the mat but Rafa El Maya is having an awesome night.
- Another commercial.
- Generic nearfalls from Fantasma/Mephisto and a big edit as well.
- Fantasma's suplex gets him the win! Underwhelming match.

Mistico/La Mascara/Shocker vs Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero/Negro Casas

- Commercial before the first fall begins! WHATEVER COULD THAT MEAN?
- Periquito uses a frying pan to beat Mistico up!
- Rudos take the first fall in very undramatic fashion.
- Tecnico comeback has a tope suicida from La Mascara and Shocker stealing the frying pan to beat Ultimo Guerrero up with it. No DQ of course b/c it's still Rafa El Maya in the ring.
- Tecnicos tie things up and then beat up poor Periquito with his own frying pan! LA SERIA Y ESTABLE!
- So they took an extra commercial break this week to psych us out and make us think the main was only going two falls!
- Mistico does his usual shtick with all three rudos and ends with a tope suicida on Guerrero.
- Negro Casas silla on Shocker!
- Double Atlantidas win the match for the rudos! Clean job from Mistico!

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