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CMLL for weekend of Nov 13/14

CMLL LATV 11/13/10 (taped 10/22/10):

Angel De Plata/Starman/Tigre Blanco vs Apocalipsis/Durango Kid/Puma King

- Now there's a random group of six!
- Tigre Blanco uses the old CMLL Japan music and I like Angel De Plata's music although I think Stuka uses the same song.
- Pretty sure Tigre Blanco could put on Tony Rivera's tights and nobody would know the difference. Maybe that's why Rivera was expendable.
- Running corkscrew plancha from Puma King!
- Nice submissions by Durnago Kid and Apocalipsis to take the first fall. Little action other than the finish.
- Durango Kid does a flip off the ropes for no reason at all and then there's a sloppy triple team spot by the rudos. I'm confused.
- I like how in this match you have Durango Kid who is better a worker than Dragon Rojo and Puma King who has tons more charisma than Dragon Rojo but yet neither will ever get the chance Dragon Rojo gets b/c they don't have his body. Who says Mexico is different than the U.S.?
- Generic comeback spot leads to a running somersault plancha from Starman!
- Blanco and Angel De Plata use their submission finishers on the other two rudos.
- Solid but unspectacular stuff to start the third fall.
- Creative little escape via backflip off the ramp by Apocalipsis.
- Nice exchange by Blanco/Apocalipsis ends with Tigre's over the top headscissors and then the camera misses Durango Kid's tornillo.
- Camera returns in time to catch an ugly asai moonsault from Angel De Plata.
- Starman counters a Puma King springboard with a dropkick and that's the match. Dull.

Mascarita Dorada did a neat roll-up on Mascara Dorada during their interview/practice segment.

La Amapola/Princesa Blanca/Princesa Sujei vs Marcela/Estrellita/Tiffany

- I can't help but wonder how Tiffany and Estrellita manage to stay in their tops for the entire match.
- Brawl to start.
- More brawling.
- CMLL rudas are finally DQ'ed for excessive violence (quite the stretch...).
- Generic comeback.
- How miscast is Estrellita as a ruda?
- Estrellita tries a dive off the apron but Sujei just kicks her and then Marcela lands a plancha on Blanca.
- Tiffany gets the win with her Iconoclasm. Waste of my life.

CMLL 52MX 11/13/10 (taped 11/7/10):

Marcela/Lluvia/Dalys vs La Amapola/Princesa Blanca/Princesa Sujei

- UGH.
- Marcela/Amapola start off and don't look bad at all but I expect the match to go totally downhill now.
- Lluvia seems to have dropped some weight so she may be able to jump now.
- She's still doing that lame plancha off the apron.
- Tecnicas take the first fall with Dalys putting on a sharpshooter like an 8 year old would.
- More decent stuff from Marcela/Amapola.
- Rudas take the second fall.
- Lluvia has no clue how to sell.
- Generic comeback followed by Dalys almost botching a quebradora.
- Double dives from Amapola/Blanca.
- Sujei pins Dalys with a Casita. Dalys was the captain? I don't think so. Let's not protest so this match ends.

Sagrado/Rush/Hijo Del Fantasma vs Yoshihashi/Taichi/El Mephisto

- We have time for long entrances here b/c of the upcoming injury which will shorten the match. Why are we airing this again?
- It takes Yoshihashi all of 5 seconds to blow a spot with Sagrado.
- Tope suicida from Fantasma.
- Tecs take the first fall. We're actually luck b/c imagine if they didn't and then had to improvise a finish to the third fall. Yikes.
- Rush is actually improving. It had to be said. He'll be a better rudo than tecnico though.
- And there's the injury. Sagrado covered really well under the circumstances.

Complete waste of an episode. They'd have been better served airing the opener and women and just showing clips of Mephisto's injury.

CMLL C3 11/13/10 (taped 11/9/10):

Camaleon/Principe vs Camorra/Zayco

- In the most telling sign that CMLL has too much television: This is Camorra's second TV appearence in two weeks. I think this is Principe's only TV appearence outside of a match on the short-lived TDN show.
- Principe does some basic stuff and then tries a dive but just slides over Zayco who is then not expecting Camaleon to fly through the ropes with a bullet tope suicida knocking Zayco into the crowd!
- Principe finishes Zayco with a half crab. Yes... his finisher is a half crab. Remember Principe is no young guy. He's a local from Queretaro that has been around a very long time so don't expect anything special out of him.
- More really basic stuff to start the second fall from both tecnicos.
- LMAO Camorra wants to do a running dropkick but he gets crossed up with Rafa El Maya!
- And now the purpose of this match... to show us the rudos do indeed have finishers! Camorra uses his backcracker on Principe as he's caught in the ropes and Zayco does a Reinera variation (much like his dad used to do). I think Cesar is calling it the 'Zayclone' which is a cool name but it's not a new move like Cesar wants us to believe.
- Tecnicos attempt a comeback but get boo'ed big time for some reason. Rudos are having none of it and Camorra does a swinging fisherman suplex on Camaleon as Zayco uses a Splash Mountain on Principe. Crowd is much happier now!

Guerrero Maya Jr./Metalico/Metatron vs Hooligan/Durango Kid/Bronco

- Now this is a lineup I can appreciate! Curious to see if Metalico and Hooligan will tear it up like they did two weeks ago. Nobody else in the match offends me so this could be fun.
- Decent opening matwork with Metatron and Durango.
- Awwww no Metalico/Hooligan pairing. Maya tags in instead. They take turns trying to hiptoss each other. Maya wins!
- Metalico's springboard headscissors takes Bronco outside but Hooligan is in an angry mood and he begins the rudo beatdown.
- Bronco catches Maya and nails his fallaway slam with a bridge as Durango makes Metatron submit.
- Metalico leads the tecnico comeback but the rudo crowd is all over them and it doesn't help that Metatron boosting Maya into a rana on Bronco goes all kinds of wrong.
- Maya takes Bronco out with a flip plancha through the ropes as Metatron goes for a running somersault plancha and Durango thinks he's coming up short so he moves forward to catch him but at the last second Metatron pushes off the ropes and almost overshoots his catcher. OOPS.
- Metalico uses the Skayde Special on Hooligan for the pin!
- Third fall begins with a Metalico/Hooligan exchange that ends with Metalico appearing to go for his usual apron assisted headscissors but instead he jumps onto the apron and does a 360 into an armdrag on Hooligan! WHAT'S GOTTEN INTO METALICO LATELY???
- Maya looks great taking Bronco down a few times but then Hooligan trips him as he comes off the ropes. Hooligan is MAD!
- Bronco with a pescado onto Maya!
- Metatron/Durango have more issues so Durango just chops him in the back of the head. That'll work!
- They get back on track and Metatron goes for a tope suicida only to get two boots from Hooligan! DON'T PISS HOOLIGAN OFF TONIGHT!
- Durango Kid does a flying splash on Metalico and then Hooligan uses his new submission/pinfall (depending on what the referee does) for the win. Fun match!

Fuego/Rush/Angel Azteca Jr. vs Polvora/Virus/Nosferatu

- Nothing of note during Azteca/Virus opening exchange.
- Rush's out of control tope suicida appears to hurt him more than Polvora.
- Tecs take the first fall. Very little of note.
- Second fall begins with Rush/Polvora fighting on the ramp and the rudos all jumping Rush.
- Weird how Rush has obviously been told to not sell for one rudo, only when three rudos attack him because of his size. Yet Bronco is not given the same orders.
- Double tope suicida from Fuego and Azteca!
- Polvora low blows Rush to lose the match in two falls. This was not good.

Brazo De Plata/Toscano/Metro vs Vangelis/Texano Jr./Misterioso II

- Rudos take control and Vangelis leaps through the ropes to spear Metro on the ramp!
- Texano and Misterioso II wrap things up. Misterioso impressively does a fireman's carry slam on Porky.
- Second fall has a tope suicida from Metro and Porky countering a suplex by Texano with a small package for the win!
- Toscano strips to start the third fall and then tries to get La Comandante to think Texano hit her. She buys it for a few seconds. Scary how AAA 1997-2003ish CMLL is getting.
- Tecnicos take the match easily. Very boring.

Atlantis/Averno/Efesto vs Charly Manson/Alebrije/Psicosis

- Invasores attack right away.
- Alebrije totally stole BDK's finisher when he went to Chikara.
- Cuije gets involved in the beatdown and technically scores the pin on Atlantis to win the fall.
- Atlantis leads the comeback in the second fall and eventually Team CMLL takes it with the Devils Wings and Efesto's wacky pinfall on Charly.
- Efesto sends a message to Dr. Lucha by beating up Cuije!
- Both Atlantis and Averno get the chance to clean house on the Invasores.
- Manson bullet tope followed by Efesto medium speed tope followed by Cuije getting launched into a plancha followed by an Alebrije pescado.
- Atlantis pins Psicosis countering a rana with a sunset flip and holding the ropes. Average match.

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