Monday, November 22, 2010

CMLL C3 TV 11/6/10 (taped 11/2/10) & 11/20/10 (taped 11/16/10)

C3 11/6/10:

Angel De Plata/Angel Azteca Jr./Rey Cometa vs Arkangel/Loco Max/Skandalo

- Aren't these guys bored of working with each other?
- Azteca has a tope suicida for Loco Max.
- Tecs take fall one.
- Azteca has a generic exchange with Arkangel. I am sadly reminded of the days when Azteca used to try hard and always bust out new moves. Guess he's learned his role.
- Cometa looks really good working with Skandalo.
- Rudos take second fall with their triple team moves.
- Arkangel with a rare pescado onto Azteca.
- Tuereg use their finishers for the win. Disappointing.

Fuego/Delta/Diamante vs Cancerbero/Raziel/Virus

- After some decent matwork Diamante ends up monkey flipping Raziel onto the ramp! Ouch!
- Delta blows his first spot.
- Almost blows his second! Manages to connect with a slingshot somersault rana.
- Fuego connects with a running springboard plancha!
- Delta and Diamante use their moves to get the first fall.
- Diamante looks great against Raziel before the rudos take over.
- Rudos not having a tecnico comeback and Raziel/Cancerbero hit dual tope suicidas with the perfect camerashot!
- Virus low blows Fuego. Tecs take it in two straight.

Blue Panther/Brazo De Plata/Hijo Del Fantasma vs Negro Casas/Okumura/Taichi

- Match isn't even worth writing about. You know how it went without watching.

Hector Garza/Mr. Aguila vs Dragon Rojo Jr./Ultimo Guerrero - CMLL Tag Team Titles Bout

- Rojo/Aguila start with okay matwork.
- Garza/Guerrero try the same and end up doing matwork on the ringside floor!
- First fall finish comes out of nowhere... naturally... with dual submissions from the challengers.
- It should be noted Aguila cares so much about this match that he didn't even do his hair up and just has it in a ponytail. This may seem like a dumb comment but pay attention... if a wrestler ever doesn't bother to tape their wrists or put together their usual look it usually (95% of the time) means they are planning to mail it in.
- Champs even things up.
- Guerrero with a plancha and then Dragon with a running somersault plancha. An ugly one.
- Guerrero's mask falls off by accident during a nearfall and Rafa El Maya has to pretend he doesn't see it. Not sure why he has to pretend to botch a call when he botches enough of them legitamately.
- Finish comes out of nowhere after Garza kicks Aguila by accident. Hardly a world class tag title match.

C3 11/20/10:

Bengala/Frisbee vs Artillero/Super Comando

- YAY!
- At some point someone in CMLL will have to tell either Camaleon or Frisbee to switch outfits b/c they look exactly the same.
- C3 makes no attempt to hide an edit and just skips right forward to Camaleo... Frisbee's... plancha over the ringpost.
- Bengala springboards backwards over Comando and then uses his submission for the win. Announcers for some reason count UNO, DOS... CADENA TRES! That's stupid.
- Second fall joined during rudo beatdown.
- Once again no attempt to hide an edit as we actually join a double team submission in progress! That's AAA-level! Why are we airing this match if they only have time for 30 second falls?
- Third fall gets same treatment as previous two falls and we're done here. LAME!

Dalys/Lluvia/Luna Magica vs La Amapola/Princesa Sujei/Zeuxis

- Tecnicas win fall one.
- EPIC BLOWN SPOT with Lluvia and Zeuxis.
- Tecnicas won the second fall. I'm not sure how. I really could care less. Everyone in this match needs to just go away and never come back. Sorry Amapola, guilt by association.

Angel De Oro/Delta/Fuego vs Cancerbero/Raziel/Loco Max

- The matwork early on here was really bad. Just awkward.
- Nice work by Fuego to take care of Cancerbero.
- Angel De Oro looks better than Fuego and sends Raziel outside only to follow with a SFTD! If we do the online poll and pick him to be Stuka/Metro's partner, are we costing Angel De Plata his job?
- Tecs take fall one.
- Rudos attack right away so Delta doesn't get to blow any spots. Smart move.
- I don't understand $hilling shows in Guadalajara on this show. Isn't C3 available in DF only?
- Rudos take second fall in most unimpressive fashion.
- Fuego works hard to eliminate Raziel only to unfortunately get pinned right away by Cancerbero.
- Delta falls off the ropes trying a plancha over the ringpost but quickly tries again and hits it. *sigh*
- Angel De Oro's move wins the match for his team.

Shocker/Toscano/Valiente vs Sangre Azteca/Vangelis/Texano Jr.

- Tecs take a really boring first fall.
- Rudos take a run of the mill second fall.
- Tecs take the third fall. Really boring match.

Mistico/La Mascara/Hijo Del Fantasma vs Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero/Felino

- La Mascara has a tope suicida for Atlantis.
- Ultimo Guerrero's new submission (via Los Traumas) puts Mistico away.
- La Mascara turns the tables on the rudos and then Fantasma flies over the top with his clothesline.
- Mistico hits a plancha over the ringpost on Guerrero.
- Tecs take second fall.
- Mistico/UG do their usual deal.
- Fantasma has a tope suicida for Felino.
- Mistico/La Mascara do their moves. No need for any post-match showers here since nobody broke a sweat.

No wonder there is time to air the opener on a show that started 10 minutes late. All these matches were really short and completely by the numbers. No effort put in at all. An embarassment really. All these matches are just dives and finishers. There is literally nothing else going on.

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