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Why Hunico Will Fail As Sin Cara

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Simply put this is why the Sin Cara gimmick will fail with Hunico...

1. Mistico brought a certain style to the gimmick. He has a certain way of moving, a certain way of doing all his big spots and most importantly a special charisma that only real stars have. He wasn't trained in WWE style and barely spent even a month down in Florida. This worked to his advantage b/c he was DIFFERENT. Even though they tried hard to get him to do certain WWE charachteristics when it comes to selling, pacing and all that jazz... he was still DIFFERENT and it was noticeable even to the most average fan. No matter what youtube videos you link to showing off all Hunico's most impressive spots the fact remains he has been a WWE style wrestler for a long time now and neither before or after he joined the WWE did he have any style that particular stood out. He was always a solid worker void of charisma. He still is. The WWE fans may not catch on right away but over time even the most naive of fans will realize there is something different about this version of Sin Cara. I guarantee it. Also, let's not forget the entire rationale of bringing in Mistico to do this role was that the WWE wanted something different and someone who was a proven star. Hunico fills neither of those roles. In typical WWE fashion they've changed their mind and will ruin a concept that was working fine.

2. Hunico has never been a star. Mistico knows how to come off like a star. He has that "it factor". How else do you explain how he got the gimmick over by only showing up on TV a few times and doing a few moves? Yes he had the spectacular entrance and all the hype videos but so did many WWE creations who clearly didn't have star quality. WWE can only do so much for you then it's up to you to do the rest. Hunico is just like those other WWE failures. He has never been a star outside of Juarez even though he's been positioned pretty well on many shows in Mexico and Europe. He just doesn't have "it" and thus will not be able to come off as anything more than an FCW guy playing a role he took from a real star. WWE may be happy they now have a guy who can speak English in the role but I'll bet you any amount you want the people who made this decision have never heard Hunico speak. He's a robot. In fact he's downright shy.

3. With Mistico the WWE made a significant investment and thus felt obliged to put him over and not treat him like a typical FCW dork who is called up. It's an unfair advantage but listen... stars are supposed to get unfair advantages. Hunico will not get these advantages and it'll be VERY interesting to see how he gets booked compared to how Mistico was booked under the Sin Cara gimmick. Now that the folks in charge are able to distance themselves from any obligation due to the extra cash they had to pay they will view the Sin Cara gimmick as just another WWE gimmick created given to an FCW guy. Hunico will have to go through the usual stuff FCW guys have to like doing jobs on house shows just to see how he'll react, being put in uncomfortable situations on TV just so Vince can get a kick out of it and be booked with parity since he hasn't proven himself yet either with this gimmick or without it. These changes will have a dramatic effect on the Sin Cara charachter.

Needless to say I think this is a huge mistake if it's 100% true. Anti-Mistico folks have long claimed that Mistico isn't anything special and anyone under the Mistico mask could have had the run he had in Mexico or WWE. Well now we'll find out. I'm pretty confident they'll be proven quite wrong. The WWE may be killing a cash cow with this miscalculation. Let's not forget Mistico's appeal was to very young children. Let's also not forget one very important thing about said little children which anyone who has kids or has younger siblings should already know: For as fast as they fall in love with new things they fall out of love just as fast... if not faster. It's all on the WWE handling of the gimmick now b/c Mistico isn't there to bring that certain "it factor" to the role to overcome any mistakes the writers, HHH or Vince make.

On the bright side I'm gonna watch Cubsfan go crazy covering all the Mistico rumors for the next 90 days! Combine that with basbeall season winding down and he's gonna be an angry young man!:D

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Blogger Alan said...

I couldn't agree more with the charisma factor and Hunico not having it. I've never really watched him before, but the debut he had as Sin Cara made it pretty clear. He worked a solid match, but it just didn't feel like a big deal when he made his way to the ring. Combine that with the announcers making it clear that it was someone else under the mask, and it felt like he was being set up to fail if they kept the gimmick on him.

I'll add another reason this will fail. The upcoming Mexico TV tapings. Mexico City fans are likely to crap all over this if it is clear to many (any?) of them that the change has been made. They were sold Mistico at a big deal for WWE press conference in Mexico City. A bait and switch will not go over well at Palacio de los Deportes. The WWE crowd is generally a bit different than the CMLL or AAA crowds, but the Mistico signing and del Rio push were designed to pull in some of the traditional lucha fans. If they succeed in pulling some of Arena Mexico's regulars to the SD taping it will probably backfire.

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