Monday, July 11, 2011

CMLL Puebla - 12/13/10 (taped 12/6/10)

Diamante, Metro, Angel Azteca Jr. vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus: Really good match. Not worked at all like the usual formulas you see. Instead the entire match was basically 1-on-1 exchanges with lots of mat wrestling and finishes coming when wrestlers hit their big moves. I really liked how this was put together and I guess I can credit Virus? Diamante took a sick double backdrop in the second fall where he took a 450 bump that didn't look fun. They seemed to head home early because the referee fucked up the finish as he counted Diamante down after Raziel's big inverted pumphandle driver even though Diamante clearly kicked out. To make it worse the ref didn't bother just ignoring it, he physically intervened and shoved Diamante out of the ring. Just amazing incompetence. Metro hit a tope suicida and Azteca made Virus submit for the win.

Brazo De Plata, Blue Panther, Hijo Del Fantasma vs El Averno, Efesto, Rey Bucanero w/ Periquito: Some nice matwork early on with Panther/Averno who are always great to watch work together. They teased Porky wanting to get at Periquito which built to later when the lil' dude kept interfereing and targeting Porky in particular although he found time to do a tope suicida on Fantasma! He even assisted in the win during the second fall by standing on Porky's back during the rudos' triple team submission! Third fall had some dives and then what was supposed to be a surprise finish as Averno/Efesto seemed to have the match won but Porky sat on both Bucanero and Periquito for the win (Bucanero was captain). It was just done so slow that the entire surprise factor was defeated.

Shocker, La Mascara, Strongman vs Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, Dragon Rojo Jr.: Pretty awful. I haven't consulted the amazing luchablog archives but I wonder if there was a last minute sub here b/c Strongman and the rudos really seemed on the wrong page for most of the match. The idea was to build Shocker/La Mascara as contenders for the tag titles although Shocker ended up getting hurt before that match could take place. Finish here was Ultimo low blowing Shocker and Dragon Rojo tossing his mask to La Mascara. This set up a revenge match for the following week.

Show probably would have been better if the mini's match or local opener had aired. You aren't missing anything by Fredo not getting this show.

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