Saturday, May 07, 2011

CMLL Japan - February '00

Mr. Cacao decided to relive his childhood starting with this tour as he brought over Mil Mascaras and Dos Caras to team up. A fine idea which drew strong crowds naturally since nostalgia always gets over for a short time. The entire tour was focused on them along with Solar as their third wheel and rudos like Apolo Dantes, Violencia, Ultimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero doing the job of taking pinfalls and big bumps. The undercard had two names that stood out - Ricky Marvin and Fugaz! Two of the supposed best rookies in CMLL at the time who were never able to crack TV outside of the odd Momentos Estelares clips. So when these shows became available (at first only the 2/8/00 show aired on Samurai TV) it was exciting to many CMLL fans to see the two guys who got compared to Rey Misterio Jr./Psicosis. They didn't disappoint and stole the show on almost every undercard match they had including at Korakuen Hall in a match even Dave Meltzer watched and praised! Some of the other really fun guys/girls on this tour included Tigre Blanco, Arkangel, Lyguila and La Diabolica! The standout matches were the previously mentioned Marvin/Fugaz singles match from Korakuen, the six man tag from 2/12/00 with Bucanero/Guerrero/Arkangel vs Solar/Starman/Fantasma and one of the best CMLL Japan matches every on the last night with Ricky Marvin/Tigre Blanco vs Fugaz/Ultimo Guerrero!

Music Videos covering the tour: - 2/5/00 - 2/6/00 - 2/8/00 - 2/11/00 - 2/12/00 - 2/13/00


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