Saturday, April 23, 2011

CMLL Japan - November 1999

The CMLL Japan tour in November '99 was called 'Rudos Del Milenio' and was a very exciting tour on paper. It was the first time Ricky Marvin went over to Japan and he got to go with Sangre Azteca! A dream come true for all smarks back in the day as Marvin and Azteca were considered the new Rey Jr./Juventud of their time and even though it was early in their careers it was pretty much known CMLL would never do anything with them or if they did it would be in 8-10 years (we were close!). The tour was otherwise light on actual CMLL talent as you only had Ultimo Guerrero, Satanico, Pierroth, Virus and Negro Casas coming along. Rest of the roster was comprised of indy rejects such as Pirata Morgan and Super Parka and many Japanese wrestlers. The big angle was of course the rudos ganging up on Mr. Cacao which prompted him to start wrestling on the next tour. No standout matches but the clips of a Marvin/Azteca singles match made the tour completely worthwhile in my opinion. I'm pretty sure Sangre Azteca's moveset these days was 10x bigger than it currently is. Imagine a match where he DOESN'T do a dropkick to the thighs??? - Tour Video


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