Saturday, March 19, 2011

CMLL Japan - August 1998

This tour was dubbed 'Lucha Fiesta II' although I much prefer my title - "The Tour That Embarassed El Hijo Del Santo!" Honestly this tour was abysmal from an attendance standpoint. Not a single sellout and some of the smaller shows were held in front of pretty much empty gymnasiums. Not the ego boost Santo was looking for when he used politics to get on this tour along with a bunch of other veterans like Atlantis, Lizmark, Pirata Morgan and Satanico. In exchange for them coming over some of the success stories from past tours like Mr. Aguila were left behind which led to a pretty dull series of shows. Only real highlight was the Torneo Cibernetico at Korakuen Hall. The biggest thing on the tour may have been the start of the Korakuen show where Pirata Morgan got into it with a then unknown Mr. Cacao which led to Cacao's eventual debut in CMLL Japan on a future tour. - Music Video of entire tour!


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Thanks alot Rob, looking forward to seeing this.

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