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The Forgotten Angles of 2010!

While slowly going through all the 2010 Lucha footage I got Fredo ( -> cheap plug alert!) I came to realize in the first two months alone there were tons of angles that were just dropped out of nowhere. This led me to think about the rest of the year and come up with a list of 10 angles that took place in 2010 but you may have forgotten about. I will list them here in no particular order and with my usual insane rambling about each of them. Two notes first:

1) This list is dedicated to Sangre Azteca's current tecnico turn which will surely end with him staying a rudo and the breakup with Polvora being ignored when they are randomly teamed on a Sunday Arena Coliseo show.

2) I have the ability to watch only the matches in AAA and skip everything that involves talking backstage, in a restaurant, in the locker rooms or wherever AAA decides to film their shitty sketches. Thus I'm probably overlooking a billion other angles but to save my sanity I am going to leave that for Cubsfan who reviews AAA TV weekly and is not afraid to point out things like the Clowns changing their names for no reason at all. He's not afraid to take on the AAA webmaster!

And now onto the list... once again in no particular order...

1) Rudo Mistico: Okay I lied. THIS one is in the order it should be. Mistico as a rudo was new. It was fresh. Crowds came out to see him. Word spread around Mexico and everywhere Mistico went fans wanted to see what the rudo version of him was like. It elevated Sombra and Volador up a level as they feuded with him. Business was the best it had been in a long time!

And then he was a tecnico again.

No explanation was given. Mistico just began... erm... well continued... to wrestle with the tecnicos and was kept apart from Volador as to pretend their feud never existed. You see while Mistico had been a rudo against Volador and certain other tecnicos in Arena Mexico, he continued to work on the tecnico side in other cities. It was very Jekkyl and Hyde-ish. One can only assume the braintrust in the CMLL offices thought it would be wacky to let Mistico be a rudo for a few weeks but had no long term vision and just ended it b/c it would be too complicated to book him as a tweener.


2) Lasser Boy: Remember the AAA movie? No? It's okay, I don't blame you. You probably don't even remember Lasser Boy considering he wrestled all of 3 TV matches and his debut was edited down to 9 seconds. Yes. 9 seconds of action. This wouldn't be such a big deal if he was just another random undercard flyer but this was a gimmick that had $$$ written all over it and it was signed, sealed and delivered to Konnan's front door. Yet he still managed to ignore it completely. Even if you didn't want to push the gimmick of La Parka's kid brother from the AAA movie - you already introduced the guy on TV so why not have a rudo who needs more heat beat him down? Hermandad were too busy wrestling their 105th match against Crazzy Boy and Extreme Tiger? Zorro's backstage promos were more important than destroying Parka's kid brother? Chessman couldn't take a break from falling off high places? I guess it is sorta complicated to think up an angle that could work and lead to a money match. I mean in 3 seconds all I can come up with is... hmmm... the Psycho Circus attack Lasser Boy and destroy him leading to Parka, Octagon and Elegido making the big save and vowing revenge at Rey De Reyes. The Clowns finally face their first real opposition.

Nah, that'd never work!

Another... EPIC FAIL!

3) Jack Evans gets kidnapped: Another fantastic angle few may remember. It was after the third match on the 2/27 taping. La Secta killed Laredo Kid and Super Fly... naturally... and instead of pinning them or making them submit they just left them in the ring as they grabbed Jack Evans and carried him to the back never to be seen again...

... on that show.

Jack returned on the next taping with no mention of his kidnapping. La Secta disappeared as a team for a few weeks before returning with SPIKES! Hey look I found another forgotten angle while recapping this forgotten angle!

4) Quemonito & La Peste Del Amor: It started innocently enough. A Parejas Incriebles tournament where Maximo and Mr. Niebla were paired together. Quemonito came out with Maximo as he usually does but also had a Mr. Niebla hat on! The team got over like gangbusters and the bookers kept them together for a few weeks. Each time they worked better and better together and the crowd absolutely loved their act. It was only made better when Quemonito was around to join in the fun. Then February 26th rolls around and they are opposite a team captained by Shocker. Quemonito is with Shocker as he normally is when not with Maximo. During the match Shocker accidentally steps on Quemonito who is not impressed! He blows off Shocker and requests Niebla put a wig on him! He dances with the wig on and then walks away from Shocker. Monito's next appearence would be on March 9th as he seconded La Peste Del Amor to a victory over a team led by Shocker.

I'll stop here because this is where the angle hit a wall. For no apparent reason and naturally without any explanation as is common with CMLL... Maximo and Niebla stopped teaming. Quemonito came out with La Mascara on the next Arena Mexico show and eventually seconded Shocker again. The hottest act in CMLL killed without a second though.

Typical CMLL.

5) Rudo Super Fly: Not on the level of Mistico's rudo turn for sure but equally confusing. Super Fly had been teasing a rudo turn since 2009. It seemed like every time he got booked to team with his Fuerza Aerea buddies everyone expected the turn to take place. Only one thing: It never happened. He cut interviews as a rudo. He yelled at his partners. He cost them matches. But he never turned rudo in the ring. When did he finally turn you ask? Well simple... he revealed himself as the man who had attacked Octagon on the second last taping of the year in a skit that aired for all of 2 minutes on television and was sandwiched between 15,000 other silly skits. Way to hammer an angle home! I won't even get into the nonsense about a man in a skull mask on a motorcycle because I don't care and it's explainable.

6) Invasores: A couple of months back I explained in great detail why this angle didn't work so feel free to reference that post for an in-depth explanation. I include this in the forgotten angles of 2010 b/c two weeks after their major debut at Arena Mexico we had Olimpico teaming with CMLL wrestlers in the same building. OOPS. I guess the bookers forgot he was an invader. They made the same mistake with Mr. Aguila in June when he made his return to the promotion. And can anyone tell me why the leader of the Invasores - Hector Garza - still teamed regularly with CMLL wrestlers including helping Polvora win the Gran Alternativa? Seems like something someone INVADING A PROMOTION wouldn't want to be a part of.

The entire angle was a MAJOR FAIL!

7) CMLL's new slogan - 'No tecnicos, no rudos': This was hammered home on all the early TV shows. Every guest commentator made sure to mention that 2010 was a new era in CMLL! An era where there were no tecnicos and no rudos! Only one problem...

... the main angle at the time was Mistico declaring he was a rudo and the announcers screaming about how he had turned his back on all the tecnicos. HUH? What made even less sense was CMLL kept running 'Relevos Incriebles' matches but if there were no tecnicos or rudos... why did you need to call the matches 'Relevos Incriebles'? And how come tecnicos and rudos still seemed to exist on the undercard where Los Angeles and the Tuereg were having their 49th match of the year in February?

8) Arena Coliseo Tag Team Titles: Okay okay... too easy.

8) New Vipers: The only thing these guys accomplished was keeping the AAA webmaster busy as he wrote daily articles on why AAA had the only legit Psicosis. This was all well and good until that Psicosis left the promotion and tore off his mask in SuperLuchas revealing he was Toxico. Few were shocked. Not that Toxico was playing the role of Psicosis. That was obvious. The shocking part of it all was that the new Vipers actually still existed. After their debut where they had a really fun match with the Fuerza Aerea/Pimpinela, they were rewarded by getting squashed multiple times by the Secta and were never seen again until the Clowns needed people to do the job in an atomicos match in August. Even then it was only Psicosis and Black Abyss who returned. Histeria III got lost in Guadalajara and Amnesia was last seen begging for bookings in an internet interview. What a waste of some fantastic outfits.

9) Puma King & Tiger Kid dislike each other: This is one of those rare angles that gets forgotten multiple times by the bookers themselves! Or maybe it's just the wrestlers going into business for themselves? Who really knows. All I know is what I see on TV and what I saw multiple times were these two brothers having issues with each other including flat out backstabbing each other during a cage match. But there they are the next week all buddy-buddy doing fantastic double team moves while still not getting pushed. Maybe CMLL will remember to do something with this story in 2011. Probably not... but maybe.

And speaking of Puma King - is he ever going to get revenge on Sombra for tearing his mask apart on the 2/19 Arena Mexico show?

10) Crazy Boy forming the new Mexican Powers: Now I'm getting obscure but it just so happens I saw him on the last AAA TV show I watched and he was letting us know that the Mexican Powers will be back and stronger than ever! How you can possibly form a group stronger than Joe Lider, Psicosis II and Juventud Guerrera is beyond me though! Needless to say the group was never formed and Crazy Boy began a streak of months and months without appearing on AAA TV. Maybe he was busy searching for members? Maybe he should rename the group American Powers? Something tells me it'd be easier to recruit within AAA with a name like that.

Honorable mention to the Cancerberos Del Infierno and Rebeldes Tuereg who last I checked were having a feud of the year candidate in Luchas 2000, SuperLuchas and Fuego En El Ring. Basically everywhere but an actual CMLL ring.

I leave you all with one final thought...

Are Mistico and Averno still friends?

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