Thursday, December 16, 2010

One Year Ago

Expect a lot of upcoming comments on really old Lucha since I'm just catching up on all Fredo's new DVD's...

CMLL TV 1/29/10:

Opener with Fuerza Aerea/Angel Azteca Jr. against the Tuereg was probably my favorite match between the teams who have now met at least 50 times. Even though it was edited down and only two falls it still had a lot of fun moments and was really the perfect match to ignite a feud between the teams but here we are a year later and no sign of that happening. The tecs stole some of the rudos spots which was funny and the crowd actually understood because they boo'ed! Finish was Azteca being thrown over the top onto his teammates.

Block B of the tag tournament was just fantastic. I don't know what got into the CMLL guys around this time... maybe they had their pay increased, maybe someone gave a strong pre-show speech or maybe it was just dumb luck but EVERYONE was on their game for the second straight week. It's apples and oranges to compare this tournament to the Copa Bicentenario tag tournament in September. One match in this tournament had more nearfalls/near submissions than the entire September tournament. Every match had simple yet genius spots where guys would counter signature moves and finishing sequences the level of which is rarely seen in CMLL these days. I'm surprised Toscano didn't go rudo after this because he and Garza made a great team and Toscano rudo is 1000% better than Toscano tecnico.

Really fun show!

AAA Lucha Libre Premier Finale:

The first two matches weren't on the DVD but are available on youtube. Nothing to them.

There was actually nothing to the six man tag that opened the DVD either. I guess Mesias/Wagner were at odds with each other because both needed the win to advance to the finals but I'd have to go check Cubs' archive to see if that's true. Either way Wagner got the win and advanced.

Jack/Crazy Boy vs Koslov/Ciber was heavily edited. Lots of badly timed spots when Ciber was in the ring so Koslov had to do much of the work in the latter half. Jack must have done a dive onto Ciber that was so awful that they had to just skip forward in the match to when they were both already on the floor which left Crazy Boy to put away Koslov with his senton of Koslov's chest.

Marco Corleone vs Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Jack Evans was really good for a short match. Only went 10 minutes or so which was for the best because Wagner didn't get to do his usual stalling shtick. Corleone was first out after Jack pinned him with a nasty looking 630 and then Jack was put away with the Wagner Driver. Decent conclusion to the short series.

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