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AAA/CMLL Early Feb. + 1/25/10 Puebla

AAA TV 2/5/10:

Mini's opener was fun but clearly showed how weak the division is. The same three rudos as always (except for Mini Chessman once a year) and the tecnico side had Mini Charly who is a big time stiff and the fourth Mascarita Sagrada who is useless after he runs through his 3 spots and asai moonsault dive. The finish of course made no sense with Tirantes Jr. helping the rudos but then DQ'ing them for excessive violence. Suddenly he had a heart?

Still angry Lasser Boy's debut match didn't air! What a wasted angle, huh? If Pena were alive he would have made Lasser Boy a star. How couldn't you? The gimmick had a MOVIE behind it! Forget that the movie didn't do too well - WHO ELSE IN AAA HAS A MOVIE BEHIND THEM? You could have had an instant main eventer. Instead Lasser Boy was quickly dropped and never heard from again b/c if the idea isn't Konnan's or hasn't been done in the U.S.... well... you know.

Vipers 3.0 vs Black Family was edited to death and all that aired were the Vipers getting their asses kicked. So there was that.

Semi-main was fun only b/c the rudos were kicking ass and seemed to be stiffing Alan Stone/Elegido at various times. I am not a fan of this Pimpinela push so anything he did just annoyed me. Why would you choose to push Pimpinela NOW when his career is clearly winding down and he is physically shot? It's like AAA picks exactly the wrong guys to push just to prove they can't cut it. Oh wait... that actually makes sense to me.

Main event went about 15 hours. How did Fredo fit 15 hours on one DVD? The man is a genius. There is no reason for anyone to have watched this match live and in full.

AAA TV 2/7/10:

Opener was FANTASTIC! Seriously! An amazing match that holds up with anything CMLL offers. The only sad part was while watching this amazing match I couldn't help but think the efforts of these guys will never be rewarded. The rudos are just fantastic bases and they really carried Relampago/Lasser Boy here. Some absolutely insane dives including a DOTYC from Relampago and brutal triple team spots from the rudos. Oh, the sixth guy in the match was GATO EVEREADY! Nuff said. Best worker in AAA always delivers. Great finishing sequence with Lasser Boy going down (and presumably building him up as an underdog... which went nowhere). WATCH THIS!

I usually skip the skits b/c AAA storylines are generally: a) bad, b) confusing, c) embarassing. Thus I had no idea why Koslov was teaming with Sexy Star against the Apaches. Match was pretty bleh but Koslov superkicking Fabi in mid-air made me smile. She can be annoying at times. He went over b/c men > women I guess.

Crazy Boy/Extreme Tiger vs 187 was really short (maybe 7 minutes tops) but they made full use of their time and I really enjoyed it. Nicho took a wild salida bump and then ate a wilder dive from Extreme Tiger! 187 won clean which makes sense.

Semi-main had Cibernetico attack Konnan during his entrance which led to the most comical selling of all-time. How embarassed must Konnan be when he watches himself on tape/DVD? With that said... the rest of the match was just fine. Konnan got his ass kicked so he was out of it and then the Clowns beat the fuck out of Chessman, Zorro and Koslov (again this guy?). Some really great teamwork spots and the one hope spot the Legion got was pretty intense. Zorro ended up getting backdropped onto Chessman on the floor which took them out and then the Clowns easily put away Koslov. Good stuff.

Main event was long and the only thing I got from it was they began teasing problems with Wagner and Electro Shock. Didn't that stable just start like 4/5 months before this match? How could they already be having issues? On another note - am I the only one that is sick and tired of Mesias? Pena would have sent him packing long ago and replaced him with some new blood. The AAA uppercard certainly needs it.

CMLL TV 2/6/10:

Nothing much to say about the heavily edited opener. It was just there. Garza looked to hurt himself on the tornillo to finish the match.

Finals of the tag tournament were sadly not as good as the actual tournament. It was edited but I didn't get the sense we missed much. They seemed to be working an old-school slower style and tried to stay away from the generic spots we've come to expect but they weren't doing anything spectacular. And what is the point of a match like that when you have Mascara Dorada involved? He came off looking the worst of the three b/c he didn't get to show anything at all. Atlantis didn't seem very motivated either. I have no need to ever see this again. I do wonder if CMLL is planning on bringing the tournament back to start 2011 off...

Mistico vs Volador was TREMENDOUS! Right from Mistico's spear of Volador during his entrance this was a sure fire MOTYC. I think it would compete with Volador vs Sombra from Puebla if only TV hadn't chopped up the third fall (the missing stuff you can see on CMLL's youtube page). Each fall finish was genius and the crowd was molten for everything they did. I'm excited for the rematch next week!

CMLL Puebla 1/25/10:

This was the first Puebla show to not get 2 hours and thus they aired as much as they could of the full show. I'm a big fan of this format rather than just airing certain matches or trying to fit in the full show with major editing. This way you keep a pointless semi-main but only air the third fall instead of wasting TV time airing the full match or even showing it in majorly edited form.

Locals opener was pretty bleh. Lestat was the only one who looked good. He tried to do the Mascara Dorada rope-walk moonsault dive but slipped and seemed pretty pissed about it. Maybe this is where Dorada got the idea? (No, he was walking the ropes long before Lestat)

Segunda was really fun with Puma King/Tiger Kid standing out due to being amazing rudos. Super Comando/Starman did some mask rip teases and match only went two falls with Comando fouling the tecnico. Delta looked really good here.

Tercera only had the final two falls but they were good while they lasted. Cometa/Pegasso are just such a fun team to watch when they are on (85% of the time). Pegasso almost crashed badly when he tried his usual dive but was running so fast his hands missed the ropes. He landed with a thud but Loco Max did his best to make sure it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Cometa's double tornillo was just sickening.

Semi-main only had the third fall and nothing worth noting.

Main event was TONS OF FUN! It was a revancha from the week before and they tore the building apart. The front row seats got ripped out of place multiple times and security was scrambling to keep the fans safe. Niebla and Guerrero were fantastic as ass kicking rudos who were pissed at Volador/Shocker. Heat was off the charts and third fall was insane. There was a funny spot where Guerrero took his usual bump to the floor but the TVC cameraman wasn't paying attention and got kicked HARD in the face which knocked him back into the first row. The camera took a beating too! TVC made sure to show this replay about 15 times before the show ended. Felino/Niebla countered Sombra/Volador's finishers for the win and challenged for the tag titles. Well worth checking out.

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