Friday, December 24, 2010

More AAA & CMLL (& PdM!) from early Feb. '10!

AAA 2/18/10 in Toluca:

A total abomination of a show. I don't see how anyone could have enjoyed this. From the opener with six guys who should have had at least a DECENT match that ended up being a total mess to the main event that just dragged and had nothing of note it was a terrible show. The only SO-SO moment was the mini's match but I thought that was even weak by their standards. An easy early worst show of the year candidate.

Perros Del Mal 1/31/10 at the Sala De Armas:

Turbo vs Black Thunder was a clear MOTYC. Don't see how anyone couldn't have enjoyed this. Two guys who know each other going back and forth with mind blowing creative spots and very smart counters to each other's signature moves. They were given plenty of time and the crowd got more into the match as it progressed which is the idea, no? Must-see match.

Charly Manson vs X-Fly was really fun if you like this style. They pulled out everything they had pretty much and Tirantes as ref really didn't matter since they were out of the ring brawling for most of the time. Crowd loved every moment and the atmopshere was fantastic when they brawled towards the car and started doing spots with it and on it. Of course both bled big time (especially Charly). Great way to kick this feud into high gear and I'm actually interested in seeing their clean singles match on the next show. Charly loves starting feuds off well... too bad he's never around to finish them.

Cosmico/La Parkita vs Mr. Aguilita/Mini Talisman wasn't too hot. Parkita is abysmal and completely dragged the match down with his horrible work and unfunny comedy. Cosmico was okay but didn't get to show too much. I thought the rudos came off much better here and they played off the crowd well. Finish was neat.

Oriental/Groon XXX/Hijo De Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Damian 666/Halloween/Mr. Aguila was what you'd expect. The rudos were super motivated since technically this was their show. Halloween did a wild splash over the ringpost onto Oriental who was on a table and it looked like Oriental didn't want to take that spot at all which led to a scary landing for Halloween and the announcers without a table for the rest of the show. This was my first time seeing Wagner's kid and the crowd hated him. Not sure why though (superpush?). He was okay but definitely seems very green and not ready for prime time. Camerawork in the third fall was really bad for explainable reasons and not only did they almost miss Oriental's big dive but they almost completely botched showing the finish where the rudos cheated to win.

Super Nova/Celestial/Lizmark Jr. vs Super Crazy/Veneno/Pesadilla was really just an excuse to send six guys out there so five could catch Celestial's moonsault off the second deck. I honestly can't remember if Lizmark Jr. did ANYTHING at all in this match and I had to look up the listings again to see who was the third member of the tecnico team. After moonsaulting off the second deck Celestial and Crazy just walked to the ring to do their finish was really silly. Didn't even give time for the spot to settle in. Celestial ended up doing a shooting star press where he hit the turnbuckles on the way down and hurt himself. So of course Crazy then power bombed him as hard as he could for the win.

Main event was your typical indy main event with stars who don't want to job. Only problem is this was taped for TV so all the brawling really made it drag. It's so easy to watch this and pick out 12-14 minutes that would have made for a good match. The only 10 were just completely unneccessary and the brawling in the crowd seemed really lame after watching Manson and X-Fly do it 10x better. (not to mention they also brawled in the crowd during the Groon XXX match)

CMLL Puebla 2/8/10:

Tag team opener with the locals was fun. I prefer their match from April but this had it's moments (mostly with Milenium in the ring). They had a fantastic finish which seems to be a staple of Siki Osama matches. He's really underrated.

Segunda was pretty weak but I expected that going in. It's not that they didn't try but most of the guys in the match just aren't capable of producing good matches unless they are paired with superworkers. Skippable.

Mini's match was really fun and easily the best match on the show. I liked seeing Asturiano get the shot to work with Pierrothito since they seemed to have some chemistry back during the ill-fated CMLL mini's vs Puebla locals feud. Usual nutty dives that you'd expect here with the tecnicos winning clean.

Semi-main was decent to good but nothing mind-blowing. Panther didn't work his magic this time as the match stuck to the generic formula but I'll give him a pass. Dorada was incredible as usual. I would love to invent a time machine and transport him back to CMLL 1991 just to see the crowd reacting to his spots since NOW in 2010 they're ahead of their time so imagine them 20 years ago!

Main event was so beyond confusing but welcome to Mistico as a rudo. He came out mocking the crowd but then had to play the "babyface in peril" during the match as the rudos were beating him down. He led the comeback and the crowd boo'ed him. Then in the third fall he just worked his normal style and the only hint of being a rudo was he wouldn't high-five his partners. After the match Toscano asked him for a hug and Mistico just walked off. Nothing to the match outside of the Mistico drama.

CMLL TV 2/13/10:

Opener was edited big time and had some really awful camerawork. I guess the new thing at this time was to shoot more from ringside and on the apron which led to them missing some spots or filming certain spots in a way that made them look less spectacular than they really were. You have to know you're doing something wrong when you miss the Valiente Especial! Maximo was super over and his kiss to Ultimo to cue the comeback was actually hilarious. Rudos won cleanly and crowd was overjoyed.

Brazo De Plata/Strongman/Sombra vs Peste Negra was your typical comedy match to calm the crowd down before the main event they came to see. Sombra had a great ringpost moonsault in the third fall and the tecnicos went over clean.

Mistico vs Volador was... not... that... good. Mistico was clearly trying to switch his style up as he didn't do any of his usual flips and focused on more on tearing at Volador's mask and power bombing him everywhere he could. It worked but I thought the match went off the rails when Mistico just kept taunting the crowd instead of going for the win and when Volador did his multiple comebacks which weren't really strong and even included some awkward pauses where he would just stare at Mistico before doing something. They did one segment which had like 4 dives in under two minutes but once again they were filmed poorly. Mistico winning the first fall by yanking Volador's mask was great and I thought it was a tease for the finish but they didn't play off it. Volador ended up tearing Mistico's mask off and the ref gave him a new one (can you say planned spot? or does Pompin always carry a spare Mistico mask in his pocket?) which Volador promptly tore as well. I hated the finish b/c time stood still again when both got confused as to who would go for the Mistica first. Then Mistico unleashed an awesome counter to it but went for a magistral cradle and Volador just held on and grabbed the ropes. That's really not the way Volador should have won. Very disappointing.

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