Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My Predictions for 2011

1. Dr. Wagner Jr. will be back in CMLL by September. Possibly due to a falling out with AAA about doing a job for either ParkAAA or Cibernetico at Verano De Escandalo.

2. By the end of 2011 Konnan will be out of AAA after a falling out with the Roldans. He and Moody Jack will attempt to start their own promotion come 2012.

3. CMLL will hold more tournaments than they did in 2010.

4. Pierrothito WILL defend the National Lightweight Title against Bam Bam in Puebla.

5. The first mixed match involving regular sized wrestlers and minis in a CMLL ring will occur and will feature Mascara Dorada and Mascarita Dorada teaming.

6. Loco Max will lose his hair to Enrique Vera Jr. or Dragon Lee.

7. Both Averno and Mephisto will end the year maskless.

8. The AAA/IWRG relationship will end by April and CMLL will start sending wrestlers to work in Arena Naucalpan.

9. CMLL's TV show will dramatically change by mid-year. This will mean more interviews, less commercials, more singles matches and MAYBE all one fall matches.

10. Aero Star will be given a big push heading towards Triplemania but as usual it will go nowhere and he will be in the same spot he is now come January 2012.

11. A CMLL title will change hands in Japan. (I like the odds here)

12. The Apache Sisters will leave AAA in the summer and work a few CMLL shows but it won't be a regular deal. They will also start training new luchadoras.

13. Crazy Boy and Joe Lider will leave AAA.

14. El Hijo Del Santo will continue to live his sad bitter life but after headlining a show at Arena Neza late in the year which doesn't sell out he will try and get some publicity by announcing the third generation Santo will debut in 2012. Of course Santo will never allow his son to wrestle, especially using the Santo gimmick.

15. CMLL will introduce a new group of rudos which will include wrestlers currently in the Tuereg and Cancerberos. Nosferatu will still not be included.

16. Rush will turn rudo much too soon but it won't matter anyways because he will injure himself and be on the disabled list well into 2012.

17. Silver King will take part in a mask match.

18. Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero will not finish the year as friends.

19. After CMLL refuses to run a Latin Lover vs Hector Garza hair match the two will take their feud to Monterrey and get a local promotor to run a show in Arena Monterrey which will sell out.

20. IWL will fold. (This guarantees me at least one correct prediction!)


Blogger Gil. I.pollas said...

I think that Atlantis and Guerrero can have a Mask vs Mask.....

Konnan in other promotion, hell. who needs him?

3:24 PM  

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