Monday, February 28, 2011

CMLL Japan - February 1997 Music Videos

(Yes, I do remember I have a blog for those of you who asked. I'm just lazy!)

Continuing with the exclusive music videos that I can't put up on youtube, here are two videos covering the first CMLL tour of Japan. Cacao Planning sponsored the tour and CMLL sent over pretty much all their top talent who knew how to work (and Rayo De Jalisco Jr.). Needless to say what was left in Mexico wasn't too hot but at least the tour only lasted a week. Everyone went all out to impress and the crowd was definitely into the young guys which is why most were brought back for the following tour in August even though by then some had left the promotion (i.e. Black Warrior). The Hijo Del Santo vs Negro Casas feud was the top draw but their singles match was really disappointing. Crowd very much prefered the Niebla/Warrior singles match from the same show.

Anyone have any memories of this tour?

Music Videos: (2/2/97 show - aired in full on Samurai TV) (rest of the tour pieced together from various sources)


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for these they were really great!!

These crowds looked to be the best from what I've seen of other trips to Japan from CMLL, look like good numbers and excitement.

One question, do you know who Shinobi was? Mexican or Japanese, fun guy to watch kinda vanishd.

6:54 AM  

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