Monday, April 11, 2011

Forjando un Idolo Predictions

Cubs said he was only going to pick top two from each group and skip the rest but then I saw today he decided to show off and ended up predicting the entire tournament. So I will try to one-up him! Although I figure our final 8 will more or less be the same.

Group Alpha:

a) Hijo Del Signo over Hombre Bala Jr.
a) Diamante over Puma King
b) Hijo Del Signo over Puma King
b) Diamante over Hombre Bala Jr.
c) Puma King over Hombre Bala Jr.
c) Hijo Del Signo over Diamante


Reasoning: CMLL seems awfully high on Hijo Del Signo and Puma King is often passed over so there is no reason to think it won't happen here. Hombre Bala Jr. could shock everyone by drawing someone but there is no reason to think he won't get shutout. I don't know how the playoffs are winding up but if it's group winners meeting each other in round one it'd be a good way for Diamante to get his win back over Signo.

In a perfect world: Diamante and Puma King advance, no questions asked.

Group Bravo:

a) Angel De Oro over Escorpion
a) Rey Cometa draw Palacio Negro
b) Escorpion over Rey Cometa
b) Palacio Negro over Angel De Oro
c) Angel De Oro over Rey Cometa
c) Escorpion over Palacio Negro


Reasoning: Rey Cometa constantly suffers first round eliminations and is stuck in a group with three guys CMLL clearly sees as being above him. The only way he escapes this group is if the person who booked this tournament did so b/c he was unhappy with the way another member of the booking team did the Gran Alternativa. In that case Escorpion may be in for a rude awakening and you can switch things up a bit. I figure Cometa and Palacio have to draw somehow (double countout?) in their first match just to establish that a draw can actually happen. If they don't draw I would imagine one of the Friday matches has to.

In a perfect world: Rey Cometa beats both Escorpion and Palacio Negro in order to advance and Escorpion shocks Angel De Oro while also beating Palacio Negro to also move on. Angel De Oro will have his position no matter what happens here so he doesn't need to win. But clearly he's a lock to move on or I don't know my CMLL at all.

Group Charly:

a) Delta draw Dragon Lee
a) Guerrero Maya Jr. over Metal Blanco
b) Delta over Metal Blanco
b) Dragon Lee over Guerrero Maya Jr.
c) Guerrero Maya Jr. draw Delta
c) Metal Blanco over Dragon Lee


Reasoning: I think Metal Blanco got his 15 minutes of fame in the Gran Alternativa. They would not be running this tournament again just to have him move on. If they wanted him to be the star the Gran Alternativa would have been enough, right? I may have gone over the top with the complicated draws but I don't think Delta will run away with this group since the promotion is high on Dragon Lee for whatever reason. Assuming he doesn't die on a dive in his first match I'm picking him to move on via winning the tiebreaker over Guerrero Maya Jr. since he wins their match.

In a perfect world: We take Metal Blanco out of this group, insert Robin and have Robin and Guerrero Maya Jr. advance! Seriously, in my perfect wold Dragon Lee and Delta are not allowed to wrestle anywhere but segundas or openers.

Group Delta:

a) Polvora over Fuego
a) Magnus over Angel De Plata
b) Magnus over Fuego
b) Angel De Plata over Polvora
c) Polvora over Magnus
c) Fuego over Angel De Plata


Reasoning: This seems like the most even group. Polvora being outnumbered 3-to-1 as a rudo is a clear sign he is advancing. Not to mention they already want him to be a semi-main eventer. Fuego and Angel De Plata will have their same position no matter what. This tournament wasn't created to give them 15 minutes of fame. I think it was created to give Magnus a second chance after showing nothing in the Gran Alternativa so I expect to see him escape this group.

In a perfect world: This group doesn't exist. Instead we have Turbo, Black Thunder, Freelance and Semental battling it out. They draw in every match. All four advance. We force Cubs to figure out how a 10 person bracket system works.

Predicted final eight for the elimination tournament:


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Blogger the Cubs Fan said...

I figured that if Adam & Mike can pick all the matches in the silly Japanese tournaments, I needed to do so for titanic Fuego vs Polvora battles.

I'm working under the theory that CMLL might have figured out Magnus. Like, they've seen him in matches and figured out he's not close and they need to back off ASAP. Actually had Angel de Plata advancing from that group the first time thru (when I just picked the top two), but flipped it to Polvora when I realized how few rudos would be getting thru.

Dragon Lee (and Hombre Bala) being busy with the Tapatios caused me to diminish their chances of advancing.

Puma over Signo may be picking with my heart instead of my head. On the other hand, I don't think they're particularly interested in Palacio Negro for whatever reason and don't have high hopes for him.

Knowing CMLL, the tournament seeding will like be a dumb battle royal. This tournament is probably inspired by soccer tournaments as anything, and those usually match up the first place team in one group versus the second place team in another group. That'd be the best way to go here too.

5:56 PM  

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