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Random Thoughts & My Dream Card!

- Hector Garza vs Ultimo Guerrero on Friday has to be leading to a big angle, right? There's always that nagging rumor that an offshoot Perros Del Mal group is coming to CMLL and this would be the time to debut them. Or you could have Atlantis seconding Ultimo Guerrero and costing him the title? I dunno. SOMETHING has to happen. I can't see this match just happening for no reason a few weeks out from the Anniversary Show.

- Speaking of which... we're a few weeks out from the Anniversary Show and there is still no match set in stone. I'm just noting this to destroy the myth that most seem to think CMLL always knows what match they are planning on running months ahead of time even if they don't know how exactly they are getting there. I *know* they are running a cage match and neither Atlantis or Ultimo Guerrero is losing this year.

- My early pick for the August 21st Ruleta Rusa with the CMLL mini's is Pequeno Olimpico. It has to be him or Pequeno Warrior. Can't really see anyone else listed losing and having it mean anything. Pequeno Olimpico has been around from the start so losing his mask on the Anniversary would be neat. No clue who could be the big winner but I guess we should wait to see who is involved. I like how both preliminary listings have had 14 guys or 18 guys depending on who you believe. Nobody in Mexico seems to know math.

- Poor La Parkita. More than a year off of television, he finally makes his return and in his second match Mini Psicosis almost snaps his ankle in two by accident. Shame... that mini's tag from Tulancingo started off nice. When Mascarita Sagrada 2007 uses a new move you know the stars are alligning for a good match!

- They aired Argos/Lolita vs Tito Santana/Sexy Star from Tulancingo and if I had to rank the 4 most useful people involved in the match it would go like this:

1. Tito Santana
2. Lolita
3. Sexy Star
4. Hijo De Tirantes

Argos wouldn't even be #5, that would be cameraman #1 followed by the other cameraman and then the third cameraman. It is really painful to watch Argos try and wrestle. The crowd doesn't give a shit about him. Also, is it just me or can you really not name yourself Lolita if your entire pelvic area is full of tattoos?

- It's hard for me to get into LuchaPOP as much as I'd like to. I think it has to do with the fact they are so female-centric. I've never been a fan of women's wrestling and I want to see it even less when it involves women who are pretty much rookies and won't be passable for a while yet. I would pay to see a LuchaPOP undercard though so that's a positive.

- Pequeno Olimpico who really is not a small man learned the hard way this past Tuesday that no matter how small your opponent is he can still hurt you by landing on you full force. Mascarita Dorada did a moonsault and crushed Peq Olimpico's knees so much so that the rudo had to be stretchered out. This was AFTER they had brought the stretcher back since they had to cart Astral out first as he hurt his leg on a dive. Astral did some really need acrobatics in the third fall before his knee gave out though.

- I see LATV moved forward and aired the 7/26 CMLL show this past weekend. I thought it was a really good show. The opener was excellent and the main event was even better! Six guys worked really hard and had one of my favorite C3 matches of the year.

- I'm in the Cubsfan camp when it comes to the Dr. X situation. I think he was exactly where he should have been in CMLL. He will never be anything more than a mid-carder and sometimes you just have to accept that role. If people were begging for Dr. X main events it would have happened. I would feel sorry for him if he left the company because he wasn't getting enough work but his complaint seems to only be about his position in the company. We'll see how happy he is a month or two from now when he's not getting enough work on the indy circuit and is working third from the top on PdM shows against Super Nova. Oh... and Dr. Xtreme is a stupid name. I vote all the magazines veto any coverage of wrestlers who have Xtreme in their name. It's 2011 people!

- I saw a match recently where Sangre Azteca pinned his opponent with a dropkick to the face. That is awful. Even worse than the dropkick to the thighs spot that he overuses. Can we just turn him back rudo and pretend this entire tecnico thing never happened? Yes, the crowd likes him but he doesn't have the offense to be a tecnico. I could stand the non-stop dropkicks when he was a rudo because that's what rudos do during their triple teaming. Cool combo dropkick spots are FUN! But on their own they are NOT FUN!

- I wish the CMLL bookers weren't so set in their ways of having all Japanese guys be rudos. Naito would make a really fun tecnico and it seems he wants to be a tecnico based on the way he wrestles when he comes down to Mexico. It's almost as if nobody in CMLL remembers Ultimo Dragon. (Shhhh... don't tell Ultimo or he'll book a return!)

- I'm not writing the new Temerarios off yet but to say I was mildly disappointed when I found out who they were would be quite the understatement. No stable with Fresero Jr. in it will ever work. He IS the worst wrestler in the world right now.

- Negro Navarro vs Decnis on the next DTU show? YES PLEASE! Sign me up! Shows looks alright but on paper at least it's not one of the most appealing shows DTU has run lately. I'm sure I'll get heat for this but I feel bad seeing Mortiz listed as working those shows. It's only a matter of time before he starts doing the barbed wire/fire/thumbtack spots and I will never understand why guys would rather do that than keep getting regular bookings from CMLL even if you aren't getting a push. At least Mortiz would be able to keep that job in CMLL for another 20 years if he wanted. For comparisons sake - where is Toxico these days? Killed himself on all those hardcore shows for two years or so and boy that really turned out well for him, didn't it?

- Catching up on Mexicans in Japan... Sombra has looked good so far in the G-1. I think my favorite match of his was against Strongman! Is that possible? The Anderson match was good too. Sombra was definitely nervous the first night against Inoue because he barely showed any charisma and was more focused on making sure all his moves hit cleanly. He clearly got over the nerves from that point forward. I'm still unhappy he is on his way to a horrible losing record though. Don't tweet me or IM me nonsense about that's how New Japan works. I look at it from the viewpoint that CMLL brings in any New Japan guy whether top of the card or bottom of the card and immediatly gives them wins and makes them look strong. When it doesn't happen the other way around I get annoyed. No way CMLL's top tecnico (is that debateable?) should be losing so much and only beating guys like Inoue and Strongman (who has 0 points so far!). Meanwhile over in NOAH Aero Star seemed to impress on the tour for the Jr. Tag League. I hope it earns him some more bookings down the road. I only saw one match with Rocky Marvin and he blew me away. He hung in there quite nicely aside from one badly botched spot. I wish he worked that hard in Mexico. Does anyone have the Aero Star/Jack Evans vs Marvins match they can send me?

- Does anyone have any experience working with a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1950? It's a TV tuner. I could use some help for a friend.

- In closing... the Quemonito vs Zacarias brawl from the Leyenda Azul was *EPIC*! Easily a top 5 moment in Quemonito's history. A must-see for all!

(skip everything below if you hate useless fantasy booking)


Recently I was asked what matches would I put together if I were to magically win the lottery and run a money losing once-in-a-lifetime show using currently active talent, having at least one singles match and no match larger than six men involved. So here is Rob Bihari's dream lineup! (Attention any promoter with money to burn: Feel free to steal my ideas!)

Rey Misterio Jr. vs Mistico (2/3 Falls)

Mascara Dorada, La Sombra & Valiente vs Aero Star, Jack Evans & Rey Cometa

Skayde & Black Terry vs Blue Panther & Negro Navarro

Drago vs Chessman vs Super Crazy vs X-Fly (Four Corners Hardcore Match)

Electrico, Astral & Tzuki (w/ Quemonito) vs Demus 3:16, Pierrothito & Fire (w/ Zacarias)

Turbo & Super Shisa vs Black Thunder & Raziel

(Feel free to use that match list to assume who my top 10 favorite wrestler currently are.)

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