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The Road to September 16th!

Here's a little fantasy booking from my deranged mind! I decided to attempt to plan out CMLL's entire timeline until the Anniversary Show on September 16th (a date I am assuming, it has not been confirmed yet). This is realistic style fantasy booking though so I had rules:

1. No using Sombra/Strongman while they are in Japan for the G-1.
2. I was told the Universal Title tournament will take place in August so I worked it into the booking.
3. No insane scenarios like Rey Cometa suddenly main eventing.

So here we go...

"Rumbo a Aniversario"

The main idea here is I don't think CMLL is going to do another singles matches after having La Mascara vs Averno recently. Also, they haven't done a cage match yet this year so odds are that is the direction they will head in. I don't think CMLL eve has any match with two guys that could be a big enough match on it's own unless we're talking Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero but that isn't happening this fast.

July 29, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

Torneo Cibernetico for the Leyenda Azul:

- Atlantis accidentally causes Ultimo Guerrero to be eliminated and they tease problems between the two with Atlantis storming off angry.

- Final four end up as Shocker/Rush vs Terrible/Texano. Texano/Terrible cheat to eliminate Shocker leaving it 2-on-1 against Rush. Rush fights back and eliminates Terrible. Rudos cheat once again and Texano uses a low blow to beat Rush and win the Leyenda Azul. Both teams challenge each other afterwards.

La Mascara vs Averno - NWA Middleweight Title:

- Hijo Del Fantasma/Mephisto are the seconds.

- Match ends with a disputed finish as the referee gets knocked down and Mephisto enters the ring to low blow La Mascara. Fantasma gets in the ring, dropkicks Mephisto outside and low blows Averno in revenge but the referee gets up just in time to see this and disqualifies La Mascara so Averno retains his title.

July 31, 2011 @ Arena Coliseo

La Mascara/Mascara Dorada/Shocker vs Volador Jr./Alebrije/Hector Garza:

- In the main event Hector Garza again has problems with his teammates and walks out on Volador/Alebrije. During the match Volador/Mascara Dorada rip at each other's masks.

August 5, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero/Dragon Rojo Jr. vs Negro Casas/Felino/Mr. Niebla:

- Everyone is awaiting Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero to turn on each other but they actually work well together throughout the match.

- The shocking moment occurs at the end of the match as Negro Casas and Felino turn on Mr. Niebla! They are jealous of how popular he is and how he doesn't act like a rudo any more. Felino drags Zacarias away with him and Negro post-match.

- Atlantis feels bad for Mr. Niebla and goes to try and help him up but Ultimo Guerrero pulls him away.

Shocker/Rush/La Mascara vs Terrible/Texano/Rey Bucanero:

- Usual match with Shocker/Rush feuding with Terrible/Texano. The rudos cheat again to win the match. Afterwards they challenge each other to a double hair match with Terrible pointing out that he and Shocker have been the two wrestlers around in CMLL the longest without losing their hair.

August 9, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

La Mascara/Hijo Del Fantasma/Blue Panther vs Averno/Mephisto/Efesto:

- Lots of mask ripping between Fantasma/Mephisto who restart their feud. After the match Fantasma challenges Mephisto to a Super Libre match for the following week.

August 12, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

Angel De Oro/Valiente/Sangre Azteca vs Escorpion/Polvora/Misterioso II:

- Valiente/Polvora continue their feud and Sangre Azteca/Misterioso rip at each other's masks.

- Misterioso wins the match by pinning Sangre Azteca with his feet on the ropes.

Universal Title Tournament - Block A: Dragon Rojo Jr., Rey Bucanero, Virus, Ultimo Guerrero, La Mascara, Mephisto, Efesto, Diamante

Round 1:

Virus over Dragon Rojo Jr.
Ultimo Guerrero over Diamante
La Mascara over Efesto
Mephisto over Rey Bucanero


Ultimo Guerrero over Virus
La Mascara over Mephisto via DQ (Mephisto rips off Mascara's mask)


La Mascara surprises Ultimo Guerrero with a roll-up to win Block A

Shocker/Rush/Mascara Dorada vs Volador Jr./Texano/Terrible:

- Dorada/Volador Jr. rip at each other's masks again as it's clear they have a rivalry going on.

- Texano/Terrible catch Rush going for a dive and ram him into the ringpost. They then proceed to "injure" his arm.

- Volador Jr. yanks off Dorada's mask and pins him.

- Shocker challenges Terrible to a mano a mano for next week.

August 14, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

- The semi-main event on the Fan Apprecation show ends up with Ultimo Guerrero and Dragon Rojo Jr. walking out on Atlantis leaving him along in the ring to get beat by three tecnicos. Atlantis is not a happy man.

- Main event is the cage match with Gen 11 vs Rayos Tapatios/Inquisidor/whoever else. Guerrero Maya Jr. wins the cage match and unmasks Apocalipsis.

August 16, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

Hector Garza/Volador Jr./Black Warrior vs Naito/Okumura/Yoshihashi

- Garza continues his tecnico turn by being on Team Mexico taking on the evil Japanese rudos. A feud is started between Garza and Naito.

- Jushin Lyger does a run-in to attack the tecncios after the match is over.

Hijo Del Fantasma vs Mephisto:

- Match finishes the way you would expect with Averno and Efesto running out to attack Hijo Del Fantasma. Mephisto yells at him over the microphone and says his time is coming soon!

August 19, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

Sangre Azteca vs Misterioso II - Lightning Match:

- Unlike most Lightning Matches this has very little action and lots of brawling/mask ripping. Sangre Azteca wins cleanly and challenges Mephisto to a mask match.

Blue Panther/Mr. Niebla/Hector Garza vs Felino/Negro Casas/Naito:

- Panther/Negro continue their feud that has been happening on the Sunday shows.

- Garza/Niebla, the two newest tecnicos in CMLL, team up for the first time here. Niebla gets destroyed by his former team. He has his mask ripped up and when it looks like Zacarias is about to help him... instead he hits him with the frying pan and helps Felino beat Niebla down!

- Tecnicos win the match when Garza pins Naito.

Universal Title Tournament - Block B: Jushin Lyger, Angel De Oro, Polvora, La Sombra, Mascara Dorada, Averno, Texano, Rush

Round 1:

Jushin Lyger over Sombra (sets up a future title rematch)
Mascara Dorada over Polvora
Averno over Angel De Oro
Texano over Rush (quick match with Texano taking advantage of an "injured" Rush)


Mascara Dorada over Jushin Lyger (sets up a future title match)
Averno over Texano


Averno over Mascara Dorada (After the match La Mascara comes out and tells Averno how about instead of the finals just being for the Universal Title - why doesn't Averno put up his NWA Middleweight Title and they have a rematch of the match from three weeks ago? Averno accepts.)

Shocker vs Terrible:

- Shocker is seconded by Angel De Oro because Rush is "injured".

- The rudos get away with cheating again and thanks to interference by Texano, Terrible wins the match in two falls. They attack Shocker and Angel De Oro afterwards. Rush tries to come and make the save by security holds him back so he won't get more injured.

August 21, 2011 @ Arena Coliseo

- After a trios match Blue Panther challenges Negro Casas to a hair match. Casas says Panther can have the match only if Panther can beat him in two falls next week!

August 23, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

Strongman/Super Porky/Maximo vs Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero/Dragon Rojo Jr.:

- The split occurs! Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero end up fighting during the match which causes their team to lose. Atlantis leaves with the tecnico team!

August 25, 2011

- CMLL holds their traditional Thursday press conference where they announce the main event for the Anniversary Show will be a Cage Match featuring everyone feuding right now: Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, Rush, Texano, Shocker, Terrible, La Mascara, Averno, Valiente, Polvora, Sangre Azteca, Misterioso II, Hector Garza, Naito, Felino, Mr. Niebla, Volador Jr., Mascara Dorada, Mephisto, Hijo Del Fantasma.

- Atlantis announces he is done with Ultimo Guerrero and will switch back to the tecnico side starting immediatly.

- Terrible reminds Shocker that they are the two guys who have been around in CMLL the longest time without losing their hair but that will all change on September 16th!

- Rush vows revenge on Texano for injuring his arm!

- La Mascara says tomorrow he is going to take Averno's title and he will add it to the collection which includes Averno's mask and will include his hair on September 16th!

- Negro Casas and Blue Panther have words to hype their match on Sunday and Negro says if Panther beats him they can just enter the cage as well and put their hair on the line too!

August 26, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

Valiente/Sangre Azteca/Hijo Del Fantasma vs Mephisto/Polvora/Misterioso II:

- Crazy match with tons of mask ripping. Fantasma pins Mephisto cleanly to win the match.

La Sombra/Mascara Dorada/Hector Garza vs Volador Jr./Naito/Psicosis

- Dorada/Volador continue to rip at each other's masks.

- Garza contiues his feud with Naito.

- Match finishes when Psicosis low blows Sombra and yanks his mask off.

- After the match a furious Sombra demands to be added to the cage match with Psicosis as well! Psicosis agrees and vows revenge for Olimpico!

La Mascara vs Averno - NWA Middleweight Title/Universal Title Tournament Finals

- During the match Fantasma/Mephisto began fighting on the floor and Rambo sends them to the back so there will be no interference.

- La Mascara tries La Campana but Averno reverses it just like he did to win the trios titles... but this time La Mascara re-reverses it and gets the clean win to win the tournament and the NWA Middleweight Title!

August 28, 2011 @ Arena Coliseo

Blue Panther vs Negro Casas

- Panther does the impossible and makes Negro Casas submit in the second fall to win in two straight falls and gets his hair match! They are both added to the cage!

August 29, 2011

CMLL calls an emergency press conference to announce a major last minute change: There will still be a cage match at the Anniversary Show but who will be inside the cage will be decided by a Parejas Incriebles tournament that will start this Friday, continue next Friday and then end up with 6 wrestlers left who will be in the cage on September 16th! The teams are as follows:

Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero
La Mascara/Averno
Sangre Azteca/Misterioso II
Hector Garza/Naito
Felino/Mr. Niebla
Volador Jr./Mascara Dorada
Mephisto/Hijo Del Fantasma
Blue Panther/Negro Casas

September 2, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

The 'Rumbo a Aniversario' starts with a battle royale to decide the match-ups.

Round 1:

Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero vs Valiente/Polvora

- Before the match Ultimo Guerrero apologizes to Atlantis and tells him they need to work together to save their masks and they can easily beat Valiente/Polvora. Of course during the match they have some miscommunication issues and Valiente/Polvora pull off a shocker upset! LOSERS: Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero

Volador Jr./Mascara Dorada vs La Mascara/Averno

- The rudos refuse to follow the rules and end up teaming for most of the match. Volador Jr./Dorada end up winning and Averno steals La Mascara's mask afterwards. LOSERS: La Mascara/Averno

Hijo Del Fantasma/Mephisto vs Sombra/Psicosis

- During the match Mephisto turns on Hijo Del Fantasma and leaves him alone to get destroyed. Fantasma fights back and manages to beat both Sombra and Psicosis on his own! Mephisto is not happy with this turn of events even though he keeps his mask. LOSERS: Sombra/Psicosis

Felino/Mr. Niebla vs Shocker/Terrible

- Quemonito comes out with Shocker to counter the inference of Zacarias. This re-unites the team of Niebla/Monito against Felino/Zacarias! They end up winning easily. LOSERS: Shocker/Terrible

Blue Panther/Negro Casas vs Sangre Azteca/Misterioso II

- Both teams dislike each other but Azteca/Misterioso get it together quickly and use some of their old Poder Mexica tag team moves to win the match. LOSERS: Blue Panther/Negro Casas

Hector Garza/Naito vs Rush/Texano

- Nobody is getting along here and it turns into an almost four-corners match since Texano and Naito are still enemies from a long time ago. Garza ends up pinning Texano and Naito uses an armbreaker to beat a still "injured" Rush. LOSERS: Rush/Texano

September 9, 2011 @ Arena Mexico

Mr. Niebla/Mascara Dorada/Strongman w/ Quemonito vs Felino/Rey Bucanero/Jushin Lyger w/ Zacarias

- The main point of this match is to establish Mascara Dorada beating Jushin Lyger clean and challenging him to a title match on the Anniversary Show!

Another battle royale to decide the matches for the rest of the tag team tournament.


Sombra/Psicosis vs Shocker/Terrible

- Double pinfall as Sombra pins Shocker at the same time as Terrible pins Psicosis. This leaves Sombra vs Terrible and Sombra wins clean with his split-legged moonsault to keep his mask! LOSERS: Shocker/Terrible

Rush/Texano vs La Mascara/Averno

- An "injured" Rush battles hard so he won't end up in the cage next week. La Mascara/Averno have lots of problems during the match and at one point Averno shoves La Mascara into Texano who rolls him up and pins him! Averno fights back and pins Texano with the Devils Wings but with the crowd cheering him on Rush surprises Averno with a roll-up! LOSERS: La Mascara/Averno

Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero vs Blue Panther/Negro Casas

- Once again Ultimo tries to get Atlantis to be his friend but Atlantis is having no part of that. Guerrero is the first to be eliminated and he is really angry because he doesn't think Atlantis can win by himself. Atlantis somehow manages to beat the odds and uses La Atlantida to eliminate Negro Casas! So it comes down to Atlantis vs Blue Panther. Dragon Rojo comes down the ramp to distract the referee and Guerrero tries to help Atlantis but Atlantis shoves him out of the ring! But he turns around right into an armbar from Blue Panther and gives up! LOSERS: Atlantis/Ultimo Guerrero

September 16, 2011 @ Arena Mexico - Anniversary Show

SEMI-MAIN EVENT: Jushin Lyger vs Mascara Dorada - CMLL Middleweight Title

- Dorada gets a huge win over Lyger!

MAIN EVENT: Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero, La Mascara, Averno, Shocker, Terrible - Cage Match (Last one inside loses his hair or mask)

- 3 masks vs 3 hairs! Everyone expects Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero to be the final match but it's far too soon for that match to happen. I put Averno here as the proverbial red herring since him losing his hair would be considered the easy way out and lots of people still think he's heading to the WWE. So instead the match finishes with Shocker/Terrible in the cage and Terrible pins Shocker with the Styles Clash to win his hair! Shocker loses his hair for the first time in his career but has the excuse that he wasn't 100% because he was injured for a long time and this sets up Terrible to lose his hair to Rush at some point in the future.

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I actually like these ideas a lot. Everything makes sense and leads into the next thing fluidly, which almost guarantees that nothing like this will happen in the buildup. But hey, one can hope!

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That's pretty good. UG and Atlantis losing like that to build up their participation in the stip match is good.

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A post full of wonderful ideas :) If the booking "agents" pick up at least 25%, we are in for lots of fun.
Thank you for putting thought and heart into it!

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