Wednesday, July 13, 2011

IWRG TV 9/26/10 (taped 9/23/10)

Chico Che/Eragon/Veneno vs Guerrero Negro/El Hijo Del Diablo/Comando Negro: Freelance was originally in this match but he was selling a tombstone from Comando Negro the week before and Veneno took his spot. OUR LOSS! Not sure what the deal was with Guerrero Negro working here for a bit and not losing his hair. Why else was he here? Seemed like they were setting him and Tony Rivera up for a match from what I recall but then he vanished. Maybe he didn't feel the payoff was good enough? This match was mainly a brawl outside of a neat segment with Chico Che flying all over the place. How a man that size does a double springboard is beyond me. Finish was typical IWRG booking gone too far as they did a DQ but it took forever to set up. Basically both Chico and Veneno were in opposite tree of woe's and the rudos rammed Eragon into each of them. But when they tried to do it again they didn't notice the ref was trying to unhook Chico and they accidentally rammed him which led to the DQ. Bleh.

Los Oficiales vs Hijo Del Cien Caras/Hijo De Mascara Ano 2000/Hijo Del Pirata Morgan (not Pirata Morgan Jr. as listed in the archive): I thought this was a fun brawl. MA2K Jr. did a nice bladejob and the Oficiales were laying in their chops. MA2K Jr. also got a nice segment to show off some flying which clearly tells us he is not legit related to any of the Dinamitas. In the third fall the Oficiales isolated Cien Jr. by pressing MA2K Jr. onto Pirata Jr. on the floor. Cien Jr. then gave up to a triple submission. Not as good as the 4 on 4 match with Oficiales vs Dinamitas from two weeks prior.

Silver King/Tony Rivera/Trauma I vs Pirata Morgan/Ultimo Gladiador/Chris Stone: This was a Relevos Incriebles AAA vs IWRG match that really made no sense. Rivera/Stone were on opposite pages for most of the match and it seemed to boil over in the third fall where they seemed to legit be throwing bombs at each other until things calmed down. Weird. Gladiador/Trauma did some nice stuff together. Things completely fell apart at the end as Silver King turned on his team and Pirata turned on his team. SHOCKING, HUH? Lots of challenges afterwards.

Totally skippable show.

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