Thursday, July 14, 2011

CMLL Puebla - 12/27/10 (taped 12/20/10)

Asturiano/Centella De Oro/Stigma vs Siki Osama Jr./Espiritu Maligno/Centauro De Fuego: Surprising rough matwork early on with Centella and Espiritu who are usually great. They were very loose and looked awkward trying to throw each other around. Stigma got things going against Siki Osama with an amazing quadrople springboard armdrag. Yes. I did say that. QUADROPLE SPRINGBOARD ARMDRAG! AMAZING! He followed with a headscissors on the floor. They did a nice finishing sequence ending with Osama doing a tope suicida and the rudos putting away Stigma/Centella. Second fall was also good with Asturiano getting to show off and then the rudos taking control. They kept doing assisted power bombs on the tecnicos until Stigma countered with a dropkick which led to a running somersault plancha from Centella and the remaining tecnicos put Centauro/Espiritu away. Third fall was good with lots of near submissions and everyone getting to show off armdrags. Stigma/Asturiano did dual dives and then Centella used an awesome roll-up off the second turnbuckle to put Osama away. Really good match!

Rush/Metro/Metal Blanco vs Okumura/Yoshihashi/Polvora: The TVC graphics had Sagrado listed instead of Metal Blanco. If that isn't everything wrong with CMLL, I don't know what is. I believe this was the first time we all got to see Yoshihashi on TV with his new painted face look which my buddy Bill thinks Okumura suggested since he started his career doing that sort of thing. In another bit of irony this match had a mini-feud with Rush/Yoshihashi which as I write this is the big Puebla feud leading to a hair match in 10 days. Match was pretty standard and formulatic outside of Yoshihashi busted out a reckless tope suicida - a first for him in Mexico! Metal Blanco looked really good and I remember remarking back when I originally watch this that it wouldn't last but he's sure proved me wrong! Crowd and announcers went nuts for his big moonsault dive. Rush got Okumura for the win.

Brazo De Plata/Mascara Dorada/Toscano vs Atlantis/El Averno/Rey Bucanero w/ Periquito: This was the Periquito show and nothing more. He began the match by hitting Porky with a frying pan and was basically inside the ring for the rest of the match. All the tecnicos even did spots with him. Crowd was eating it up and I'm a mark for this type of stuff too so I liked it. A match like this is actually okay when it's surrounded by 3 or 4 good matches. Where a match like this is not good is when you just had a bad match and/or another comedy match. But in this place it was good as I said and was a nice way to calm the crowd down leading into the big main event. Tecs won clean.

Ultimo Guerrero/Dragon Rojo Jr. vs La Mascara/Valiente - CMLL Tag Team Titles: Shocker was originally scheduled here as La Mascara's partner but suffered his injury the day before at Arena Coliseo which still has him out of action to this very day. CMLL found a more than suitable substituion but this match suffered from Ultimo Guerrero being involved so you had the generic Ultimo Guerrero match in tag format. Two short falls with flash finishes and then a long third fall with every generic nearfall you can think of and the tecnicos just walking into Guerrero's big moves. Valiente did his Valiente Especial which the crowd went bonkers for which was a positive. Dragon Rojo looked putrid as usual. He topped his terrible performance off by completely losing Valiente on the finishing power bomb as Ultimo Guerrero did the Guerrero Special on La Mascara for the win. Great example of one of those matches that on paper look fantastic but are not so hot in execution.

Show closing highlights had a great double tornillo from #porraReyCometa!

Enjoyable show until the main event. For someone who doesn't follow Lucha Libre hardcore like I do you may enjoy the main event much more than I did which would make this a great show.

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