Friday, July 15, 2011

IWRG TV 7/10/11 (taped 7/7/11)

A review of a current show? YEP!

Rolling Boy/Triton vs ?Anubis?/Keshin Black: I'm not sure if it was Anubis on the rudo team. All the results list him but there was no graphic and I watched without audio. This guy looked very different from the regular Anubis which is why I'm not sure. Or maybe it's a new Anubis? Either way he looked excellent here and basically carried the match for all three guys who are still very green. I liked Triton better when he was dressing like 1993 Triton (aka Pantera). Some rough moments with Rolling Boy/Keshin Black which is to be expected but otherwise nothing was really messed up. They teased dives in the third fall until Rolling Boy hit a weak tope suicida and Triton won with a shooting star press. My style of IWRG opener.

Black Terry/Multifacetico/Angelico vs Los Oficiales: Really fun match! Naturally it was centered around Multi/911 who had their masks ripped up and were both bleeding. Only in IWRG do you see that these days! Black Terry got a few moments to shine. Loved his vicious lariats and selling when AK-47 nailed him with a tope suicida and Terry rolled around like his shoulder had just popped up which got both refs distracted so Multi could nail 911 with a tombstone! Huge heat! (well for the 50 or so fans in attendance that is) Really the only negative here was Angelico who seems to not be a fan of selling and much prefers to be doing his fancy kicks or third-rate flying. Can't wait for the mask match!

Trauma I vs El Hijo De La Park - Juniors Title: Loved it! Park's kid is really starting to get it which is frightening to see. He still needs to get bigger though if he wants to be taken seriously - especially as a rudo. Same advice goes for Bestia 666 although that has nothing to do with this match. I was shocked at how well Park hung in on the mat and at the same time worked the crowd perfectly as a rudo. Some really great matwork as you'd expect and the type of thing you only get here in Naucalpan. In the second fall Park did an awesome tornillo dive that the camera just barely caught in time. My favorite spot was Trauma headbutting Park into the crowd to start the third fall. Looked fucking BRUTAL! He did again a bit later. A couple of times they teased the match was "breaking down" as both guys put their fists up and looked like they were gonna punch the crap out of each other before it settled down. That was very neat. Honestly this would have been the perfect match if not for generic overbooking by IWRG as the seconds (Trauma II/AK-47) got involved for no reason at all since it didn't even effect the finish and why would an Oficial help Park's kid? Finish was also overbooked as after many great nearfalls Trauma I hit a vicious Rosa DDT and Park clearly kicked out at 2 but the ref called the match anyhow. I guess it sets up a future rematch. Well worth checking this one out.

Canek/Negro Navarro/Trauma II vs Pirata Morgan/El Hijo De Pirata Morgan/Barba Roja: I am not a huge fan of Canek obviously but I was surprised at how agile he was even at his age. Last time I saw him he was immobile and here he could do all his usual spots. Must be hoping to get one last run somewhere so he can drop his mask? Who knows with these ancient wrestlers. Navarro and Pirata are ancient too but they were fantastic here. I'm a huge fan of the Pirata family so it was great watching them do their thing. That submission in the first fall was just SICK! Also majorly sick was Navarro's pinning hold to win the second fall for his team. Canek blew me away by doing a plancha off the top rope for the win in the third fall! God bless the reconstruction of knees!

Excellent episode of IWRG TV! Gotta go out of your way to see the top three for sure.

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