Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CMLL FSE 8/20/11 & CMLL C3 8/20/11

CMLL FSE 8/20/11:

Pegasso/Rey Cometa/Dragon Lee vs Arkangel/Loco Max/Hooligan: I felt kinda ripped off by this match. Very little action with Cometa barely getting to do anything except his big dive and Pegasso must still be hurt b/c he was working at half speed and blew a bunch of simple exchanges with Loco Max. I'm generally not a fan of the Tuereg group since aside from Hooligan and Arkangel most of them are bad bases and their triple team offense is beyond generic for a group that works together so much. Dragon Lee was Dragon Lee... very green but crisp with his high flying spots. Not sure if that's the formula for a successful wrestler but I digress. He did a 360 onto the ramp and then did a crazy somersault dive which popped the crowd. Tecnicos won clean.

Stuka Jr./Sangre Azteca/Hijo Del Fantasma vs Okumura/Yoshihashi/Misterioso II: This tecnico team could be named "Lost In The Shuffle". Stuka seems to be a mid-carder for life (much the same situation his big brother ended up in), Sangre Azteca is a natural rudo being forced to play a tecnico and Fantasma would be a main event player if a third organization existed. This was better than the previous match but nothing to write home about. Azteca's dropkicks used to be so great when they'd come out of nowhere but now he overuses them and you can see the setup a mile away. Since when does Yoshihashi do moves off the top? C'mon guys, put a little thought into your finishes! Tecs won clean.

CMLL C3 8/20/11:

Metalico/Enrique Vera Jr./Hombre Bala Jr. vs Loco Max/Rayos Tapatios I y II: With Loco Max replacing Zavala at the last minute I figured there wouldn't be much to this match since you can't really work on the fly with the Gen11 guys and I was right. The rudo team kept it simple by just brawling and doing quick finishes. The third fall finish in particular was out of nowhere and nobody expected it. Match included the usual Gen11 screw-ups like Vera almost falling off the top rope trying a plancha to the floor and throwing a dropkick that missed by at least 10 feet that Rayo Tapatio I had to sell.

Lady Apache/Silueta/Goya Kong vs Zeuxis/La Seductora/Princesa Blanca: Good! Shockingly good! There may be hope for this division after all with Lady Apache back and Silueta/Zeuxis improving! Even Goya Kong was tolerable here and actually did some creative stuff with Seductora at one point. First fall finish was really put together well. Second fall as well. Third fall had fun stuff with Silueta vs Zeuxis and the finish built off what they did in the first fall. No complaints here.

Diamante/Fuego/Toscano vs Misterioso II/Okumura/Psicosis: Diamante appeared to be taking it easy in his return match so I don't blame him for not doing much here. Fuego carried the workload for his team and had some fun exchanges against Misterioso II. Match was pretty standard until the third fall where they did an excellent finishing sequence with Toscano/Psicosis doing nearfalls and Toscano even escaping from Psicosis' finisher. Diamante/Fuego did double dives and then Toscano used a rana to pin Psicosis.

La Mascara/Blue Panther/Rush vs Mr. Aguila/Olimpico/Volador Jr.: Really enjoyed this match. Volador is so good it's frightening and almost frightening is that he seems to be more over on these Tuesday shows than any rudos not named Averno on the Friday shows. Yes, that includes Ultimo Guerrero. Panther/Olimpico did their usual matwork early on and at one point Panther slipped trying to lock in the inverted Gory Special which caused Olimpico to take a header but he was alright. Mascara/Volador did a great exchange and have fantastic chemistry together. I knew Rush/Aguila were feuding but if you didn't know it specifically it would have been hard to notice in this match until the finish. Mascara ended up taking Volador out with a ringpost plancha and Panther put Olimpico in a figure-four leglock. Aguila did a standing moonsault onto Panther as Rush did his double stomp on Olimpico which led to a double elimination. Aguila then got his knees up as Rush tried a senton and pinned him with a spin kick. Good stuff.

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