Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rey Cometa vs Puma King - Mask vs Mask

(Haven't done a single match recap in so long but this match deserves it)

Puma King comes out first to "You Give Love A Bad Name" by Bon Jovi. Rey Cometa is next to whatever Elegido's theme music is in AAA. Guess what? HE GOT AN ENTRANCE VIDEO! FINALLY! He stops at the top of the ramp to take his jacket off... AND LEAPS OFF WITH A DOUBLE TORNILLO PLANCHA ONTO PUMA KING BELOW!!! HOLEE-SHIT!!! In any other universe that is the spot of the year but the match hasn't even officially begun! Cometa whips Puma into the ring, gives him a frankensteiner off the top rope and nails him with a wild tope suicida! Dueling chants! Back inside Cometa with a handspring backflip, somersault up Puma into a sunset flip, Puma escapes, rolls Cometa back and locks on a submission... and Cometa gives up! Crowd chants 'Puma, Puma, Puma!'

Puma misses a charge into the corner to start the second fall. Cometa clothesline misses, Puma does the Sabu backflip escape and trips Cometa coming off the ropes then dropkicks him in the face! Classic Puma King! Time for classic Rey Cometa as he does his no-hands rope fakeout as Puma slides outside to the flor. Cometa jumps onto the apron and goes for a frankensteiner... but Puma catches him! And just as he's done for weeks leading up to the match he swings Cometa into the barricade hard! Crowd loves it! Back inside press slam into double knees? No just a press slam and Puma starts ripping Cometa's mask up! Crowd boo's! Puma supporters cheer him! Clothesline takes off Cometa's head! Cometa whipped into the turnbuckles and bounces off right into a superkick! Crowd loves it! Another whip but Cometa escaped to the apron and kicks Puma King who got stuck on the top rope! Flying dropkick! Whip into the ropes... standing Spanish Fly! That's one of his finishers! Only a two! Cometa picks up Puma and slams him down. 450 Splash! That's his move! 1, 2... 3! Tied up 1-1!

Another Puma charge misses, Cometa superkick misses, Puma superkick connects! Backdrop lands Puma on the apron where he gets slapped hard. Cometa climbs up... no way... he wouldn't... FRANKENSTEINER OFF THE TOP ROPE TAKES PUMA OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR! A CLASSIC SICK SPOT! Puma lays there for a bit as Cometa lines him up... for the running double tornillo??? NO! COMETA IN THE BIGGEST MATCH OF HIS LIFE PULLS OUT THE SECOND ROPE SPRINGBOARD DOUBLE TORNILLO aka THE DIVE OF THE DECADE!!! Previously he had only hit it 3 times in late 2009 before he messed up badly and hurt his ankle (and ego) trying it at Arena Mexico. Since then he only used it one more time before retiring it... until now! Crowd pops HUGE and we actually get Cometa chants! Both guys sell the dive for a long time. Trading chops, Puma kicks Cometa down and goes for his mask! But Cometa pulls himself up and reverses it! TIME TO RIP UP PUMA'S MASK! Puma fans disapprove! Cometa trips Puma coming off the ropes... LA CASITA! 1, 2... too close to the ropes! Cometa charges Puma but gets hiptossed and bounces off the ropes which is the usual setup for Puma's submission finisher but Cometa kicks him instead! Cometa gets backdropped onto the apron and this times receives a kick! Puma hits the ropes... RUNNING SUNSET FLIP POWER BOMB TO THE FLOOR! COMETA LANDS HARD ON HIS HEAD! CROWD ERUPTS! INSANITY!!! These guys are just murdering each other! After over a minute and a half recovering Puma slams Cometa and goes up top... flying senton misses! HURACANRANA BY COMETA! 1, 2, KICKOUT! HUGE POP! Cometa goes for a roll-up but Puma crawls away and clotheslines the ?tecnico? down! Loud 'Puma' chants! Puma goes up top but Cometa cuts him off. Both balancing on top... SPANISH FLY! HUGE POP! 1, 2... NO! CROWD CAN'T BELIEVE IT! They're banging on anything available! INVERTED GORY SPECIAL BY PUMA KING! WILL COMETA GIVE UP??? He fights it off and rolls up Puma... who rolls through... AND RIGHT INTO HIS REINERA FINISHER! BUT THE SPINNING TAKES COMETA INTO THE ROPES! HE'S SAFE! Puma walks over and grabs the still dangling Cometa for a hanging DDT! Only a 2! What a match! Cometa places Puma up top with some difficulty and then nails a leaping frankensteiner taking Puma down! 1, 2, KICKOUT! CROWD CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Cometa is frustrated! Puma charges Cometa but gets placed up top....Cometa climbs up for another frankensteiner but Puma resists and punches Cometa in the gut... oh no... you gotta be kidding me... PUMA KING LIFTS UP REY COMETA AND DROPS HIM WITH AN ABSOLUTELY SICK TOP ROPE POWER BOMB VARIATION! CROWD EXPLODES! 1, 2... 2.5!!!!!!!!! INSANE POP FOR THE KICKOUT! THIS MATCH IS INSANE!!! Crowd singing for Puma! Puma charge misses, Cometa gets backdropped outside, slaps Puma King and nails a tornillo off the top! 2 count only! Great touch there as that used to be Cometa's finisher in his early days in AAA. 'Cometa' chants! Puma off the ropes... gets caught with the standing Spanish Fly! Cover? No! It didn't work in the first fall so why would it now? Cometa slams Puma down and goes up! 450 again? Worked once! THERE IT IS! 1, 2... 2.5! Not this time! If only Rey Cometa had a secondary finisher! But he doesn't! Cometa stands with Puma in the corner wondering what he has to do to win! He whips Puma into the turnbuckles but gets kicked in the face! Puma slingshots himself to the apron... SPRINGBOARD FRONTCRACKER! THAT'S ONE OF HIS MOVES! Great impact! 1, 2... COMETA KICKS OUT! CROWD STUNNED! Another vicious kick! Cometa is groggy! Backstabber off the second turnbuckle is a bit off but Puma grabs Cometa and locks on... HIS FATHER'S FINISHER - THE INVERTED FIGURE FOUR! The same move he used to shockingly win Ciclon Ramirez's mask 19 years ago in one of the biggest upsets ever! COMETA GIVES UP ALMOST IMMEDIATLY! CROWD GOES NUTS! PUMA KING WINS! WHAT A MATCH!!!

I can't even put into words how amazing this match was being a huge Rey Cometa supermark. Anything you could have wanted to see him do he did AND MORE! The stage dive, the dive of the decade, the insane bumps, his old tornillo finisher... he delivered! Puma King gets ton of credit as well for taking some sick bumps himself and being right there to catch Cometa every time. The level of difficulty in this match was a 15 out of 10! It's absolutely mind boggling they managed to pull off everything since it took such precise timing and guts! No matter if you are a CMLL fan or not you had to have enjoyed this match a ton!

I have no doubts barring a miracle this will be my match of the year. I also have no doubts this is one of the most memorable apuesta matches involving one of my favorite wrestlers ever. I was very sad to hear Cometa lost but he went down with a fight and gave an incredible performance! He earned this match with hard work alone. He has no family connections and had to work his way up from the opening matches to co-headline the biggest CMLL show of the year. Stories like that should give you hope when you watch guys like Aero Star, Drago, Valiente, Guerrero Maya Jr., Freelance, etc. who all risk their lives every show and have yet to be given the chance to be in headline matches on major shows. Hard work actually does pay off every once in a while for the guys that really deserve it!

VIVA REY COMETA! #porraReyCometa


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