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Konnan's Interview on F4D

Every couple of months or so Bryan Alvarez & Dr. Lucha Steve Sims interview Konnan over on The most recent one occured yesterday and covered a bunch of things related to Lucha Libre. Rather than spam my twitter followers I'm just going to post some quick thoughts here...

- My BS meter was completely off the charts when he told the story about attending Arena Mexico. The premise of the story I totally buy - it's very likely Konnan did have a night available and attended an Arena Mexico show with a mask on. The story completely falls apart after that. I am not buying that security singled him out because of his limp and surronded him as he sat in an empty upper section of the arena. Konnan is the only person in Mexico who limps? They tried to make him remove his mask before entering a LUCHA LIBRE show? Konnan attended this show alone? A CMLL wrestler just happened to run into him and sneak him in through a back entrance? This is Vampiro-esque in it's bullshit. It's a fascinating story, I'll definitely grant Konnan that. It just totally falls apart in the details. Smart marks (such as myself) tend to ignore the details since we're just so happy to hear crazy stories like this but please don't fool yourself people.

- If someone was out to get Marco Corleone this would be a nice opportunity to do so. I don't think he'd get in major trouble for pointing out the obvious (CMLL has no stars) but considering he just patched things up with the promotion it's probably not in his best interest to be talking to enemy #1 and having enemy #1 publically sharing the details of their conversation.

- I will accept Konnan's premise that Aero Star has no charisma. I don't agree with it but I'll accept it. It's totally acceptable that as a booker you wouldn't want to push a guy with no charisma. However the timing of that comment makes no sense as right now AAA is going full speed ahead with the push of a new wrestler named Daga who may or may not be aware that an actual crowd is watching him wrestle. Don't get me wrong - I think Daga is a very talented wrestler... but the next time he makes any sort of facial expression will be the first time. So if you're going to use the old Super Fly "no charisma" excuse you should save it up for a time when your much hyped new star isn't a Davey Richards clone.

- Konnan absolutely nailed it when he was talking about the dinosaur known as El Hijo Del Santo. He hinted that Santo has a financial backer who may be a drug dealer or at the very least a person of questionable nature. Whether the financial backer is a bad person or not (my educated guess would be yes) it's clear Santo found a moneymark when he started doing these Todo x Todo shows. He likely promised them a few big shows and a mask match where obviously Santo wins. The interesting thing will be to see where Todo x Todo goes after that because don't be fooled by what you see on TV - Todo x Todo is NOT drawing well. Watch the TV and look at the crowd. Those are not Lucha Libre fans. Those are people attending a Lucha Libre show (perhaps due to a business agreement?) before they go to wherever their real plans are for the night. I would be VERY interested to see the actual gates on these shows. If you doubt what I'm saying and think I'm just full of shit that's fine but all I ask is you ask yourself this question: Why is it Todo x Todo can pack thousands into a medium sized arena but the same roster works a show the following day at Arena Lopez Mateos they can only get a few hundred fans to show up?

I can totally believe Konnan when he says Santo is trying to re-open doors with CMLL because if his moneymark is leaving him after the mask match draws only a few paid fans Santo needs a backup option. At this point though I don't see why CMLL should use him. I'm sure they will since they seem interested in anything to pop a one-time crowd but Santo isn't worth the headaches he brings as Konnan explained. It's always been my opinion that any "legend" is not worth using if they aren't willing to make putting over the young generation their #1 priority. Santo still clearly wants to be the star. All by himself. No tag team partner. No protege. No losses. When you have someone with an attitude like that who has proven time and time again he can't even sellout smaller arenas on his own - who needs him? Let him keep pretending to be a star on his own TV show and only wrestle when he can talk a rich old guy into remembering how great his father was.

- Konnan claimed a legitimate CMLL vs AAA interpromotional feud would be simple to do as both promotions could just trade wins back and forth. Who knew it was that easy? LOL I'm sure L.A. Park would be thrilled when Konnan tells him he has to lose clean to La Sombra so that Mesias can go to Arena Mexico and get AAA the win back over Ultimo Guerrero. I don't know if Konnan really believes what he's saying but he made the entire AAA/CMLL working together concept sound like the easiest thing in the world when we all know it would never work out. One promotion would be afraid to lose first since they'd fear getting screwed over, wrestlers would refuse to job, wrestlers would refuse to work with other wrestlers and one stupid little thing like a botched spot that one wrestler felt was a double-cross would lead to silly backstage turmoil. If we rewound time 15 years and Antonio Pena told Konnan he needed him to go job to Hijo Del Santo at Arena Mexico so Perro Aguayo could get a clean win over Rayo De Jalisco Jr. I would LOVE to have seen that reaction!

- There were a couple of things Konnan seemed to blame on others when he was directly responsible for these issues:

1) Jeff Jarrett unable to defend his title b/c of other commitments
2) Decnis not getting over as a rudo

Isn't it the bookers job to make sure if he's putting the main belt on someone he will have dates for that person locked up ahead of time? And if it's clear the scheduling is an issue wouldn't you get the belt off him ASAP? Isn't it also the bookers job to decide whether to turn people tecnico or rudo? This isn't the first time under Konnan's watch we've had guys flip-flopping in rapid fashion for no apparent reason (Super Fly, Nygma, Electro Shock).

- Not sure I'm buying the whole "El Consejo" storyline. Konnan sold it well and I'll give AAA the benefit of the doubt but I see no reason why my initial prediction won't come true - the group won't exist in 2013. Argos will be Argos as a tecnico, Texano will be back in CMLL and Toscano may or may not as well. I wish we'd have remembered to ask Konnan if he knows that MA2K Jr. has never actually worked for CMLL. It appears that Heavy Metal will be turning on AAA at the upcoming Rey De Reyes but I don't think many people associate him with CMLL since he struck it big in AAA. As pointed out by others including Alfredo & Cubsfan - AAA has been doing these "invasion" angles for years now. Vipers, TNA Version 1, Foreign Legion, Perros Del Mal, TNA Version 2... the list goes on and on. This "El Consejo" storyline is no different than any of the others... in fact it may be lamer since right now TNA guys hold two of AAA's titles. Aren't they the real threat?

Overall it was the usual entertaining hour or so with Konnan. Whether you agree or disagree with what he says you'll definitely be entertained by what he says. It's the closest any of us will come to hearing what goes through the mind of the booker of a major company in Mexico.

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Blogger Cecilia said...

Great post Rob, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us :)

Other moments I found to be funny in Konnan's interview:

1) As Alfredo pointed out in twitter, how instead of saying Homenaje a Dos Leyendas the recent event was called Anniversary by all, time and time again.

2) How he said that when a luchador goes from AAA to CMLL they get no important matches and no chances. Hey, he discussed Charly Manson yet he did not remember his CMLL run?

3) If CMLL runs shows with such low attendance and has no stars, why would AAA (drawing so well and full of stars) be interested in doing business with them?

4) How simplistic he sees the political scene in México. Four months into the new government after July and everything will magically improve! First of all, new government takes office in December... so NO, 2012 won't be when the magic takes place.

5:21 PM  

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