Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 Predictions

1. Valiente will win his first major mask match over either Polvora or Efesto.

2. (trying again this year) Dr. Wagner Jr. will leave AAA and return to CMLL by September where he will be a rudo so he can feud with Atlantis.

3. All the Oficiales will be unmasked by year end.

4. CMLL will still not deliver either Atlantis vs Ultimo or Sombra vs Volador in major mask matches.

5. Pantera will wrestle in a mask match.

6. At some point CMLL will suddenly remember the Atlantis/Delta/Maya feud against Shocker/Metro/Titan/Triton exists. Most likely in February. The teams will face each other for a few weeks and the feud will be forgotten by April. Possibly due to Delta and Metro getting a tag title shot.

7. Teddy Hart will return to AAA, even if only for a one time deal.

8. Damian 666 will wrestle a hardcore match.

9. Escorpion will lose his hair.

10. Dragon Lee will win the Gran Alternativa.

11. A shitty nobody wrestler from New Japan will end up in CMLL and immediatly be positioned as a top guy who is better than 90% of CMLL wrestlers. (I want to make sure I get at least one right!)

12. Lots of bitter old luchadors from the 80's will continue to insist business would be better with them on the show while they continue to wrestle in front of 100 fans every weekend doing the saddest matches you'll ever see. Isn't that right Fuerza Guerrera?

13. Blue Demon Jr. & El Hijo Del Santo will tease a year-end mask match only to not deliver it when they can't find a promotor crazy enough to pay what they want.

14. Marcela will lose her hair to Amapola.

15. CMLL will run Forjando un Idolo again but this time with tag teams. Ultimo Guerrero's team will win.

16. Either LuchaPop will start airing on TVC Deportes or some sort of all women's group will get a show on the channel.

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