Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Five Happy Things

1. Sagrado/Valiente/Metro vs Raziel/Euforia/Vangelis - 9/9/11 @ Arena Mexico

Really good match! Everyone worked hard and there was a bunch of creative stuff here which quickly assured me this wasn't going to end up the usual CMLL style mail-in. Valiente/Raziel had a fun mat exchange early on which brought back memories of Valiente vs Caligula matches. Metro/Vangelis, arguably the weakest two wrestlers here, both played their roles perfectly and didn't screw anything up. In fact Metro's snap german suplex to end the first fall was really neat. Another excellente Valiente/Raziel exchange in fall two included a SPRINGBOARD MONKEY FLIP FROM RAZIEL! WOO-HOO! Third fall had some really nice back-and-forth action ending with the usual big dives and tecnico win. CMLL match of the month? It's a tough month since Sombra/Averno and Sombra/Volador are both airing this weekend along with the trios titles match on C3. Which leads me to...

2. Mexican National Trios Titles feud

This has been built up really well. The two teams had a fun match three weeks ago ending with Volador getting a cheap win over Rush. The following week they had the revancha and the rudos just completely destroyed the tecnicos in under 8 minutes. There was no cheating, they just beat them clean and sent them packing. Afterwards they got their title shot and yesterday they won the belts cleanly. Cannot wait to see the match this Saturday! You know if I were to pick a CMLL MVP this year I think I'd have to divide it up between Averno for the Friday shows and Volador for the Sunday/Tuesday shows. Averno has been non-existent on C3 shows and Volador has been non-existent on Friday events.

3. Guerrero Negro vs Arandu - Hair vs Hair, ?/?/88 @ Arena Coliseo MTY

Holy jesus! As a match... eh. But as a spectacle... Holy fuck. Insane crowd heat! At one point in the 3rd fall there were two fights in the crowd happening at the same time. I think some guy even attacked the chick who was with Arandu. The post-match was just out of control with the crowd IN THE RING and the two guys still brawling knocking people over while fighting off fans trying to take shots at them. I was legit scared Arandu was going to die. Great stuff!

(I've been watching more 80's/early 90's stuff but just been too lazy to write about it. Some highlights were an excellent trios match with the Villanos vs Indomito/Kahoz/Mongol Chino, a trios match with a young Hooligan as Super Punk opposite an equally young Dr. Wagner Jr. (Wagner was selling!) and seeing a few matches with NINJA who is one of the more underrated wrestlers of the 80's. He does the Kato Kung Lee/Kung Fu gimmick better than they do!)

4. Argenis/Atomic Boy/Relampago vs Semental/Mortiz/Dark Dragon - 9/1/11 in Toluca

Aired this past weekend on TV and may be the last time we get to see these guys for a while with AAA TV now being shortened to 1 hour. What a way to go out though! I originally saw the first few minutes on a youtube handheld where they blew some stuff but most of it got edited off TV and they really picked it up after the handheld cut off. I really hope these guys get a chance to move up on the shows at some point b/c they are killing themselves in these matches. Mortiz gave Argenis a SPANISH FLY OFF THE SECOND TURNBUCKLE TO THE FLOOR! WHY? OH GOD, WHY? The rudo trio in particular was just fantastic as bases and when they went on offense they busted out the move killer moves possible. Are there seriously still jaded people who think Semental is not a future star? Dark Dragon is even progressing so fast he may be right up there as well soon. Just a joy to watch these guys.

5. Golden Magic

His performance in the IWRG Welterweight Title tournament was excellent! Three matches, all of them really good and all of them using different styles. He hung in there with Trauma II when it was time to hit the mat and still had a lot left to drag a good match out of Bestia 666. I expect big things from Golden Magic in the future!

BONUS HAPPY THING: X-Fly on Tercera Caida! Hunt this episode down on youtube! My favorite 3ra Caida episode ever. X-Fly is awesome, he had all his belts with him and they aired one of my favorite matches ever from ECW when he fought Super Crazy.

In closing, one question...

Did anyone order the IWL iPPV? I'm trying to figure out what actually aired so I can decide whether to purchase the onDemand version or not. Paying $10 just to see an under 10 minute Turbo/Skayde/Black Thunder match isn't the worst thing in the world but I'd prefer to have at least one other match I'm interested in and nothing from the top of the card is making me run to spend my money.

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