Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CMLL FSE & C3 2/25/12

CMLL FSE 2/25/12:

Angel Azteca Jr./Rey Cometa/Dragon Lee vs Arkangel/Skandalo/Nitro: Dragon Lee is back and guess what? He's still Dragon Lee. Only skinnier which is hard to believe. On one hand it's good b/c you are supposed to be smaller when returning from injury since you can't work out and shouldn't be "enhancing yourself". On the other hand he had the rubber legs going while trying to slam Skandalo and that looked bad. He did all his usual spots and hit 25% of what he attempted. He still stands around looking confused way too much for my liking. On the other hand his partner Rey Cometa was killing it here. A perfect performance including the sickest sequence to roll-up Arkangel. I've said it before but I'll whine again: It's a crying shame he'll never move up and his partner Dragon Lee will win the Gran Alternativa this year just b/c he has family in power. Lee will be good one day but not any time soon and overpushing him risks ruining him. A fine match, exactly what you'd expect from the Tuereg who were less annoying than usual thanks to Cometa bumping like a freak for their offense.

Fuego/Sagrado/Sangre Azteca vs Vangelis/Misterioso II/Okumura: I know Cubs won't enjoy this but I liked it. These guys are all going nowhere and thus their matches generally reflect that but at least on Fridays they put a little effort into their work. There was the usual sloppiness you expect with this crew including Vangelis seemingly learning how to do la tapatia on the fly but they kept things moving and the third fall had great build to a neat finish. Heck - there was even a stage dive by Sagrado! It should also be noted Sangre Azteca/Misterioso had matching outfits on. Subtle! Can we just turn Sangre rudo again and get this tecnico nonsense over with?

CMLL C3 2/25/12:

Frisbee/Camaleon vs Cholo/Bobby Zavala: Better than last week's opener mostly thanks to Zavala who seems to be the real deal. Hopefully someone takes notice unlike with Semental. Match had some iffy moments with Frisbee and Cholo being on different pages but I found this an acceptable opener.

Aereo/Pequeno Halcon/Ultimo Dragoncito vs Demus/Pequeno Olimpico/Pierrothito: The layout of the match was great but the participants -mainly on the tecnico side- couldn't pull it off. This format with Bam Bam/Electrico instead may have been a legit MOTYC. It's been almost 2 years and I am begging Aereo/Halcon to show some improvement. Both are just go generic and seem so uncomfortable in the ring. Rudos really carried things here along with Dragoncito working for 3 guys. Lots of back-and-forth stuff including Aereo getting a surprise pinfall on Olimpico. Loved the finishing spot!

Starman/Rey Cometa/Pegasso vs Puma King/Raziel/Cancerbero: I was so happy when the rudo team got inserted for the Tuereg. I cannot stomach another Tuereg by the numbers match. This was a really good match with non-stop action and some great exchanges. Pegasso continues to look rejuvenated which is nice to see. Raziel/Cancerbero busted out their old Caligula/Messala finishers in fall one! Another great finishing spot. Can't go wrong with this.

Mascara Dorada/Hijo Del Fantasma/Super Porky vs Okumura/Morphosis/Olimpico: Sadly just a generic match. Porky is so out of shape I'm actually worried about how much longer he's got left. Dorada was just... there. Unfortunately that's how he's been since that fluke injury in GDL. Starting to trouble me. No rope tricks or huge spots he is known for. I understand wanting to tone it down at times but the last thing he needs to do is tone it down to the point he is interchangeable with Angel De Oro and Diamante.

Atlantis/Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr. vs TRT: Good match! Fresh match too as these teams hadn't fought before. Everyone looked good - even Delta! Maya was of course out of this world and unleashed a huge flip dive in the third fall. But the highlight for me was Rey Bucanero channeling Pirata Morgan and doing a sequence with Atlantis straight out of a 1990 Atlantis vs Morgan match. It was tremendous! Rudos cheated to win which (thankfully) sets up a rematch.

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