Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ranking the CMLL Mini's & Women!


1. Pierrothito

The king! Has been the best overall mini for many years now and is the glue that holds the division together. Sorta like Mini Abismo Negro was before he disappeared into the abyss. Rumored to be in charge of the division now and the guy who puts the matches together which explains why the matches have been so great this year with such limited talent.  

2. Demus 3:16

He's in a bad spot since he failed as a regular sized guy and now it looks silly seeing him work with much smaller guys. That doesn't take away from the fact he is still wildly entertaining and one of the best catchers in CMLL.  

3. Electrico He's blown right past a bunch of veteran guys to take this spot. He's worked hard and had the help of learning on the job from guys like Pierrothito & Demus. He's clearly the current 'ace' of the tecnicos and the mini tecnico CMLL is going to build around. Well deserved!

4. Ultimo Dragoncito

Starting to get back on track after almost burning himself to death. Has always been one of the better minis and with the lack of depth in CMLL right now putting him up here is an easy decision.  

5. Pequeno Olimpico

I'm not as down on him as some are. He's a bit boring at times but his veteran presence is often needed in matches especially with so many young green guys on the tecnico side. He can still go when he wants.  

6. Pequeno Warrior

Guilty of clowning around too much during matches but when he is in the position to carry a match he can step up his game.  

7. Bam Bam

Such a disappointment. Even just as recent as over a year ago he'd easily be a top 3 guy and I was pushing for him to get bumped up to the regular sized division. Then he started no-showing and when he did appear he would be working at half speed and joking his way through matches. I can't tell if CMLL has just killed his spirit by doing nothing with him or whether outside the ring issues are ruining what was a promising career.

8. Fantasy

Used to pretty dull to watch but now that he is getting booked more he is working harder. Has a fun moveset and the fact he doesn't mess up at least 3 moves per match automatically makes him a blessing!  

9. Pequeno Violencia

Limited appearences but he's as solid as they come when he is around.  

10. Mercurio

The one newcomer to the division who has actually been impressive in almost all his appearences. One wonders if he was trained outside of CMLL considering he doesn't fit the generic mold of all their homebred rookies.  

11. Astral

One of my favorites to watch! Much like Triton has a variety of incredibles spots and dives. But also much like Triton is very inconsistent and appears clueless what to do in between moves. Seems to be a gymnast turned luchador rather than a guy who grew up wanting to be a wrestler. Definitely needs one of the top rudos to look good.  

12. Pequeno Maximo

I like him better in his other role.:p Humorous to watch in this role once in a while though.  

13. Pequeno Nitro

Very inconsistent to the point of annoyance. You can never tell which guy you'll get when he shows up. One week he's a great base and has devastating moves. The next week he's out of position on every spot and seems like he's never been in a wrestling ring before. A huge letdown after he impressed initially.  

14. Pequeno Universo 2000

Too small. 10-15 years ago he'd have been perfect for the division working with smaller tecnicos. Now he really sticks out as being a short pudgy guy with absolutely zero offensive moves of note. Isn't even a good base/catcher which begs the question - why is he kept around?  

15. Aereo

One of two really green tecnicos who showed up recently and appear to be learning nothing. Has a couple of fun spots but is otherwise horrible.  

16. Pequeno Halcon

The other one! He seems to understand less than Aereo. Also troubling is neither of these guys seem to want to stand out and are more than content to work a generic style usually reserved for mini's on the independent shows. Perhaps it's only because they aren't allowed to try new stuff until they figure out the basics? Hopefully these two aren't a sign of where the division is headed in the future. N/A: Nino De Acero (not enough matches)  


1. Marcela

The queen of the division. Always has good matches, can drag even the worst opponents to passable matches and is respected by both male and female fans. Her twitter account is a bit dull though.  

2. La Amapola

Same as Marcela but I put her a notch lower since she seems to get angry when working with the incompetent lower ranked girls which tends to ruin matches. She's an amazing bumper and great ruda though.

3. Dark Angel

Might be my #1 if she was around more often. Always makes matches more exciting and is the closest thing to a high flyer you'll ever see in a luchadora. It's a shame CMLL can't pay her what she gets in TNA b/c by only using her part-time it gives her no chance to do a feud.  

4. Lady Apache

One of the best for 20 years now. She used to be my favorite to watch but has considerably slowed down over the past 2 years due to the pregnancy and that pesky thing called aging. Can still go in the ring but has been clearly surpassed by others.  

5. Princesa Blanca

Getting better and better. The best overall ruda in CMLL and is now able to carry the bottom rung luchadoras unlike a year or so ago where'd she just end up falling down to their level.  

6. Princesa Sujei

Has she been showing up less often or is it just me? When she is around she's fine but I question the level of effort. She seems to have given up now that she isn't ever focused on individually.  

7. Zeuxis

The fastest progressing of the newer CMLL luchadoras thanks to her time in Japan. Incredible moveset and great look for a ruda. Gotta imagine she'll be the central focus of the division when she starts back full-time in Mexico.  

8. Silueta

Japan did her wonders! Really promising in her limited appearences since the tours of Japan began. Seems to be comfortable as a high flyer and can more than hold up her end of the deal in matches (trios or singles).

9. Lluvia

She began improving about a year and a half ago and since then has mainly been in Japan so one can only assume she'll be better than ever when she returns full-time.  

10. Goya Kong

She's a sideshow act just like her dad but at least she's a capable sideshow act. Moves well for a larger lady and understands how to sell for someone twice the size of her opponents. She does great to work around her natural limitations.  

11. La Comandante

Her offense is the drizzling shits but she's a perfectly fine base and a great ruda.  

12. Mima Shimoda

No effort at all. She's more than capable of being three times better than she currently is but she's clearly on cruise control. If CMLL had management that cared they'd give her roster spot to a woman that cared about having a job and making herself better.  

13. La Seductora

The best thing you can say about her is she tries hard. Doesn't seem to be naturally athletic but tries to make up for it which is what often leads to her slip-ups.  

14. Estrellita

She's eye candy. Nothing more, nothing less. She definitely tries to work hard but she's just not capable of keeping up with the regular top end crew. But she doesn't need to. She's CMLL's new poster luchadora.  

15. Dalys

About what you'd expect from a 40 year old wife of a wrestler who randomly decided (forced?) to start wrestling. She mimics moves well but clearly has no concept of being a wrestler and is one of the worst sellers you'll ever see.

16. Luna Magica

At least her hair is growing now b/c I was starting to get weird thoughts about a certain CMLL booker having a strange fetish. She's a horrible wrestler and has no redeeming qualities. She does wild dives for no reason and is completely reckless when doing them. Waste of a paycheque.  

17. Tiffany

I don't want to be sexist so I won't say exactly what I'm thinking but let's just put it this way... when women get older their bodies change in certain ways... especially women who have had kids. These changes are why you rarely, if ever, see women taking part in sports that require lots of physical activity. Tiffany is practically immobile. Just trying to jump appears to be a streneous activity for her. Her rolling bumps are practically made for botchmania. I fast forward anything she is involved in.

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