Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Post-Wrestlemania Thoughts But No Actual Wrestlemania Thoughts!

- Enjoyed Block A of the Gran Alternativa. I'm okay with the format of shortening the first round matches so the final four teams can have lengthy matches. My problem is why are you bothering to do matwork and start slow when you know you only have 3/4 minutes? Just go all out! Do your highspots and finish. This especially applies to guys like Titan, Zavala, Pegasso & Puma King. You are going to look weak by going out first so why not leave a memorable impression? Dorada and Titan in particular did nothing in their match.

- What is up with Mascara Dorada? After slipping on the ropes during his entrance in GDL a few days before the CMLL Japan shows he has become a different man. He hasn't attempted a single rope trick since including never using the Brillo Dorada which used to be a regular move of his. He is coasting through matches by doing 3 or 4 moves including an abysmal performance 2 Sundays ago at Arena Coliseo where he did a dive and nothing else. The thing that seperated Dorada from everyone was that he was always one step ahead in terms of creativity and innovation. Without those he's just another Angel De Oro. Is he hurt? Doesn't seem like it. Is he being told to tone it down so guys like Dragon Lee can stand out? Possible but doubtful. Is he afraid to do rope tricks since his mishap? Seems like it. Whatever the deal is I hope he gets over it b/c I miss the real Mascara Dorada.

- I'm happy Euforia won his half of the Gran Alternativa. He has always been underrated and I'm sticking with him to win the entire thing. He would make for a great main event rudo opposite both Rush and Diamante Azul. In my fantasy world he forms a group with Niebla Roja and Dragon Rojo Jr where they try to destroy Ultimo Guerrero. I feel like that's too complex for CMLL though. I'm just happy Dragon Lee didn't win. He is not ready for this. It really showed when he was in the ring with Ultimo Guerrero and Terrible. He's too skinny, not confident, has no charisma and thus no fans take him seriously. His time will come and (hopefully) he'll improve by then.

- Niebla Roja looked fantastic in his debut and better in his second match (semi-main on 4/3). Talk about a guy who was completely miscast as a tecnico! In fact that semi-main is a must-watch match! Best CMLL match of the month so far. Stuka/Misterioso appear to be feuding but I see no way a feud like that can actually go anywhere with neither having a title or the ability to unmask.

- BTJr was nice enough to record the Fuerza Aerea/Drago vs Oficiales match from Sunday. It was rather ordinary with Drago looking off at times and only Aero Star working at normal speed. I still enjoyed it though. Had the requisite wild dives and it's a rarity to see two of my current favorites teamed up.

- What happened to Pequeno Halloween? Surely he can't be making enough money just on his LLUSA deal. Would love to see him opposite Mascarita Dorada again in Todo x Todo. For now Lobito will do - he's really good! Hope people are noticing.

- As long as I'm asking about missing minis: What's up with Mini Abismo Negro? Quit wrestling? And the usual... anyone have an update on Tzuki's whereabouts?

- While catching up on 2011 Lucha I came across two Sombra/Psicosis singles matches that were really good. 3/14 in Puebla and 4/3 at Arena Mexico. Two completely different matches with excellent drama and both guys working hard. Psicosis is a very underrated worker. Also worth checking out is the locals match to open the 3/14 Puebla show. Wild stuff!

- The Forjando un Idolo matches really hold up over time. Cometa vs Palacio from week one was great on rewatch. You know a match is gonna be great when the first spot is innovative! I even enjoyed Magnus vs Angel De Plata. You can't say much good about Magnus' brief run in CMLL but I can assure you he looked better in every Forjando un Idolo match than Dragon Lee has yet to in any of his CMLL singles matches. I'm sure a lot had to do with his opponents carrying him but compare Magnus' opponents (Polvora, Fuego, Angel De Plata) to who Dragon Lee has had (Raziel, Virus, Guerrero Maya Jr., Delta). Dragon Lee has no excuse to have not had a passable singles match yet.

- Keep your eye on Astro De Plata in IWRG. His current gimmick is clearly just a placeholder. He's gonna be big. This week they aired an opening match from March featuring him and he stole the show. Has amazing creativity and tons of charisma. I think putting him under the Dragon Lee mask would help CMLL!

- I love IWRG but can't help but complain about what has happened to their roster? Great/fun wrestlers like Freelance, Dr. Cerebro, Mike Segura, Maldito, Samot, Turbo are completely gone and guys like Alan Xtreme, Pollo, Centurion, Comando Negro, Triton, Avisman are either stuck low on the card or are rarely booked. Instead IWRG is using worthless guys like Fresero Jr, Aero Boy, Violento Jack, Aleman, Bugambilla/Chicano, Apolo Estrada Jr & Oficiales Elite (who have shown nothing at all in the ring yet). Did someone new take over booking the wrestlers? Did the regular guys start asking to be paid so now IWRG can only use the awful wrestlers who don't care about being paid? I mean IWRG was the talk of the net in terms of match quality for 2010/2011 and I haven't heard any mention of good matches so far this year. It's a shame.

- I know this contradicts what I said above but Chicano/Charly Madrid vs Comando Negro/The Mummy from IWRG 3/15 was FANTASTIC! Charly Madrid is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and THE MUMMY has the gimmick down perfect and seems to actually be a good wrestler! I eagerly await more footage of both popping up on youtube soon!

- I am completely disinterested in what AAA has been building for Triplemania so far. Hopefully they change things up... which is NOT code for "make it AAA vs TNA"! A lot of the recent undercard matches from TV have looked good (especially Pachuca!) but I have zero faith that guys like Drago, Atomic Boy, Fenix or Aero Star will make Triplemania unless it's a stupid 12 person TLC match just to have guys die.

- Very disappointed that the next FIL show on Tuesday will have a cage match main event. The monthly Torneo Ciberneticos are usually a highlight for me. Cage matches? Not so much.

- The best division in all of Mexico so far this year has been the CMLL minis. No doubt about it. As the story goes control over the division was handed to Pierrothito/Pequeno Olimpico in January and they've really been working hard to put on good matches. I have yet to see a single formulaic match this year from the minis crew. They are always trying new things and coming up with creative finishes. It's all the more impressive since they are using rookies like Pequeno Halcon, Aereo and Mercurio who are not improving at all but are at least hidden smartly in matches. Imagine how amazing the division would be if Bam Bam ever showed up to work and Tzuki was still around!

- Meanwhile boy has the Estrellita vs Amapola feud (will it ever end?), lack of Dark Angel and disappearence of Silueta/Zeuxis in favor of Goya Kong/Tiffany just killed the CMLL womens division. Painful to watch their matches at times.

- The 'El Consejo' angle is still doing nothing for me. Mascara Ano 2000 Jr's performance on AAA TV from Queretaro was just pathetic. He made Drago look terrible and couldn't even execute his own finisher. Is he even allowed to do a mask match with Wagner? Doesn't MA2K Sr. have to approve that?

- Keep your eye on Charly Madrid from IWRG. He does a bull fighter gimmick ala Oscar Sevilla. He is a great mat wrestler and can fly well but the real key is his charisma. Crowd LOVES him! Would not be surprised if IWRG elevated him quickly.

- Aero Star/Daga vs Dark Dragon/Juventud Guerrera this Sunday for DDD is a match I would pay for. Whether it be a full show or a video on demand. I am super excited hoping that match finds its way onto youtube!

- And finally... Prince Devitt vs Volador Jr. was really good! A high end MOTYC for me. I expected Devitt to get boo'ed b/c of the Mexican vs foreigner aspect but figured the women would at least support him. Not so! Volador got all the cheers! They had some really nice back-and-forth stuff and a clean finish which seems like a rarity these days! Volador didn't bust out some of his more high risk stuff so I wonder if they are already planning a rematch in September or something.

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