Friday, April 27, 2012

Buscando Un Idolo

It would be a waste of time to do match-by-match predictions since the actual results mean very little for the overall score. Judge's decisions and online voting mean more so I'll just give my thoughts on each participant...

Diamante: On the bright side for him he will hold first place until the competition actually starts thanks to alphabetical order! Unfortunately for him he will never see it again afterwards. I have noticed he's really stepped up his game in the past month and seems extra motivated. Perhaps he is going to really try and steal the show here. I just don't think he can overcome the politics keeping him down, especially in a tournament like this where it is so easy to fudge the numbers. I expect him to finish at the bottom on the tecnico side.

Dragon Lee: He clearly has the support of someone (Franco Colombo) in the office but is also clearly not a favorite of others. CMLL tends to try and keep everyone happy so I see no reason why he won't advance out of the first stage barring a major injury... which when dealing with Dragon Lee is always a concern. He has experience doing the 'El Luchador' skits which may play a part in this competition so he'll benefit from that. The ladies seem to like him so that should automatically counteract his lack of charisma (not that any of the other tecnicos have any charisma to speak of). Mark him down as a sure thing to advance.

Euforia: Poor guy finally wins a tournament to establish himself as a main eventer and is immediatly placed in a midcard tournament! His role will be the role he's had here for years... he will make every tecnico look great. CMLL seems to be behind him lately and understand his value to guys like Triton & Dragon Lee so I'm picking him as one of the two rudos to advance to the next round. Already has a built-in connection to Ultimo Guerrero which is a plus.

Niebla Roja: My darkhorse to come out on top from the rudo side. Has been terrific since he showed up and clearly has Ultimo Guerrero behind him since he's been allowed to wear the mask. It feels like they are re-doing the entire Eclipse storyline from 2006... assuming anyone even gets that reference. I can't see him finishing any lower than Polvora or Puma King which automatically puts him in the top two to advance to the next round. Was one of the underrated wrestlers in last year's Forjando un Idolo so expect good matches out of him this year as well.

Polvora: He could go either way. CMLL has always been hot and cold on him. One week he's a Dragon Rojo replacement, the next week he's just a midcarder taking falls for Sangre Azteca. He has the physique CMLL loves, is charasmatic and one of the judges seems to be a big fan of his. I could easily see him taking Euforia's spot in the next round but lately the promotion has been higher on Euforia so Polvora may be SOL here.

Puma King: Seems like the odd man out here. Every other rudo has a connection to Ultimo Guerrero or looks like a member of Los Infernales. Puma King is very talented, one could argue more talented than anyone else in this tournament, but talent alone doesn't help when you don't have someone in the office pushing for you. He's very charasmatic which might help if the fans really start to take to him but if it hasn't happened yet why would it suddenly start now? He'll likely finish dead last on the rudo side and wait for his chance to move up in the future - perhaps when Mr. Niebla leaves for "personal reasons" again and the Peste Negra need a new person to help them feud with TRT?

Titan: I have to come clean - I'm biased! I will be co-running the #porraTitan with @conjuarez, @TKD_117 and anyone else who wishes to join. So it's no secret I want him to advance and I think his chances are good. It's really between him and Triton as to who advances with Dragon Lee. I give the edge to Titan based on him being more consistent and having more charisma than Triton. Plus CMLL likes to spread out tournament wins to give themselves better odds at finding a new star so Triton already had his shot while Titan was eliminated in 4 minutes. I would suspect his walking on his hands trick will win over the judges and the crowd which will give him some points to pad his score even if he loses a couple of matches. I'll take him to advance with Dragon Lee.

Triton: He's been looking really good lately but I think him not winning the Gran Alternativa was a sign of CMLL losing faith in him after a poor showing the week before. He can look REALLY spectacular at times but on the opposite end when he is having an off night he looks like an AULL opening match guy. There doesn't seem to be an in-between for him. As I said - it's between him and Titan as to who moves on with Dragon Lee. The only way I see it being Triton is if his first couple of matches go smooth and the promotion gets excited about him again. He has zero charisma whatsoever and really needs to be carried so if any of the rudos decide not to play along during the matches he could be in a world of trouble as the recent lightning match against Virus showed.

So I'm taking Dragon Lee & Titan on the tecnico side and Euforia & Niebla Roja on the rudo side.

Should be a great tournament!



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