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Lucha Underground, CaraLuchas, AAA TV, CMLL, More!

Lucha Underground - 2/4/15:

Great video package summing up everything leading into this episode. An underrated thing on this show is their ability to balance feuds out on various shows instead of insisting the same guys stay on every week. Keeps things fresh.

Angelico vs Son of Havoc: Wasn't sure how these two would match up but it worked out! Angelico busted out his knee strikes that I really like including one that the camera edit kinda missed where he did that deal where you step on the bottom rope re-entering the ring and then he knee'd Havoc (think of ACH's flatliner executed the same way). Great dive by Angelico. Finish was well timed and started the Havoc/Ivelisse angle nicely. Looking forward to more Angelico.

DARIO! The more Dario the better! Something tells me he's not really interested in being friends with Mundo.

Pentagon Jr. video pacakge is greater than the first one! They're making him into a no nonsense killer which is perfect.

Pentagon Jr. vs Famous B: PACKAGE PILEDRIVER! BROKEN ARM! What else do you say? The arm breaking deal came off great. I think they even added a sound effect but I'll have to re-watch. Either way Famous B sold it great and I'm happy the show is letting the Mexicans cut promos in Spanish. Feels more authentic.

DARIO AGAIN! Ah... his monster is the one the Asian chick is looking for. I knew he was lying last week! They're really stretching out the build as to who this monster is so he has to be something special but I have no idea who it could be unless it's Goro. Maybe Hernandez? Very curious.

Aero Star vs Drago: Very short but full of cool stuff. In another life these two were part of a great series of matches with the Fuerza Aerea & Barrio Boys so I know these two can work together. Aero Star's dive was so gorgeous. He was floating in air! I still can't figure out how he does that springboard from the 2nd rope over the top inside the ring. Margain for error is TINY. Drago's dive was also great. Messed up leapfrog spot was ugly. Always confuses me when botched spots make it into this show given how much editing is done to the matches. Drago's DDT to finish was really great. Looking forward to Round 2!

Catrina is interested in Fenix? Maybe she should see some of his infamous tweets before getting too far into this. LOL But... if Lucha Underground is doing a long story arc where Fenix morphs from talented high flying luchador into his legit emo self who loses his love of Lucha Libre and just whines about women... I think this could be the greatest thing ever. But back to the actual storyline... Mil Muertes is going to kill them both and it's going to be GLORIOUS!

Johnny Mundo vs Cage: I thought this was pretty great. Mundo is the perfect guy for this type of show and always delivers. Cage came off good again. The moonsault spot was neat but I still prefer his power spots. Also he could do with the lariat or multiple power bombs as a finisher. Not digging the Gory Special Flatliner deal which takes too long to setup. Dario was great restarting the match. Obviously he's screwing Mundo but he covered it up nicely so he comes off as just wanting to give the fans what they want. That's how you do it. You don't need a 20 minute promo trolling the fans making inside references and putting babyfaces in handicap matches to come off as a heel if you know what you're doing.

And finally... "... but, you already knew that." *wink" AWESOME ENDING!

BREAKING: The greatest wrestling show on TV is still the greatest wrestling show on TV.

AAA TV @ Arena Naucalpan 1/23/15:

Venum/Ludxor/Dinastia/Arez vs Apache/Carta Brava/Mini Psycho Clown/Ciclope: FREAKIN' AWESOME! As usual everyone can learn from AAA. The opener needs to be a fun match full of spots to get the crowd going. Fuck that "burn out the crowd on highspots" shit. The crowd is hottest when the show starts. You can't kill them by sending out fucking Leono & Metatron to do nothing. Fucking CMLL. Anyways... these guys just went all out. It was a tecnico showcase with the rudos just getting a minute or so before the tecnicos fought back. Arez looked really good and professional. He has zero charisma but a great look. The opposite for Ciclope who has a shit look but was sort of charasmatic and I guess was just there to eat Arez' offense which he did a fine job of doing. They mixed up the pairings a lot which was a nice twist. The dives were off the charts and the finish was super sick with the power bomb/Air Raid Crash off the top rope at the same time! MORE OF THIS PLEASE!

Australian Suicide/Bengala vs Joe Lider/Pentagon Jr.: Good match! Pentagon has entered 2015 with new moves in his arsenal and even some cool tag spots with Lider. They kept showing a stapler in the corner but thankfully Lider never used it. Suicide looks to be in great shape and was ON in this match. Well worth watching.

Aero Star vs Monster Clown vs Super Fly vs Hijo De Pirata Morgan: Sadly just an angle. Aero Star did his tope into the crowd but the match only went 6 minutes or so and nobody else did anything. Kind of a bummer but I'll overlook it since the right guy won. AERO STAR FOR REY DE REYES! MAKE IT HAPPEN!

La Parka/Drago/Jack Evans vs Cibernetico/Chessman/Averno: Jack Evans did a SUPER QUEBRADA INTO A BACKFLIP FOR A RING ENTRANCE! Then he had a cool exchange with Chessman involving multiple flips! And... that was it. A largely nothing match.

Myzteziz & Psycho Clown vs Perro Aguayo Jr. & Texano Jr.: This is the type of match Cubs & I will disagree on. He'll probably dislike it. I loved it! Crowd was super hot for the brawling and then especially the comeback which included two seperate crowd dives by Myzteziz! If that wasn't enough for you - Psycho Clown did one later as well! Perro & Texano are a great stooging rudo team bumping all over the place. Clean win followed by beatdown from multiple rudo factions to get things going for 2015.

A fine start to the year for AAA TV! Looking forward to the Toluca show.

CaraLuchas 1/31/15:

Freelance/Mike Segura vs Demus 3:16/Pierrothito: A bit of a disappointment. Freelance came to work, Segura didn't. The CMLL guys came to base but not do much else and certainly not work the match like a feud was starting. Freelance's dives were great as was a quick exchange with Demus but there was really nothing else and you can totally skip this unless you really need to see probably the only time Freelance/Demus will cross paths.

Ultimo Guerrero/Hechicero/Magnifico I vs Negro Navarro/Traumas I y II: Fantastic match. Tim Cooke called it "very good" but I'll go as far as excellent. Even though I just said fantastic. I have no idea what my own scale is. The match was centered around Ultimo Guerrero vs Trauma II which is fine by me. They both brought it and the crowd was really into seeing that match-up. The Hechicero/Navarro stuff was great too and I especially loved when Hechicero did Navarro's own kip-up spot three times in a row to mock him. But Navarro got his revenge with this wacky submission I've never seen before to take the second fall. It would have been nice to see Magnifico get to do something as he's actaully good but he was a fish out of water involved in this match and largely ignored. Only thing this match could have used was a longer 3rd fall as it seemed they just decided to wrap it up as quick as possible after going long in the first two falls. Probably ends up on the edge of being a MOTYC. Depends how the rest of the year goes as no bar is set yet.

Flamita & Aero Boy vs Dragon Lee & The Panther: Fucking loved this. FUCKING. LOVED. THIS. There was this one Flamita/Dragon Lee exchange where my mouth was just hanging open. This wasn't the Fenix/Flamita beating the shit out of each other style match but instead worked more like a Dragon Gate back-and-forth match where guys were doing moves and countering each other's moves. For example Aero Boy countering the Tree of Woe double stomp with a belly-to-belly suplex off the top which was crazy! Crowd was cold to the CMLL guys early on and the CMLL guys didn't help by having negative charisma but it picked up later on when the crowd stopped chanting against the CMLL guys and got into the match being great. Will surely end up a MOTYC for me and I will legit cry if we don't get Dragon Lee vs Flamita before Flamita becomes an official AAA guy and the match can't happen.

DF vs GDL Torneo Cibernetico - 1/20/15: This was a pile of trash. Poor Virus, Tiger & Puma wasted against a group of awful GDL local guys. The only GDL guy who seemed even semi-decent was Esfinge but he was clearly outclassed by everyone on team DF. Leo's elimination sums up his team's performance. This match was pretty much an indictment on the CMLL system failing to produce any new stars. None of these GDL guys are even 1/2 as good as the better Puebla guys and yet they'll all get shots before anyone in Puebla. Heck, Stigma was the guy pulled out of Puebla and he was hardly the best guy there, he just had the right family name. No other Puebla guys have that going for them and so we'll be stuck with Esfinge & probably Omar Brunetti stinking up CMLL undercards in DF for years to come down the road.

Stuka Jr. vs Hechicero - 2/1/15: Good for a lightning match. Stuka has gotten really tubby which made Hechicero throwing him around all the more impressive and also made Stuka's finishing Torpedo Splash actually seem like a legit finisher!


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