Wednesday, November 20, 2013

20 Thoughts: Lucha TV Nov. 16 & 17/2013

1. Best match of the weekend was clearly the Rush/La Mascara vs Terrible/Tama Tonga tag title match. Rush is just a blast to watch when he's killing people. La Mascara is still throwing way too many superkicks but Tonga kept him in check here. Shit finish but at least Rush was hilarious in the post-match.

2. Another completely dreadful C3 episode. Not a single even average match.

3. So the CMLL mini's aren't allowed to do dives but the women are? And the women allowed are Goya Kong & Estrellita? Am I watching WWE?

4. Mini's on C3 completely embarassed themselves. Blown spots, guys completely gassed, guys not even trying at half speed... just a sad state for the division right. Best example of how far they've fallen: Mini Fantasy used to do a run-up-the-ropes moonsault finish. Now he struggles to just step on the 2nd rope and do the moonsault.

5. Atomic Star & Electro Boy are GREAT at the dumping your opponents on their head thing. Now if only they could master at least ONE of the following: actual wrestling, making your oppnents moves look good, remembering spots, selling & acknowleding a crowd is watching the match.

6. Really evident how much better trained the IWRG guys are. Fulgor II doesn't make TV a lot but he did this week and between knowing exactly where to be for the next move and being able to carry weaker opponents he is clearly a competent wrestler. In comparison to Eterno's guys & Tony Rivera's guys (aside from Guerrero Mixtico) who look completely lost all the time and are only interested in doing their big moves/dives.

7. Guerrero Mixtico is better than people seem to be giving him credit for. Tons of charisma and does spots you would think a guy with that gut wouldn't be able to do. Hope he sticks around in IWRG even after Tony Rivera loses his hair.

8. Remember when La Sombra/Euforia in the same match meant at least some good creative exchanges? I guess Sombra has already checked out for Japan.

9. Mask or no mask Alan Xtreme is still amazing.

10. Still waiting to see the full version of the AAA matches so skipped Mesias/Styles for now. The trios to opener the show was good. Not really good but good enough. I think I'll like it better unedited. Some of the camerashot choices were beyond annoying though. Why was Jack's insane tornillo barely shown? Why did they go to an extreme wideshot when Australian Suicide went for his corkscrew 630 splash? Juvy's group looked very promising though. Hopefully they get to spread their wings so to speak and work with teams like the new Cadets & possibly other rudos instead of wasting their time with the Mexican Powers.

11. The Lucha Azteca show looks nice. I'm happy they aired the missing 10/11 matches - especially the semi-main with Escorpion beating the crap out of Porky. Loved Maximo absolutely snapping and beating the crap out of Escorpion for the DQ.

12. Sombra vs Volador Jr. from Puebla was the usual real good match between those two. Even though they match is being overdone they still come up with a couple new things like the double moonsault counter. These two just seem to like working with each other which is a good thing.

13. The Puebla Relevos Incriebles match was made by Rush being Rush. Too bad they didn't show the fan trying to attack him. Hyped for the 3 way next week and upcoming Casas/Rush singles match.

14. Golden Magic vs Canis Lupis was another good match. I feel like it would have been better had anyone actually been in the crowd to make noise. Lupis is very underrated but this gimmick sucks balls.

15. Was it just me or did Mistico II look very uncomfortable working with Olimpico on C3? As if he didn't trust him at all.

16. Opening match on DTU TV was the best mixed match of the year. Everyone got to look good and it was better paced than usual DTU multi-person matches. This remains one of the funnest shows on TV right now.

17. Puebla undercards are still a mess. I understand having some rules for DF openers not getting too crazy but why are you limiting what the locals in Puebla do? It makes them insignificant and the shows much more boring since the usual CMLL crew tends to mail it in.

18. Marcela vs Dalys was passable. Strangely I liked the Princesa Blanca/Dalys match from Puebla much better and that was 2 years ago when Dalys was much worse.

19. If you are going to air one match from Guadalajara every week I'd rather it be one with effort - i.e. no top CMLL guys. Either go midcard or air an extra Sunday DF match.

20. HYPED FOR MASCARA DORADA VS VOLADOR JR. THIS SATURDAY! May actually PVR the Leafs 3rd period so I can watch it "live".


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