Tuesday, February 24, 2015

CMLL Trios Titles Match & FIL 5 Way

The only two matches you really must watch this week...

Ultimo Guerrero/Euforia/Niebla Roja vs Mistico/Volador Jr./Valiente - 2/13/15

I was a huge fan of the way this match was laid out. I'd like to think this match was our reward for those of us who sit through so many generic CMLL Trios Titles matches that just stick to the same formula. They started with the usual matwork and had the rudos take over immediatly afterwards as the crowd was getting restless. (*) We got to see the star of the match - Ultimo Guerrero - bust out his old double submission combo which he hasn't used in ages. Second fall had the rudos doing their usual beatdown spots including Niebla Roja's assisted tornillo on the floor. This leads to the tecnico comeback and three awesome dives! Instead of the countout win we get Ultimo Guerrero eating the triple finisher combo of a superkick -> backcracker -> Valiente's finisher for the tecnico win. Then comes the 3rd fall and this is where the match comes off the rails but in a fantastic way! Every twist & turn you'd expect from the usual match, they go the opposite way! Ultimo Guerrero was clearly made into the monster of his team as twice they built to traditional finishes where he was left alone first with Valiente, then with Volador Jr., and both times he took their finishes only to survive. Instead of doing the usual stacked up superplex spot in every trios match they went to multiple submission spots with UG doing another great power spot trying to submit two guys, countering two guys trying to submit him & then the great spot where he & Volador ended up face-to-face when applying submissions and he got caught in an abdominal stretch. They teased legit finishes that have ended many matches before including the Guerrero Especial getting a 2 count/save along with Volador going for his Spanish Fly only for Euforia to counter and attempt his own submission finish only for Valiente to stop it. One of my favorite spots that defied all #CMLLogic was Guerrero/Euforia taking the same bumps they've taken a billion times to set up double dives from the tecnicos only for Niebla Roja to sneak in and stop it with a double clothesline. Such a simple spot that some may have not even noticed but I was marking out huge. They also reversed things in the 3rd fall with the tecnicos wiping out to the floor and eating combo dives from Euforia/Niebla Roja. Of course in between all the great twists & turns you had the usual expected craziness like Mistico getting LAUNCHED INTO THE AIR for a rana on the floor which is definite spot of the year material. Couldn't put the finish over more with another little twist as Euforia caught Volador's assisted rana and power bombed him into the turnbuckle only for Mistico to hit a springboard rana, Euforia winds up outside - Volador slingshot headscissors, VALIENTE ESPECIAL, LA MISTICA~! WIN! Just a tremendous sequence to cap off a great match. Easy MOTYC for me.

(* -> This is one thing that people often complain about - the quick tecnico comebacks or rudo beatdowns. What you need to understand is the crowd dynamic of Arena Mexico has completely changed over the years. This was the 6th match starting more than 2 hours into a Friday night show in the year 2015. Yes, after 2 minutes of matwork the crowd got restless. That's just how it's going to be and there's no way around it. Instead of criticizing the wrestlers for not forcing their own style on the fans, I'd like to think we should be applauding them for adapting to what the fans want in this day and age where WWE wrestlers are grabbing headlocks in matches where the crowd is already sitting on their hands in silence.)

Aramis vs Black Angel vs Dragon Black vs Alas De Acero vs Voltar - FIVE MATCH FIGHTERS 2/8/15

WHAT. IN. THE. FUCK. These guys clearly spent significant time putting this together and memorizing everything which I have no problem with at all because THIS RULED! Five young guys trying to make names for themselves on a rookie show and I'd like to say it worked because halfway through the match I realized I once saw Aramis live in Coacalco! Way too many crazy spots to go through including a never seen before rope trick rana by Voltar & oodles of dives both onto people and straight onto the concrete. Loved that just when you thought things were winding down at the end they went into elimination mode where each guy took a death bump to eliminate themselves leaving the final two guys to hit their big spot and end things. This wasn't the best match of the week... and actually it wasn't the funnest either b/c CMLL FOX had that incredible trios titles match but holy crap this was such a blast to watch and IWRG is such shit this year I have a feeling it won't be topped for quite a while. I need more FIVE MATCH FIGHTERS matches in my life.


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