Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Various Gimnasio Nuevo Leon Matches:

Super Parka/Zumbido/Caifan Rockero II vs Nicho El Millonario/Damian 666/Halloween - Gimnasio Nuevo Leon Late 2004: YOU ALL WANT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen any Monterrey footage since oh... Fredo's early 2003 Coliseo De MTY shows so I just assumed everything blew and guys were half-assing it like usual but FUCK... THIS WAS AWESOME! I swear everyone was working as if they were in Arena Mexico. Nicho took the frankensteiner off the apron spot from Caifan II just like the old days. SPLAT! Damian and Halloween also did a bunch of nice stuff and brought intensity to the match instead of only comedy which I'm used to from them on non-Arena Mexico shows. Finish was cheap but that's a Monterrey norm.Smile I LOVED THIS MATCH! I also must say I love the way Gimnasio Nuevo Leon looks. Aside from Arena Mexico, might be my favorite place for wrestling now.

Sombra De Plata/Stuka Jr./Chucho Mar Jr. vs Charles Lucero/Super Comando/Caifan Rockero I - WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! This was taped about 3 months before the Volador Jr./Virus/Stone vs Crazy/Zumbido/Violencia and if I had managed to see it on time it would have been my trios MOTY until that later match came along. Where do I fucking start... first Chuchito and Lucero take it to the mat and put on a fantastic show. That actually takes up most of the first fall as they go right to a finish from there with the rudos winning. The second fall is just AWESOME! Stuka Jr. looked the best hitting a bunch of neat flips and this unreal spot created by his dad in the 80's where he stood on the apron as if going for an asai moonsault...Caifan I went to slap his leg but Stuka Jr. grabbed his hand, then did a MOONSAULT ARMDRAG sending Caifan into the chairs at ringside! FUUUUUUUUUUCKING SWEET! Sombra and Comando did some neat stuff as well but I can't remember it for some reason.:/ Tecnicos win the fall after two awesome dives(STUKA JR. ALERT!) and Sombra rolling up his brother. Third fall had some more awesome action and a triple dive from the tecnicos which shockingly wasn't the finish as they kept going and the rudos came out on top. I liked the finish a lot. This was a beautiful mix of solid lucha and great flying, an easy **** match for me.

Ricky Marvin/Virus/Volador Jr. vs Raiden/Los Caifanes Rockeros I y II - This was the 11/9/03 match. Very comparable to the same tecnicos vs Habanas matches from CMLL but this had less insane flying spots. The action was SUPER FAST! I was having trouble keeping up with it at times. One of my favorite new spots to come along these days is when all six guys are in the ring doing their own sequence, it's just beautiful to watch. Must be the sleep b/c I'm forgetting a lot of details once again but I remember Caifan II takes the nastiest monkey flip I've ever seen from Volador Jr.! He basically took the move and ended up taking the bump just like Psicosis takes his bump when he gets kicked into the ropes and lands with his ass on the top rope and proceeds to fall on his head. I thought Caifan II was dead for sure but he got right back up and continued the sequence! The rudos have this really cool trio move where Raiden tries to german suplex a tecnico off the apron but he gets elbowed off to the floor, pulls the legs out from under the tecnico, Caifan I then dropkicks the tecnico off the apron to the floor and Caifan II does a huge running dive! They used a bunch of other neat combo moves in the ring which I won't spoil. The third fall was done at an insanely fast pace with guys entering and exiting the ring every few seconds. Finally just when it looked like the tecnicos had the match won, Marvin went for a huracanrana and got nailed with a surprise power bomb from Caifan I and the rudos won. Huge pop for the finish as the hometown crowd wanted their guys to go over and I was surprised Marvin took the pinfall. Crowd threw money into the ring afterwards.

Ricky Marvin/Virus/Volador Jr. vs Raiden/Los Caifanes Rockeros I y II - This was the rematch from 12/7/03. Slower start than the above match but it obviously picked up late in the first fall and carried over for the rest of the match. Caifan II scared me again by taking a monkey flip from the corner and sailing all the way across the ring! Eddy Guerrero would be so proud. I refuse to spoil all the great moves they pulled off along with a neat little dive sequence in the third fall. The third fall actually went about 10 minutes and would be right up there with the Habanas matches in terms of great third falls. Oh, almost forgot... the first fall had this awesome spot that looked to be so difficult to pull off. All six guys were in the ring doing a bunch of moves and Marvin ended up being laid out with a power bomb by Raiden. Caifan II sent Volador Jr. outside, then tossed Virus into the air where Caifan I caught him for a power bomb as Raiden went up top. Caifan II nailed Volador Jr. with a crazy flip plancha through the ropes and in the ring Raiden came off the top with a dropkick on Virus and at the same time turned his body to nail a splash on the prone Ricky Marvin as Caifan I power bombed Virus! IS THAT NOT NUTS???

If you liked the Ricky Marvin/Volador Jr./Virus vs Habana Bros. series of matches, you can't go wrong picking up these two matches from Fredo. And though it may seem like Raiden is really Nicho El Millonario... he isn't. They must have been twins seperated at birth.Smile

Pequeno Cocoliso/Tigro/Thunder Fighter vs Mr. Regaee/Black Soul/Titanic - Erm... yeah... so most of these guys were all new names to me except for Black Soul/Titanic who I've heard good things about and so I skipped forward to watch this before starting from Vol. 1 and working my way up... that turned out to be a mistake. I can't be sure but I think the ring broke at the end fo the first fall which would explain why the next FUCKING 13 MINUTES OF THE MATCH were spent on the floor and had the worst brawling in the world along with no pinfall or submission, just the whistle blowing to announce the third fall was starting. They finally re-entered the ring a few minutes into the third fall and went straight to some dives. Lame plancha by Thunder Fighter, nice tope suicida by Titanic and finally Tigro with a nice running somersault plancha onto everyone. Cocoliso pinned Mr. Regaee to win. Maybe the ring is to blame but my final judgement is I never want to see these guys again until they sharpen their skills. Waste of precious TV time.

One other comment about this stuff... I hate the way TV Azteca films these shows. So many camera angle switches... it made me really dizzy at times. When Tigro did a dive in that above match, I swear they used 4 different camera angles for a 3 second spot!


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