Thursday, August 03, 2006

AAA TV in Aguascalientes 2/3/05 (aired on Galavision U.S. 4/2/05):

Oscar Sevilla/Torero vs Esquizofrenia/Hombre Rata I - I really don't get the point of having four guys who are never on TV suddenly do a retirement match. Even moreso, I don't get having Sevilla win it all only to change gimmicks a few weeks later. Esquizofrenia is definitely the same guy who played Mamba for any hardcore AAA fans. Nothing to complain about... match was solid all around.

Oscar Sevilla vs Torero - Torero is so awful and supposedly he trains a lot of the AAA youngsters so... yeah... Confused He manages to embarass himself in every match he is in and does me proud by taking a bump to the floor before Sevilla even gets set to dropkick him. Me thinks Torero needs to be trained himself. Sevilla wins a really crappy match.

Pirata Morgan vs La Fiera vs MS-1 vs Espectro Jr. vs My fast forward button - Fast forward button wins in about 42 seconds. MOTYC.

Alebrije/GRONDA/Tinieblas Jr. vs ~CHESSMAN!/Cuervo/The Monster - How'd you like to be Cuervo, finally getting a chance to work an important AAA match and the only reason being they need someone to bounce around for Gronda. I still don't get how someone Gronda's size can throw the weakest clotheslines I have ever seen. I can't wait to see his CMLL match as the first week I'm sure the crowd will be in awe of him but then they'll start to realize he's all look and they'll turn on him fast. Anyways, Chessman ruled this match. He bumped for all three tecnicos while Cuervo and The Monster looked on smiling. Cuije and Chucky did their usual funny stuff. Chessman took a cool bump out of the ring for Alebrije, ended up in the crowd somehow and Alebrije lept off the top rope onto him! AWESOME SPOT! Every tecnico does that with Chessman b/c you can't trust any other rudo on the AAA roster to catch you 100% of the time. Cuervo gets his reward for being sloppily tossed around by Gronda and gets to pin Tinieblas Jr. to win the match. Above average match.

La Parka Jr./Latin Lover/Octagon vs Cibernetico/Abismo/Psicosis - Huge heat. Psicosis has to be nuts as he drags Latin Lover through the crowd to beat on him meanwhile every fan takes a turn trying to punch Psicosis or throw their drink on him. As usual Cibernetico adds nothing to the match as he's busy scouting for chicks. Tecnicos fight back and at this point the crowd is popping for ANYTHING the tecnicos do. The rudos just have to act mad at the tecnicos and the crowd goes bonkers. So what does Psicosis do? He takes a monkey flip off the apron to the floor! FUCKING OUCH! Good job Leon Negro! That's work ethic. Usual AAA screwjob finish though I'll never understand how after about 10 years of Cibernetico being an asshole rudo and even beating up Pepe Casas on numerous occasions, meanwhile Octagon has always been the constant tecnico and has helped Pepe Casas out many times - when Ciber says he's been low blowed and Octagon says he didn't do anything, why does Pepe Casas run right over to Cibernetico and give him the win? Oh well, that's AAA.


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