Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Arena Coliseo De Monterrey 3/6/05:

Yes, I continue to torture myself and pick up the shows nobody else wants to see in the hopes it will convince Fredo to finally convert the 2003 Monterrey that nobody else has.:)

Los Teletubbies Gay/Gayer/Gayest vs Apolo Chino/Red Flamer/Shrek: What a waste of three rudos who are actually pretty good, Apolo Chino in particular. I've already mentioned in an older review of a Teletubbies match that they wear these large outfits which makes it quite impossible for them to do anything close to a wrestling move during a match. So their entire matches are just comedy and then the rudos shove them around as nobody in the crowd(even the kids) gives a shit. I think the idea is to make the kids happy by having the Teletubbies win. So naturally Elizondo books them to lose and a few weeks after this they lost their masks as well. Explain that one to me.

Galactar/Hatar Kong/Lobo Negro vs Guerrero Negro Jr./Panthro/Sika: It goes from one stupid gimmick to another EXCEPT... this stupid gimmick is amazing! Hatar Kong is pretty much an ape from 'Planet of the Apes'. EXCEPT... he's a giant ape. So they have him come out in these giant lifts that must weigh a ton b/c whoever is doing the gimmick seems to struggle just taking a step forward. The illusion is awesome though b/c he towers over everyone. Thankfully this match was actually alright b/c in addition to the great comedy of the little rudos running from the giant ape, you had two talented tecnicos doing nice spots while Kong got rest. The second fall was the rudo beatdown and if you hadn't figured out by now - it is impossible for Hatar Kong to take normal bumps b/c leaving his feet would mean he'd have to get up which he is unable to do on his own. So much to my surprise to end the second fall, Guerrero Jr. and Sika grabbed him for a vertical suplex, then Panthro got in between them and helped guide Kong over into the triple-team suplex!!! I thought for sure the ring would break.:) They cut away so I'm still not sure how Kong stood up exactly. Third fall had a funny dive sequence with the best being a running somersault plancha from Sika. It concluded with Kong doing a plancha off the apron!!! Well, it was more like him just falling down onto everyone so he made sure to land on his feet. I believe the tecnicos won by countout. I am PUMPED for the next DVD which has Hatar Kong vs El Texano and Sika in a Handicap Match. How amazing does that sound?

Angel Del Amor/Corazon De Barrio/Sicodelico Jr. vs Black Gordman Jr. and Los Head Hunters I y II: I was a little disapointed by this b/c I wanted to see how good Sico Jr. is since he will probably be getting an Arena Mexico push soon but he only worked with Gordman the entire time. I hate judging guys when they are only working with their best buddies since it shouldn't be much of a challenge. Amor and Barrio got busted open by the Head Hunters but responded with dual tope suicidas near the end of the match. Okay for what it was but I liked the previous match better. Still wanna see more of Sico Jr. and Gordman Jr. who came out to an amazing remix of 'The Beautiful People' combined with the Star Spangled Banner!

Crazzy Boy/Monje Negro Jr. vs Androide/Rey Sagitario vs Apolo Estrada Jr./Black Dragon - Cage Match: I didn't see the point of making teams since everyone seemed to be fighting each other unless I missed something. I definitely saw Crazzy and Monje fighting at one point. Usual cage match with lots of brawling and then guys sorta stayed in the corner when it was time for Crazzy Boy to do some spots including a Spanish Fly off the top rope and a moonsault while Sagitario was hanging in the ropes. I was confused as to why Crazzy didn't do something silly like backflip off the cage to nowhere but that got explained in the next match. It came down to someone(I forget) and Apolo. Apolo escaped first and got a title with the FILL logo on it. Whatever. Not as bad as I thought it might be.

Konnan Big vs Mr. Texas - FILL Heavyweight Title Bout in a Cage Match: Konnan Big still seems more like a male model than an actual wrestler but surprisingly he took some punishment in the match including an electric chair drop off the top rope, a power bomb and he laid there so Mr. Texas(Hotstuff Hernandez) could hit a flying splash off the top of the cage! That was a cool visual and the crowd gave him a nice ovation for doing it. The finish was booked to be a draw but the guys didn't pull it off so well. They both climbed to the top and had a punching contest. So far, so good. Then they began to climb down and I think Hotstuff thought they were gonna stop near the bottom and time their jump together but instead Konnan Big just kept going and hit the floor CLEARLY a full second before Hotstuff did but the referee ruled it a draw since that was how it was booked. Crowd didn't seem to like the decision and Elizondo came out to announce the draw would stand and a rematch would be held. Just like above - not as bad as I thought it might be.

Overall... well... might as well stick with the trend so far: Not as bad as I thought it might be. Strangely entertaining show with Hatar Kong and two passable cage matches. I would definitely reccomend this show more than some of the IWRG TV I've seen lately which is saying something since I was real high on IWRG when the year began.

Imagine, if this was a decent episode, the 2003 Monterrey with Ricky Marvin working against 50 year old HERODES in the segunda must be FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!!


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